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win/salinst.h File Reference
#include <sal/config.h>
#include <osl/conditn.hxx>
#include <salinst.hxx>
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class  WinSalInstance


SalFrameImplSalCreateFrame (WinSalInstance *pInst, HWND hWndParent, SalFrameStyleFlags nSalFrameStyle)
SalObjectImplSalCreateObject (WinSalInstance *pInst, WinSalFrame *pParent)
HWND ImplSalReCreateHWND (HWND hWndParent, HWND oldhWnd, bool bAsChild)

Function Documentation

◆ ImplSalCreateFrame()

SalFrame * ImplSalCreateFrame ( WinSalInstance pInst,
HWND  hWndParent,
SalFrameStyleFlags  nSalFrameStyle 

◆ ImplSalCreateObject()

SalObject * ImplSalCreateObject ( WinSalInstance pInst,
WinSalFrame pParent 

◆ ImplSalReCreateHWND()

HWND ImplSalReCreateHWND ( HWND  hWndParent,
HWND  oldhWnd,
bool  bAsChild