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psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 PrintFont ()

Public Attributes

OUString m_aFamilyName
std::vector< OUString > m_aAliases
OUString m_aPSName
OUString m_aStyleName
FontFamily m_eFamilyStyle
FontItalic m_eItalic
FontWidth m_eWidth
FontWeight m_eWeight
FontPitch m_ePitch
rtl_TextEncoding m_aEncoding
int m_nAscend
int m_nDescend
int m_nLeading
int m_nXMin
int m_nYMin
int m_nXMax
int m_nYMax
int m_nDirectory
OString m_aFontFile
int m_nCollectionEntry
int m_nVariationEntry

Detailed Description

Definition at line 109 of file fontmanager.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont::PrintFont ( )

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<OUString> psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont::m_aAliases

Definition at line 113 of file fontmanager.hxx.

rtl_TextEncoding psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont::m_aEncoding

Definition at line 121 of file fontmanager.hxx.

OUString psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont::m_aFamilyName

Definition at line 112 of file fontmanager.hxx.

OString psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont::m_aFontFile

Definition at line 131 of file fontmanager.hxx.

OUString psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont::m_aPSName

Definition at line 114 of file fontmanager.hxx.

OUString psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont::m_aStyleName

Definition at line 115 of file fontmanager.hxx.

FontFamily psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont::m_eFamilyStyle

Definition at line 116 of file fontmanager.hxx.

FontItalic psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont::m_eItalic

Definition at line 117 of file fontmanager.hxx.

Referenced by psp::PrintFontManager::getFontItalic().

FontPitch psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont::m_ePitch

Definition at line 120 of file fontmanager.hxx.

FontWeight psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont::m_eWeight

Definition at line 119 of file fontmanager.hxx.

Referenced by psp::PrintFontManager::getFontWeight().

FontWidth psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont::m_eWidth

Definition at line 118 of file fontmanager.hxx.

int psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont::m_nAscend

Definition at line 122 of file fontmanager.hxx.

int psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont::m_nCollectionEntry

Definition at line 132 of file fontmanager.hxx.

int psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont::m_nDescend

Definition at line 123 of file fontmanager.hxx.

int psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont::m_nDirectory

Definition at line 130 of file fontmanager.hxx.

int psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont::m_nLeading

Definition at line 124 of file fontmanager.hxx.

int psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont::m_nVariationEntry

Definition at line 133 of file fontmanager.hxx.

int psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont::m_nXMax

Definition at line 127 of file fontmanager.hxx.

int psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont::m_nXMin

Definition at line 125 of file fontmanager.hxx.

int psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont::m_nYMax

Definition at line 128 of file fontmanager.hxx.

int psp::PrintFontManager::PrintFont::m_nYMin

Definition at line 126 of file fontmanager.hxx.

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