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jpeg_transform_info Struct Reference

#include <transupp.h>

Public Attributes

JXFORM_CODE transform
boolean perfect
boolean trim
boolean force_grayscale
boolean crop
boolean slow_hflip
JDIMENSION crop_width
JCROP_CODE crop_width_set
JDIMENSION crop_height
JCROP_CODE crop_height_set
JDIMENSION crop_xoffset
JCROP_CODE crop_xoffset_set
JDIMENSION crop_yoffset
JCROP_CODE crop_yoffset_set
int num_components
jvirt_barray_ptr * workspace_coef_arrays
JDIMENSION output_width
JDIMENSION output_height
JDIMENSION x_crop_offset
JDIMENSION y_crop_offset
int iMCU_sample_width
int iMCU_sample_height

Detailed Description

Definition at line 125 of file transupp.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ crop

boolean jpeg_transform_info::crop

Definition at line 131 of file transupp.h.

Referenced by Transform().

◆ crop_height

JDIMENSION jpeg_transform_info::crop_height

Definition at line 145 of file transupp.h.

◆ crop_height_set

JCROP_CODE jpeg_transform_info::crop_height_set

Definition at line 146 of file transupp.h.

◆ crop_width

JDIMENSION jpeg_transform_info::crop_width

Definition at line 143 of file transupp.h.

◆ crop_width_set

JCROP_CODE jpeg_transform_info::crop_width_set

Definition at line 144 of file transupp.h.

◆ crop_xoffset

JDIMENSION jpeg_transform_info::crop_xoffset

Definition at line 147 of file transupp.h.

◆ crop_xoffset_set

JCROP_CODE jpeg_transform_info::crop_xoffset_set

Definition at line 148 of file transupp.h.

◆ crop_yoffset

JDIMENSION jpeg_transform_info::crop_yoffset

Definition at line 149 of file transupp.h.

◆ crop_yoffset_set

JCROP_CODE jpeg_transform_info::crop_yoffset_set

Definition at line 150 of file transupp.h.

◆ force_grayscale

boolean jpeg_transform_info::force_grayscale

Definition at line 130 of file transupp.h.

Referenced by Transform().

◆ iMCU_sample_height

int jpeg_transform_info::iMCU_sample_height

Definition at line 160 of file transupp.h.

◆ iMCU_sample_width

int jpeg_transform_info::iMCU_sample_width

Definition at line 159 of file transupp.h.

◆ num_components

int jpeg_transform_info::num_components

Definition at line 153 of file transupp.h.

◆ output_height

JDIMENSION jpeg_transform_info::output_height

Definition at line 156 of file transupp.h.

◆ output_width

JDIMENSION jpeg_transform_info::output_width

Definition at line 155 of file transupp.h.

◆ perfect

boolean jpeg_transform_info::perfect

Definition at line 128 of file transupp.h.

Referenced by Transform().

◆ slow_hflip

boolean jpeg_transform_info::slow_hflip

Definition at line 132 of file transupp.h.

◆ transform

JXFORM_CODE jpeg_transform_info::transform

Definition at line 127 of file transupp.h.

Referenced by Transform().

◆ trim

boolean jpeg_transform_info::trim

Definition at line 129 of file transupp.h.

Referenced by Transform().

◆ workspace_coef_arrays

jvirt_barray_ptr* jpeg_transform_info::workspace_coef_arrays

Definition at line 154 of file transupp.h.

◆ x_crop_offset

JDIMENSION jpeg_transform_info::x_crop_offset

Definition at line 157 of file transupp.h.

◆ y_crop_offset

JDIMENSION jpeg_transform_info::y_crop_offset

Definition at line 158 of file transupp.h.

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