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vcl::lok Namespace Reference


void registerPollCallbacks (LibreOfficeKitPollCallback pPollCallback, LibreOfficeKitWakeCallback pWakeCallback, void *pData)
void unregisterPollCallbacks ()
bool isUnipoll ()
void numberOfViewsChanged (int count)

Function Documentation

bool VCL_DLLPUBLIC vcl::lok::isUnipoll ( )

Definition at line 1717 of file svapp.cxx.

References ImplGetSVData(), and ImplSVData::mpPollCallback.

void VCL_DLLPUBLIC vcl::lok::numberOfViewsChanged ( int  count)
void VCL_DLLPUBLIC vcl::lok::registerPollCallbacks ( LibreOfficeKitPollCallback  pPollCallback,
LibreOfficeKitWakeCallback  pWakeCallback,
void pData 
void VCL_DLLPUBLIC vcl::lok::unregisterPollCallbacks ( )