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jpeg.h File Reference
#include <sal/config.h>
#include <com/sun/star/uno/Reference.hxx>
#include <basegfx/vector/b2dsize.hxx>
#include <bitmap/BitmapWriteAccess.hxx>
#include <jpeglib.h>
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struct  SourceManagerStruct


namespace  com
namespace  com::sun
namespace  com::sun::star
namespace  com::sun::star::task


void jpeg_svstream_src (j_decompress_ptr cinfo, void *infile)
void jpeg_svstream_dest (j_compress_ptr cinfo, void *outfile)
bool WriteJPEG (JPEGWriter *pJPEGWriter, void *pOutputStream, tools::Long nWidth, tools::Long nHeight, basegfx::B2DSize const &aPPI, bool bGreyScale, tools::Long nQualityPercent, tools::Long aChromaSubsampling, css::uno::Reference< css::task::XStatusIndicator > const &status)
void ReadJPEG (JPEGReader *pJPEGReader, void *pInputStream, tools::Long *pLines, GraphicFilterImportFlags nImportFlags, BitmapScopedWriteAccess *ppAccess)
void Transform (void *pInputStream, void *pOutputStream, Degree10 nAngle)

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◆ jpeg_svstream_dest()

void jpeg_svstream_dest ( j_compress_ptr  cinfo,
void *  outfile 

Definition at line 92 of file JpegWriter.cxx.

References empty_output_buffer(), init_destination(), stream, and term_destination().

Referenced by Transform(), and WriteJPEG().

◆ jpeg_svstream_src()

void jpeg_svstream_src ( j_decompress_ptr  cinfo,
void *  infile 

◆ ReadJPEG()

void ReadJPEG ( JPEGReader pJPEGReader,
void *  pInputStream,
tools::Long pLines,
GraphicFilterImportFlags  nImportFlags,
BitmapScopedWriteAccess ppAccess 

Definition at line 359 of file jpegc.cxx.

References ReadJPEG().

Referenced by JPEGReader::Read().

◆ Transform()

void Transform ( void *  pInputStream,
void *  pOutputStream,
Degree10  nAngle 

◆ WriteJPEG()

bool WriteJPEG ( JPEGWriter pJPEGWriter,
void *  pOutputStream,
tools::Long  nWidth,
tools::Long  nHeight,
basegfx::B2DSize const &  aPPI,
bool  bGreyScale,
tools::Long  nQualityPercent,
tools::Long  aChromaSubsampling,
css::uno::Reference< css::task::XStatusIndicator > const &  status