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ipict.cxx File Reference
#include <filter/PictReader.hxx>
#include <string.h>
#include <osl/thread.h>
#include <sal/log.hxx>
#include <vcl/BitmapTools.hxx>
#include <vcl/graph.hxx>
#include <vcl/gdimtf.hxx>
#include <tools/poly.hxx>
#include <tools/fract.hxx>
#include <tools/stream.hxx>
#include <vcl/virdev.hxx>
#include <math.h>
#include "shape.hxx"
#include <memory>
#include <vcl/FilterConfigItem.hxx>
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enum  PictDrawingMethod


static void SetByte (sal_uInt16 &nx, sal_uInt16 ny, vcl::bitmap::RawBitmap &rBitmap, sal_uInt16 nPixelSize, sal_uInt8 nDat, sal_uInt16 nWidth, std::vector< Color > const &rvPalette)
static const char * operationName (sal_uInt16 nOpcode)
void ReadPictFile (SvStream &rStreamPict, GDIMetaFile &rGDIMetaFile)
 Function to access PictReader::ReadPict for unit testing. More...
bool ImportPictGraphic (SvStream &rIStm, Graphic &rGraphic)

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum PictDrawingMethod

Definition at line 145 of file ipict.cxx.

Function Documentation

bool ImportPictGraphic ( SvStream rIStm,
Graphic rGraphic 

Definition at line 2027 of file ipict.cxx.

References SvStream::GetError(), and ReadPictFile().

Referenced by GraphicFilter::readPICT().

static const char* operationName ( sal_uInt16  nOpcode)

Definition at line 1276 of file ipict.cxx.

void ReadPictFile ( SvStream rStreamPict,
GDIMetaFile rGDIMetaFile 

Function to access PictReader::ReadPict for unit testing.

Definition at line 2019 of file ipict.cxx.

Referenced by ImportPictGraphic().

static void SetByte ( sal_uInt16 &  nx,
sal_uInt16  ny,
vcl::bitmap::RawBitmap rBitmap,
sal_uInt16  nPixelSize,
sal_uInt8  nDat,
sal_uInt16  nWidth,
std::vector< Color > const &  rvPalette 

Definition at line 271 of file ipict.cxx.

References vcl::bitmap::RawBitmap::SetPixel().

Variable Documentation

enum BrushStyle brushStyle

Definition at line 79 of file ipict.cxx.

Color color

Definition at line 83 of file ipict.cxx.

bool isColor

Definition at line 82 of file ipict.cxx.

bool isRead

Definition at line 87 of file ipict.cxx.

short nBitCount
enum PenStyle penStyle

Definition at line 78 of file ipict.cxx.