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SalFrameView Class Reference

#import <salframeview.h>

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Instance Methods

(id) - initWithSalFrame:
(AquaSalFrame *) - getSalFrame
(BOOL- acceptsFirstResponder
(BOOL- acceptsFirstMouse:
(BOOL- isOpaque
(void- drawRect:
(void- mouseDown:
(void- mouseDragged:
(void- mouseUp:
(void- mouseMoved:
(void- mouseEntered:
(void- mouseExited:
(void- rightMouseDown:
(void- rightMouseDragged:
(void- rightMouseUp:
(void- otherMouseDown:
(void- otherMouseDragged:
(void- otherMouseUp:
(void- scrollWheel:
(void- magnifyWithEvent:
(void- rotateWithEvent:
(void- swipeWithEvent:
(void- keyDown:
(void- flagsChanged:
(void- sendMouseEventToFrame:button:eventtype:
(BOOL- sendKeyInputAndReleaseToFrame:character:
(BOOL- sendKeyInputAndReleaseToFrame:character:modifiers:
(BOOL- sendKeyToFrameDirect:character:modifiers:
(BOOL- sendSingleCharacter:
(BOOL- handleKeyDownException:
(void- clearLastEvent
(void- insertText:replacementRange:
(void- insertTab:
(void- insertBacktab:
(void- moveLeft:
(void- moveLeftAndModifySelection:
(void- moveBackwardAndModifySelection:
(void- moveRight:
(void- moveRightAndModifySelection:
(void- moveForwardAndModifySelection:
(void- moveUp:
(void- moveDown:
(void- moveWordBackward:
(void- moveWordBackwardAndModifySelection:
(void- moveWordLeftAndModifySelection:
(void- moveWordForward:
(void- moveWordForwardAndModifySelection:
(void- moveWordRightAndModifySelection:
(void- moveToEndOfLine:
(void- moveToRightEndOfLine:
(void- moveToLeftEndOfLine:
(void- moveToEndOfLineAndModifySelection:
(void- moveToRightEndOfLineAndModifySelection:
(void- moveToLeftEndOfLineAndModifySelection:
(void- moveToBeginningOfLine:
(void- moveToBeginningOfLineAndModifySelection:
(void- moveToEndOfParagraph:
(void- moveToEndOfParagraphAndModifySelection:
(void- moveToBeginningOfParagraph:
(void- moveToBeginningOfParagraphAndModifySelection:
(void- moveParagraphForward:
(void- moveParagraphForwardAndModifySelection:
(void- moveParagraphBackward:
(void- moveParagraphBackwardAndModifySelection:
(void- moveToEndOfDocument:
(void- scrollToEndOfDocument:
(void- moveToEndOfDocumentAndModifySelection:
(void- moveToBeginningOfDocument:
(void- scrollToBeginningOfDocument:
(void- moveToBeginningOfDocumentAndModifySelection:
(void- insertNewline:
(void- deleteBackward:
(void- deleteForward:
(void- cancelOperation:
(void- deleteBackwardByDecomposingPreviousCharacter:
(void- deleteWordBackward:
(void- deleteWordForward:
(void- deleteToBeginningOfLine:
(void- deleteToEndOfLine:
(void- deleteToBeginningOfParagraph:
(void- deleteToEndOfParagraph:
(void- insertLineBreak:
(void- insertParagraphSeparator:
(void- selectWord:
(void- selectLine:
(void- selectParagraph:
(void- selectAll:
(void- noop:
(void- resetCursorRects
(css::accessibility::XAccessibleContext *) - accessibleContext
(id) - parentAttribute
(NSWindow *) - windowForParent
(void- registerMouseEventListener:
(void- unregisterMouseEventListener:
(NSDragOperation) - draggingEntered:
(NSDragOperation) - draggingUpdated:
(void- draggingExited:
(BOOL- prepareForDragOperation:
(BOOL- performDragOperation:
(void- concludeDragOperation:
(void- registerDraggingDestinationHandler:
(void- unregisterDraggingDestinationHandler:
- Instance Methods inherited from AquaA11yWrapper
(id) - accessibilityAttributeValue:
(BOOL- accessibilityIsIgnored
(NSArray *) - accessibilityAttributeNames
(BOOL- accessibilityIsAttributeSettable:
(NSArray *) - accessibilityParameterizedAttributeNames
(BOOL- accessibilitySetOverrideValue:forAttribute:
(void- accessibilitySetValue:forAttribute:
(id) - accessibilityAttributeValue:forParameter:
(id) - accessibilityFocusedUIElement
(NSString *) - accessibilityActionDescription:
(void- accessibilityPerformAction:
(NSArray *) - accessibilityActionNames
(id) - accessibilityHitTest:
(id) - valueAttribute
(id) - titleAttribute
(id) - helpAttribute
(id) - numberOfCharactersAttribute
(id) - selectedTextAttribute
(id) - selectedTextRangeAttribute
(id) - visibleCharacterRangeAttribute
(id) - childrenAttribute
(id) - orientationAttribute
(id) - windowAttribute
(void- setActsAsRadioGroup:
(BOOL- actsAsRadioGroup
(id) - initWithAccessibleContext:
(void- setDefaults:
(void- dealloc
(css::accessibility::XAccessibleAction *) - accessibleAction
(css::accessibility::XAccessibleComponent *) - accessibleComponent
(css::accessibility::XAccessibleExtendedComponent *) - accessibleExtendedComponent
(css::accessibility::XAccessibleSelection *) - accessibleSelection
(css::accessibility::XAccessibleTable *) - accessibleTable
(css::accessibility::XAccessibleText *) - accessibleText
(css::accessibility::XAccessibleEditableText *) - accessibleEditableText
(css::accessibility::XAccessibleValue *) - accessibleValue
(css::accessibility::XAccessibleTextAttributes *) - accessibleTextAttributes
(css::accessibility::XAccessibleMultiLineText *) - accessibleMultiLineText
(css::accessibility::XAccessibleTextMarkup *) - accessibleTextMarkup

Class Methods

(void+ unsetMouseFrame:
- Class Methods inherited from AquaA11yWrapper
(void+ setPopupMenuOpen:

Protected Attributes

NSEvent * mpLastEvent
BOOL mbNeedSpecialKeyHandle
BOOL mbInKeyInput
BOOL mbKeyHandled
NSRange mMarkedRange
NSRange mSelectedRange
id mpMouseEventListener
id mDraggingDestinationHandler
NSEvent * mpLastSuperEvent
NSTimeInterval mfLastMagnifyTime
float mfMagnifyDeltaSum
- Protected Attributes inherited from AquaA11yWrapper
BOOL mActsAsRadioGroup
BOOL mIsTableCell

Detailed Description

Definition at line 65 of file salframeview.h.

Method Documentation

- (BOOL) acceptsFirstMouse: (NSEvent *)  pEvent
- (BOOL) acceptsFirstResponder
- accessibility:

Implements AquaA11yWrapper.

- (void) cancelOperation: (id)  aSender
- (void) clearLastEvent
- (void) concludeDragOperation: (id< NSDraggingInfo >)  sender
- (void) deleteBackward: (id)  aSender
- (void) deleteBackwardByDecomposingPreviousCharacter: (id)  aSender
- (void) deleteForward: (id)  aSender
- (void) deleteToBeginningOfLine: (id)  aSender
- (void) deleteToBeginningOfParagraph: (id)  aSender
- (void) deleteToEndOfLine: (id)  aSender
- (void) deleteToEndOfParagraph: (id)  aSender
- (void) deleteWordBackward: (id)  aSender
- (void) deleteWordForward: (id)  aSender
- (NSDragOperation) draggingEntered: (id< NSDraggingInfo >)  sender
- (void) draggingExited: (id< NSDraggingInfo >)  sender
- (NSDragOperation) draggingUpdated: (id< NSDraggingInfo >)  sender
- (void) drawRect: (NSRect)  aRect
- (void) flagsChanged: (NSEvent *)  pEvent
- (AquaSalFrame*) getSalFrame
- (BOOL) handleKeyDownException: (NSEvent *)  pEvent
- (id) initWithSalFrame: (AquaSalFrame *)  pFrame
- (void) insertBacktab: (id)  aSender
- (void) insertLineBreak: (id)  aSender
- (void) insertNewline: (id)  aSender
- (void) insertParagraphSeparator: (id)  aSender
- (void) insertTab: (id)  aSender
- (void) insertText: (id)  aString
replacementRange: (NSRange)  replacementRange 
- (BOOL) isOpaque
- (void) keyDown: (NSEvent *)  pEvent
- (void) magnifyWithEvent: (NSEvent *)  pEvent
- (void) mouseDown: (NSEvent *)  pEvent
- (void) mouseDragged: (NSEvent *)  pEvent
- (void) mouseEntered: (NSEvent *)  pEvent
- (void) mouseExited: (NSEvent *)  pEvent
- (void) mouseMoved: (NSEvent *)  pEvent
- (void) mouseUp: (NSEvent *)  pEvent
- (void) moveBackwardAndModifySelection: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveDown: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveForwardAndModifySelection: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveLeft: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveLeftAndModifySelection: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveParagraphBackward: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveParagraphBackwardAndModifySelection: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveParagraphForward: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveParagraphForwardAndModifySelection: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveRight: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveRightAndModifySelection: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveToBeginningOfDocument: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveToBeginningOfDocumentAndModifySelection: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveToBeginningOfLine: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveToBeginningOfLineAndModifySelection: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveToBeginningOfParagraph: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveToBeginningOfParagraphAndModifySelection: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveToEndOfDocument: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveToEndOfDocumentAndModifySelection: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveToEndOfLine: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveToEndOfLineAndModifySelection: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveToEndOfParagraph: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveToEndOfParagraphAndModifySelection: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveToLeftEndOfLine: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveToLeftEndOfLineAndModifySelection: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveToRightEndOfLine: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveToRightEndOfLineAndModifySelection: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveUp: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveWordBackward: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveWordBackwardAndModifySelection: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveWordForward: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveWordForwardAndModifySelection: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveWordLeftAndModifySelection: (id)  aSender
- (void) moveWordRightAndModifySelection: (id)  aSender
- (void) noop: (id)  aSender
- (void) otherMouseDown: (NSEvent *)  pEvent
- (void) otherMouseDragged: (NSEvent *)  pEvent
- (void) otherMouseUp: (NSEvent *)  pEvent
- (id) parentAttribute

Implements AquaA11yWrapper.

- (BOOL) performDragOperation: (id< NSDraggingInfo >)  sender
- (BOOL) prepareForDragOperation: (id< NSDraggingInfo >)  sender
- (void) registerDraggingDestinationHandler: (id)  theHandler
- (void) registerMouseEventListener: (id)  theListener
- (void) resetCursorRects
- (void) rightMouseDown: (NSEvent *)  pEvent
- (void) rightMouseDragged: (NSEvent *)  pEvent
- (void) rightMouseUp: (NSEvent *)  pEvent
- (void) rotateWithEvent: (NSEvent *)  pEvent
- (void) scrollToBeginningOfDocument: (id)  aSender
- (void) scrollToEndOfDocument: (id)  aSender
- (void) scrollWheel: (NSEvent *)  pEvent
- (void) selectAll: (id)  aSender
- (void) selectLine: (id)  aSender
- (void) selectParagraph: (id)  aSender
- (void) selectWord: (id)  aSender
- (BOOL) sendKeyInputAndReleaseToFrame: (sal_uInt16)  nKeyCode
character: (sal_Unicode aChar 
- (BOOL) sendKeyInputAndReleaseToFrame: (sal_uInt16)  nKeyCode
character: (sal_Unicode aChar
modifiers: (unsigned int nMod 
- (BOOL) sendKeyToFrameDirect: (sal_uInt16)  nKeyCode
character: (sal_Unicode aChar
modifiers: (unsigned int nMod 
- (void) sendMouseEventToFrame: (NSEvent *)  pEvent
button: (sal_uInt16)  nButton
eventtype: (SalEvent nEvent 
- (BOOL) sendSingleCharacter: (NSEvent *)  pEvent
- (void) swipeWithEvent: (NSEvent *)  pEvent
- (void) unregisterDraggingDestinationHandler: (id)  theHandler
- (void) unregisterMouseEventListener: (id)  theListener
+ (void) unsetMouseFrame: (AquaSalFrame *)  pFrame
- (NSWindow*) windowForParent

Implements AquaA11yWrapper.

Member Data Documentation

- (BOOL) mbInKeyInput

Definition at line 73 of file salframeview.h.

- (BOOL) mbKeyHandled

Definition at line 74 of file salframeview.h.

- (BOOL) mbNeedSpecialKeyHandle

Definition at line 72 of file salframeview.h.

- (id) mDraggingDestinationHandler

Definition at line 78 of file salframeview.h.

- (NSTimeInterval) mfLastMagnifyTime

Definition at line 82 of file salframeview.h.

- (float) mfMagnifyDeltaSum

Definition at line 83 of file salframeview.h.

- (NSRange) mMarkedRange

Definition at line 75 of file salframeview.h.

- (AquaSalFrame*) mpFrame

Definition at line 68 of file salframeview.h.

- (NSEvent*) mpLastEvent

Definition at line 71 of file salframeview.h.

- (NSEvent*) mpLastSuperEvent

Definition at line 79 of file salframeview.h.

- (id) mpMouseEventListener

Definition at line 77 of file salframeview.h.

- (NSRange) mSelectedRange

Definition at line 76 of file salframeview.h.

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