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hudawareness.h File Reference
#include <gio/gio.h>
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guint hud_awareness_register (GDBusConnection *connection, const gchar *object_path, HudAwarenessCallback callback, gpointer user_data, GDestroyNotify notify, GError **error)
void hud_awareness_unregister (GDBusConnection *connection, guint awareness_id)


G_BEGIN_DECLS typedef void(* HudAwarenessCallback )(gboolean hud_active, gpointer user_data)

Function Documentation

guint hud_awareness_register ( GDBusConnection connection,
const gchar *  object_path,
HudAwarenessCallback  callback,
gpointer  user_data,
GDestroyNotify  notify,
GError **  error 
void hud_awareness_unregister ( GDBusConnection connection,
guint  awareness_id 

Variable Documentation

G_BEGIN_DECLS typedef void(* HudAwarenessCallback) (gboolean hud_active, gpointer user_data)

Definition at line 17 of file hudawareness.h.