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gloactiongroup.h File Reference
#include <glib-object.h>
#include <glib.h>
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struct  GLOActionGroup
struct  GLOActionGroupClass


#define G_TYPE_LO_ACTION_GROUP   (g_lo_action_group_get_type ())
#define G_LO_ACTION_GROUP(inst)
#define G_IS_LO_ACTION_GROUP(inst)


GType g_lo_action_group_get_type (void) G_GNUC_CONST
GLOActionGroupg_lo_action_group_new (void)
void g_lo_action_group_set_top_menu (GLOActionGroup *group, gpointer top_menu)
void g_lo_action_group_insert (GLOActionGroup *group, const gchar *action_name, gint item_id, gboolean submenu)
void g_lo_action_group_insert_stateful (GLOActionGroup *group, const gchar *action_name, gint item_id, gboolean submenu, const GVariantType *parameter_type, const GVariantType *state_type, GVariant *state_hint, GVariant *state)
void g_lo_action_group_set_action_enabled (GLOActionGroup *group, const gchar *action_name, gboolean enabled)
void g_lo_action_group_remove (GLOActionGroup *group, const gchar *action_name)
void g_lo_action_group_clear (GLOActionGroup *group)

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#define G_IS_LO_ACTION_GROUP (   inst)

Definition at line 22 of file gloactiongroup.h.


#define G_LO_ACTION_GROUP (   inst)

Definition at line 20 of file gloactiongroup.h.


#define G_TYPE_LO_ACTION_GROUP   (g_lo_action_group_get_type ())

Definition at line 19 of file gloactiongroup.h.

Function Documentation

◆ g_lo_action_group_clear()

void g_lo_action_group_clear ( GLOActionGroup group)

◆ g_lo_action_group_get_type()

GType g_lo_action_group_get_type ( void  )

◆ g_lo_action_group_insert()

void g_lo_action_group_insert ( GLOActionGroup group,
const gchar *  action_name,
gint  item_id,
gboolean  submenu 

◆ g_lo_action_group_insert_stateful()

void g_lo_action_group_insert_stateful ( GLOActionGroup group,
const gchar *  action_name,
gint  item_id,
gboolean  submenu,
const GVariantType *  parameter_type,
const GVariantType *  state_type,
GVariant *  state_hint,
GVariant *  state 

◆ g_lo_action_group_new()

GLOActionGroup * g_lo_action_group_new ( void  )

◆ g_lo_action_group_remove()

void g_lo_action_group_remove ( GLOActionGroup group,
const gchar *  action_name 

◆ g_lo_action_group_set_action_enabled()

void g_lo_action_group_set_action_enabled ( GLOActionGroup group,
const gchar *  action_name,
gboolean  enabled 

◆ g_lo_action_group_set_top_menu()

void g_lo_action_group_set_top_menu ( GLOActionGroup group,
gpointer  top_menu