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customweld.cxx File Reference
#include <vcl/customweld.hxx>
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namespace  weld


 weld::IMPL_LINK_NOARG (CustomWidgetController, DragBeginHdl, weld::DrawingArea &, bool)
 weld::IMPL_LINK (CustomWeld, DoResize, const Size &, rSize, void)
 weld::IMPL_LINK (CustomWeld, DoPaint, weld::DrawingArea::draw_args, aPayload, void)
 weld::IMPL_LINK (CustomWeld, DoMouseButtonDown, const MouseEvent &, rMEvt, bool)
 weld::IMPL_LINK (CustomWeld, DoMouseMove, const MouseEvent &, rMEvt, bool)
 weld::IMPL_LINK (CustomWeld, DoMouseButtonUp, const MouseEvent &, rMEvt, bool)
 weld::IMPL_LINK_NOARG (CustomWeld, DoGetFocus, weld::Widget &, void)
 weld::IMPL_LINK_NOARG (CustomWeld, DoLoseFocus, weld::Widget &, void)
 weld::IMPL_LINK (CustomWeld, DoKeyPress, const KeyEvent &, rKEvt, bool)
 weld::IMPL_LINK_NOARG (CustomWeld, DoFocusRect, weld::Widget &, tools::Rectangle)
 weld::IMPL_LINK_NOARG (CustomWeld, DoStyleUpdated, weld::Widget &, void)
 weld::IMPL_LINK (CustomWeld, DoCommand, const CommandEvent &, rPos, bool)
 weld::IMPL_LINK (CustomWeld, DoRequestHelp, tools::Rectangle &, rHelpArea, OUString)
 weld::IMPL_LINK (CustomWeld, DoGetSurrounding, OUString &, rSurrounding, int)
 weld::IMPL_LINK (CustomWeld, DoDeleteSurrounding, const Selection &, rSelection, bool)