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weld::EntryFormatter Class Reference

#include <weldutils.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 EntryFormatter (weld::Entry &rEntry)
 EntryFormatter (weld::FormattedSpinButton &rSpinButton)
weld::Entryget_widget ()
virtual SAL_DLLPRIVATE Selection GetEntrySelection () const override
virtual SAL_DLLPRIVATE OUString GetEntryText () const override
virtual SAL_DLLPRIVATE void SetEntryText (const OUString &rText, const Selection &rSel) override
virtual SAL_DLLPRIVATE void SetEntryTextColor (const Color *pColor) override
virtual SAL_DLLPRIVATE SelectionOptions GetEntrySelectionOptions () const override
virtual SAL_DLLPRIVATE void FieldModified () override
virtual SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ClearMinValue () override
virtual SAL_DLLPRIVATE void SetMinValue (double dMin) override
virtual SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ClearMaxValue () override
virtual SAL_DLLPRIVATE void SetMaxValue (double dMin) override
virtual SAL_DLLPRIVATE void SetSpinSize (double dStep) override
void SetEntrySelectionOptions (SelectionOptions eOptions)
void connect_changed (const Link< weld::Entry &, void > &rLink)
void connect_focus_out (const Link< weld::Widget &, void > &rLink)
virtual SAL_DLLPRIVATE ~EntryFormatter () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Formatter
 Formatter ()
virtual ~Formatter ()
void SetFieldText (const OUString &rText, const Selection &rNewSelection)
virtual Selection GetEntrySelection () const =0
virtual OUString GetEntryText () const =0
virtual SelectionOptions GetEntrySelectionOptions () const =0
virtual void SetEntryText (const OUString &rText, const Selection &rSel)=0
virtual void SetEntryTextColor (const Color *pColor)=0
virtual void FieldModified ()=0
bool HasMinValue () const
virtual void ClearMinValue ()
virtual void SetMinValue (double dMin)
double GetMinValue () const
bool HasMaxValue () const
virtual void ClearMaxValue ()
virtual void SetMaxValue (double dMax)
double GetMaxValue () const
void SetValue (double dVal)
double GetValue ()
void SetTextValue (const OUString &rText)
bool IsEmptyFieldEnabled () const
void EnableEmptyField (bool bEnable)
void SetDefaultValue (double dDefault)
double GetDefaultValue () const
void SetLastSelection (const Selection &rSelection)
sal_uLong GetFormatKey () const
void SetFormatKey (sal_uLong nFormatKey)
SvNumberFormatterGetOrCreateFormatter () const
SvNumberFormatterGetFormatter () const
void SetFormatter (SvNumberFormatter *pFormatter, bool bResetFormat=true)
bool GetThousandsSep () const
void SetThousandsSep (bool _bUseSeparator)
void DisableRemainderFactor ()
bool GetDisableRemainderFactor () const
void SetWrapOnLimits (bool bWrapOnLimits)
sal_uInt16 GetDecimalDigits () const
void SetDecimalDigits (sal_uInt16 _nPrecision)
SvNumberFormatterStandardFormatter ()
OUString GetFormat (LanguageType &eLang) const
bool SetFormat (const OUString &rFormatString, LanguageType eLang)
bool IsStrictFormat () const
void SetStrictFormat (bool bEnable)
virtual void SetSpinSize (double dStep)
double GetSpinSize () const
void SetSpinFirst (double dFirst)
double GetSpinFirst () const
void SetSpinLast (double dLast)
double GetSpinLast () const
bool TreatingAsNumber () const
void TreatAsNumber (bool bDoSo)
void SetInputHdl (const Link< sal_Int64 *, TriState > &rLink)
void SetOutputHdl (const Link< LinkParamNone *, bool > &rLink)
void SetTextFormatted (const OUString &rText)
OUString const & GetTextValue () const
void SetDefaultText (const OUString &rDefault)
const OUString & GetDefaultText () const
const ColorGetLastOutputColor () const
void Commit ()
 reformats the current text. More...
void SetAutoColor (bool _bAutomatic)
void EnableNotANumber (bool _bEnable)
 enables handling of not-a-number value. More...
void UseInputStringForFormatting ()
 When being set to true, the strings in the field are formatted using the InputLine format. More...
bool IsUsingInputStringForFormatting () const
void Modify (bool makeValueDirty=true)
void EntryLostFocus ()
void ReFormat ()
virtual void FormatChanged (FORMAT_CHANGE_TYPE nWhat)

Private Member Functions

 DECL_DLLPRIVATE_LINK (ModifyHdl, weld::Entry &, void)
 DECL_DLLPRIVATE_LINK (FocusOutHdl, weld::Widget &, void)
virtual SAL_DLLPRIVATE void UpdateCurrentValue (double dCurrentValue) override

Private Attributes

Link< weld::Entry &, void > m_aModifyHdl
Link< weld::Widget &, void > m_aFocusOutHdl
SelectionOptions m_eOptions

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from Formatter
enum  valueState {
  valueDirty ,
  valueString ,
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Formatter
virtual bool CheckText (const OUString &) const
void ImplSetTextImpl (const OUString &rNew, Selection const *pNewSel)
void ImplSetValue (double dValue, bool bForce)
bool ImplGetValue (double &dNewVal)
void ImplSetFormatKey (sal_uLong nFormatKey)
SvNumberFormatterCreateFormatter ()
virtual void UpdateCurrentValue (double dCurrentValue)
- Protected Attributes inherited from Formatter
OUString m_sLastValidText
Selection m_aLastSelection
double m_dMinValue
double m_dMaxValue
bool m_bHasMin: 1
bool m_bHasMax: 1
bool m_bWrapOnLimits: 1
bool m_bStrictFormat: 1
bool m_bEnableEmptyField: 1
bool m_bAutoColor: 1
bool m_bEnableNaN: 1
bool m_bDisableRemainderFactor: 1
bool m_bDefaultValueSet: 1
valueState m_ValueState
double m_dCurrentValue
double m_dDefaultValue
sal_uLong m_nFormatKey
StaticFormatter m_aStaticFormatter
double m_dSpinSize
double m_dSpinFirst
double m_dSpinLast
bool m_bTreatAsNumber
OUString m_sCurrentTextValue
OUString m_sDefaultText
const Colorm_pLastOutputColor
bool m_bUseInputStringForFormatting
Link< sal_Int64 *, TriStatem_aInputHdl
Link< LinkParamNone *, bool > m_aOutputHdl

Detailed Description

Definition at line 205 of file weldutils.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ EntryFormatter() [1/2]

weld::EntryFormatter::EntryFormatter ( weld::Entry rEntry)

Definition at line 145 of file weldutils.cxx.

References Init().

◆ EntryFormatter() [2/2]

weld::EntryFormatter::EntryFormatter ( weld::FormattedSpinButton rSpinButton)

Definition at line 137 of file weldutils.cxx.

References Init().

◆ ~EntryFormatter()

weld::EntryFormatter::~EntryFormatter ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ ClearMaxValue()

void weld::EntryFormatter::ClearMaxValue ( )

◆ ClearMinValue()

void weld::EntryFormatter::ClearMinValue ( )

◆ connect_changed()

void weld::EntryFormatter::connect_changed ( const Link< weld::Entry &, void > &  rLink)

Definition at line 239 of file weldutils.hxx.

Referenced by SalInstanceFormattedSpinButton::connect_changed().

◆ connect_focus_out()

void weld::EntryFormatter::connect_focus_out ( const Link< weld::Widget &, void > &  rLink)

Definition at line 240 of file weldutils.hxx.

Referenced by SalInstanceFormattedSpinButton::connect_focus_out().


weld::EntryFormatter::DECL_DLLPRIVATE_LINK ( FocusOutHdl  ,
weld::Widget ,

References Init().


weld::EntryFormatter::DECL_DLLPRIVATE_LINK ( ModifyHdl  ,
weld::Entry ,

◆ FieldModified()

void weld::EntryFormatter::FieldModified ( )

Implements Formatter.

Definition at line 235 of file weldutils.cxx.

References Link< typename Arg, typename Ret >::Call(), m_aModifyHdl, and m_rEntry.

◆ get_widget()

weld::Entry & weld::EntryFormatter::get_widget ( )

Definition at line 211 of file weldutils.hxx.

Referenced by weld::TimeFormatter::Init().

◆ GetEntrySelection()

Selection weld::EntryFormatter::GetEntrySelection ( ) const

Implements Formatter.

Definition at line 169 of file weldutils.cxx.

References weld::Entry::get_selection_bounds(), and m_rEntry.

◆ GetEntrySelectionOptions()

SelectionOptions weld::EntryFormatter::GetEntrySelectionOptions ( ) const

Implements Formatter.

Definition at line 233 of file weldutils.cxx.

References m_eOptions.

◆ GetEntryText()

OUString weld::EntryFormatter::GetEntryText ( ) const

Implements Formatter.

Definition at line 176 of file weldutils.cxx.

References weld::Entry::get_text(), and m_rEntry.

◆ Init()

void weld::EntryFormatter::Init ( void  )

◆ SetEntrySelectionOptions()

void weld::EntryFormatter::SetEntrySelectionOptions ( SelectionOptions  eOptions)

Definition at line 229 of file weldutils.hxx.

◆ SetEntryText()

void weld::EntryFormatter::SetEntryText ( const OUString &  rText,
const Selection rSel 

◆ SetEntryTextColor()

void weld::EntryFormatter::SetEntryTextColor ( const Color pColor)

Implements Formatter.

Definition at line 186 of file weldutils.cxx.

References COL_AUTO(), m_rEntry, and weld::Entry::set_font_color().

◆ SetMaxValue()

void weld::EntryFormatter::SetMaxValue ( double  dMin)

◆ SetMinValue()

void weld::EntryFormatter::SetMinValue ( double  dMin)

◆ SetSpinSize()

void weld::EntryFormatter::SetSpinSize ( double  dStep)

◆ UpdateCurrentValue()

void weld::EntryFormatter::UpdateCurrentValue ( double  dCurrentValue)

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_aFocusOutHdl

Link<weld::Widget&, void> weld::EntryFormatter::m_aFocusOutHdl

Definition at line 248 of file weldutils.hxx.

◆ m_aModifyHdl

Link<weld::Entry&, void> weld::EntryFormatter::m_aModifyHdl

Definition at line 247 of file weldutils.hxx.

Referenced by FieldModified().

◆ m_eOptions

SelectionOptions weld::EntryFormatter::m_eOptions

Definition at line 249 of file weldutils.hxx.

Referenced by GetEntrySelectionOptions().

◆ m_pSpinButton

weld::FormattedSpinButton* weld::EntryFormatter::m_pSpinButton

◆ m_rEntry

weld::Entry& weld::EntryFormatter::m_rEntry

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