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vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs Class Reference

#include <ImplLayoutArgs.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 ImplLayoutArgs (OUString const &rStr, int nMinCharPos, int nEndCharPos, SalLayoutFlags nFlags, LanguageTag aLanguageTag, vcl::text::TextLayoutCache const *pLayoutCache)
void SetLayoutWidth (double nWidth)
void SetDXArray (const double *pDXArray)
void SetKashidaArray (const sal_Bool *pKashidaArray)
void SetOrientation (Degree10 nOrientation)
void ResetPos ()
bool GetNextPos (int *nCharPos, bool *bRTL)
bool GetNextRun (int *nMinRunPos, int *nEndRunPos, bool *bRTL)
void AddFallbackRun (int nMinRunPos, int nEndRunPos, bool bRTL)
bool HasDXArray () const
bool HasFallbackRun () const
bool PrepareFallback (const SalLayoutGlyphsImpl *pGlyphsImpl)

Public Attributes

LanguageTag maLanguageTag
SalLayoutFlags mnFlags
const OUString & mrStr
int mnMinCharPos
int mnEndCharPos
vcl::text::TextLayoutCache const * m_pTextLayoutCache
const double * mpDXArray
const sal_BoolmpKashidaArray
double mnLayoutWidth
Degree10 mnOrientation
ImplLayoutRuns maRuns
ImplLayoutRuns maFallbackRuns

Private Member Functions

void AddRun (int nMinCharPos, int nEndCharPos, bool bRTL)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file ImplLayoutArgs.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ImplLayoutArgs()

vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::ImplLayoutArgs ( OUString const &  rStr,
int  nMinCharPos,
int  nEndCharPos,
SalLayoutFlags  nFlags,
LanguageTag  aLanguageTag,
vcl::text::TextLayoutCache const *  pLayoutCache 

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddFallbackRun()

void vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::AddFallbackRun ( int  nMinRunPos,
int  nEndRunPos,
bool  bRTL 

Definition at line 109 of file ImplLayoutArgs.cxx.

References ImplLayoutRuns::AddRun(), and maFallbackRuns.

Referenced by GenericSalLayout::SetNeedFallback().

◆ AddRun()

void vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::AddRun ( int  nMinCharPos,
int  nEndCharPos,
bool  bRTL 

Definition at line 141 of file ImplLayoutArgs.cxx.

References ImplLayoutRuns::AddRun(), i, vcl::text::IsControlChar(), maRuns, mrStr, and SAL_WARN_IF.

Referenced by ImplLayoutArgs().

◆ GetNextPos()

bool vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::GetNextPos ( int nCharPos,
bool *  bRTL 

Definition at line 104 of file ImplLayoutArgs.cxx.

References ImplLayoutRuns::GetNextPos(), and maRuns.

Referenced by OutputDevice::GetTextIsRTL().

◆ GetNextRun()

bool vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::GetNextRun ( int nMinRunPos,
int nEndRunPos,
bool *  bRTL 

◆ HasDXArray()

bool vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::HasDXArray ( ) const

Definition at line 59 of file ImplLayoutArgs.hxx.

Referenced by MultiSalLayout::AdjustLayout().

◆ HasFallbackRun()

bool vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::HasFallbackRun ( ) const

Definition at line 114 of file ImplLayoutArgs.cxx.

References ImplLayoutRuns::IsEmpty(), and maFallbackRuns.

Referenced by OutputDevice::ImplLayout().

◆ PrepareFallback()

bool vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::PrepareFallback ( const SalLayoutGlyphsImpl pGlyphsImpl)

◆ ResetPos()

void vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::ResetPos ( )

◆ SetDXArray()

void vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::SetDXArray ( const double *  pDXArray)

Definition at line 93 of file ImplLayoutArgs.cxx.

References mpDXArray.

Referenced by OutputDevice::ImplLayout().

◆ SetKashidaArray()

void vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::SetKashidaArray ( const sal_Bool pKashidaArray)

Definition at line 95 of file ImplLayoutArgs.cxx.

References mpKashidaArray.

Referenced by OutputDevice::ImplLayout().

◆ SetLayoutWidth()

void vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::SetLayoutWidth ( double  nWidth)

Definition at line 91 of file ImplLayoutArgs.cxx.

References mnLayoutWidth.

Referenced by OutputDevice::ImplPrepareLayoutArgs().

◆ SetOrientation()

void vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::SetOrientation ( Degree10  nOrientation)

Definition at line 100 of file ImplLayoutArgs.cxx.

References mnOrientation.

Referenced by OutputDevice::ImplPrepareLayoutArgs().

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_pTextLayoutCache

vcl::text::TextLayoutCache const* vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::m_pTextLayoutCache

Definition at line 35 of file ImplLayoutArgs.hxx.

Referenced by GenericSalLayout::LayoutText().

◆ maFallbackRuns

ImplLayoutRuns vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::maFallbackRuns

Definition at line 45 of file ImplLayoutArgs.hxx.

Referenced by AddFallbackRun(), HasFallbackRun(), and PrepareFallback().

◆ maLanguageTag

LanguageTag vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::maLanguageTag

◆ maRuns

ImplLayoutRuns vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::maRuns

◆ mnEndCharPos

int vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::mnEndCharPos

◆ mnFlags

SalLayoutFlags vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::mnFlags

◆ mnLayoutWidth

double vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::mnLayoutWidth

◆ mnMinCharPos

int vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::mnMinCharPos

◆ mnOrientation

Degree10 vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::mnOrientation

Definition at line 41 of file ImplLayoutArgs.hxx.

Referenced by SalLayout::AdjustLayout(), and SetOrientation().

◆ mpDXArray

const double* vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::mpDXArray

◆ mpKashidaArray

const sal_Bool* vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::mpKashidaArray

Definition at line 39 of file ImplLayoutArgs.hxx.

Referenced by GenericSalLayout::AdjustLayout(), operator<<(), and SetKashidaArray().

◆ mrStr

const OUString& vcl::text::ImplLayoutArgs::mrStr

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