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vcl::font::FontSelectPattern Class Reference

#include <FontSelectPattern.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 FontSelectPattern (const vcl::Font &, OUString aSearchName, const Size &, float fExactHeight, bool bNonAntialias=false)
size_t hashCode () const
bool operator== (const FontSelectPattern &rOther) const
bool operator!= (const FontSelectPattern &rOther) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from FontAttributes
 FontAttributes ()
const OUString & GetFamilyName () const
FontFamily GetFamilyType () const
const OUString & GetStyleName () const
FontWeight GetWeight () const
FontItalic GetItalic () const
FontPitch GetPitch () const
FontWidth GetWidthType () const
bool IsMicrosoftSymbolEncoded () const
void SetFamilyName (const OUString &sFamilyName)
void SetStyleName (const OUString &sStyleName)
void SetFamilyType (const FontFamily eFontFamily)
void SetPitch (const FontPitch ePitch)
void SetItalic (const FontItalic eItalic)
void SetWeight (const FontWeight eWeight)
void SetWidthType (const FontWidth eWidthType)
void SetMicrosoftSymbolEncoded (const bool)
bool CompareDeviceIndependentFontAttributes (const FontAttributes &rOther) const
int GetQuality () const
const OUString & GetMapNames () const
void SetQuality (int nQuality)
void IncreaseQualityBy (int nQualityAmount)
void AddMapName (std::u16string_view)

Public Attributes

OUString maTargetName
OUString maSearchName
int mnWidth
int mnHeight
float mfExactHeight
Degree10 mnOrientation
LanguageType meLanguage
bool mbVertical
bool mbNonAntialiased
bool mbEmbolden
ItalicMatrix maItalicMatrix

Static Public Attributes

static const char FEAT_PREFIX = ':'
static const char FEAT_SEPARATOR = '&'

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file FontSelectPattern.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FontSelectPattern()

vcl::font::FontSelectPattern::FontSelectPattern ( const vcl::Font rFont,
OUString  aSearchName,
const Size rSize,
float  fExactHeight,
bool  bNonAntialias = false 

Member Function Documentation

◆ hashCode()

size_t vcl::font::FontSelectPattern::hashCode ( ) const

◆ operator!=()

bool vcl::font::FontSelectPattern::operator!= ( const FontSelectPattern rOther) const

Definition at line 52 of file FontSelectPattern.hxx.

◆ operator==()

bool vcl::font::FontSelectPattern::operator== ( const FontSelectPattern rOther) const

Member Data Documentation


const char vcl::font::FontSelectPattern::FEAT_PREFIX = ':'


const char vcl::font::FontSelectPattern::FEAT_SEPARATOR = '&'

Definition at line 58 of file FontSelectPattern.hxx.

◆ maItalicMatrix

ItalicMatrix vcl::font::FontSelectPattern::maItalicMatrix

◆ maSearchName

OUString vcl::font::FontSelectPattern::maSearchName

◆ maTargetName

OUString vcl::font::FontSelectPattern::maTargetName

◆ mbEmbolden

bool vcl::font::FontSelectPattern::mbEmbolden

◆ mbNonAntialiased

bool vcl::font::FontSelectPattern::mbNonAntialiased

Definition at line 69 of file FontSelectPattern.hxx.

Referenced by operator==().

◆ mbVertical

bool vcl::font::FontSelectPattern::mbVertical

◆ meLanguage

LanguageType vcl::font::FontSelectPattern::meLanguage

◆ mfExactHeight

float vcl::font::FontSelectPattern::mfExactHeight

Definition at line 65 of file FontSelectPattern.hxx.

Referenced by operator==().

◆ mnHeight

int vcl::font::FontSelectPattern::mnHeight

◆ mnOrientation

Degree10 vcl::font::FontSelectPattern::mnOrientation

◆ mnWidth

int vcl::font::FontSelectPattern::mnWidth

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