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vcl::RoadmapItem Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 RoadmapItem (ORoadmap &_rParent, const Size &_rItemPlayground)
 ~RoadmapItem ()
void SetID (sal_Int16 ID)
sal_Int16 GetID () const
void SetIndex (ItemIndex Index)
ItemIndex GetIndex () const
void Update (ItemIndex RMIndex, const OUString &_rText)
void SetPosition (RoadmapItem const *OldHyperLabel)
void ToggleBackgroundColor (const Color &_rGBColor)
void SetInteractive (bool _bInteractive)
void SetClickHdl (const Link< HyperLabel *, void > &rLink)
void Enable (bool bEnable)
bool IsEnabled () const
void GrabFocus ()
bool Contains (const vcl::Window *_pWindow) const

Private Member Functions

void ImplUpdateIndex (const ItemIndex _nIndex)
void ImplUpdatePosSize ()

Private Attributes

VclPtr< IDLabel > mpID
VclPtr< HyperLabelmpDescription
const Size m_aItemPlayground

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from vcl::RoadmapTypes
typedef sal_Int16 ItemId
typedef sal_Int32 ItemIndex

Detailed Description

Definition at line 55 of file roadmap.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RoadmapItem()

vcl::RoadmapItem::RoadmapItem ( ORoadmap &  _rParent,
const Size _rItemPlayground 

◆ ~RoadmapItem()

vcl::RoadmapItem::~RoadmapItem ( )

Definition at line 682 of file roadmap.cxx.

References VclPtr< reference_type >::disposeAndClear(), mpDescription, and mpID.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Contains()

bool vcl::RoadmapItem::Contains ( const vcl::Window _pWindow) const

Definition at line 688 of file roadmap.cxx.

References mpDescription, and mpID.

◆ Enable()

void vcl::RoadmapItem::Enable ( bool  bEnable)

Definition at line 758 of file roadmap.cxx.

References mpDescription, and mpID.

◆ GetID()

sal_Int16 vcl::RoadmapItem::GetID ( ) const

Definition at line 711 of file roadmap.cxx.

References mpDescription.

◆ GetIndex()

RoadmapTypes::ItemIndex vcl::RoadmapItem::GetIndex ( ) const

Definition at line 732 of file roadmap.cxx.

References mpDescription.

◆ GrabFocus()

void vcl::RoadmapItem::GrabFocus ( )

Definition at line 693 of file roadmap.cxx.

References mpDescription.

◆ ImplUpdateIndex()

void vcl::RoadmapItem::ImplUpdateIndex ( const ItemIndex  _nIndex)

Definition at line 716 of file roadmap.cxx.

References ImplUpdatePosSize(), mpDescription, and mpID.

Referenced by SetIndex(), and Update().

◆ ImplUpdatePosSize()

void vcl::RoadmapItem::ImplUpdatePosSize ( )

Definition at line 778 of file roadmap.cxx.

References Size::Height(), m_aItemPlayground, mpDescription, mpID, Size::Width(), Point::X(), and Point::Y().

Referenced by ImplUpdateIndex().

◆ IsEnabled()

bool vcl::RoadmapItem::IsEnabled ( ) const

Definition at line 764 of file roadmap.cxx.

References mpID.

◆ SetClickHdl()

void vcl::RoadmapItem::SetClickHdl ( const Link< HyperLabel *, void > &  rLink)

Definition at line 806 of file roadmap.cxx.

References mpDescription.

◆ SetID()

void vcl::RoadmapItem::SetID ( sal_Int16  ID)

Definition at line 705 of file roadmap.cxx.

References ID, and mpDescription.

◆ SetIndex()

void vcl::RoadmapItem::SetIndex ( ItemIndex  Index)

Definition at line 727 of file roadmap.cxx.

References ImplUpdateIndex().

◆ SetInteractive()

void vcl::RoadmapItem::SetInteractive ( bool  _bInteractive)

Definition at line 699 of file roadmap.cxx.

References mpDescription.

◆ SetPosition()

void vcl::RoadmapItem::SetPosition ( RoadmapItem const *  OldHyperLabel)

◆ ToggleBackgroundColor()

void vcl::RoadmapItem::ToggleBackgroundColor ( const Color _rGBColor)

Definition at line 769 of file roadmap.cxx.

References COL_TRANSPARENT(), mpDescription, and mpID.

◆ Update()

void vcl::RoadmapItem::Update ( ItemIndex  RMIndex,
const OUString &  _rText 

Definition at line 797 of file roadmap.cxx.

References ImplUpdateIndex(), and mpDescription.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_aItemPlayground

const Size vcl::RoadmapItem::m_aItemPlayground

Definition at line 60 of file roadmap.cxx.

Referenced by ImplUpdatePosSize().

◆ mpDescription

VclPtr<HyperLabel> vcl::RoadmapItem::mpDescription

◆ mpID

VclPtr<IDLabel> vcl::RoadmapItem::mpID

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