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WinSalPrinter Class Reference

#include <salprn.h>

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Public Member Functions

 WinSalPrinter ()
virtual ~WinSalPrinter () override
virtual bool StartJob (const OUString *pFileName, const OUString &rJobName, const OUString &rAppName, sal_uInt32 nCopies, bool bCollate, bool bDirect, ImplJobSetup *pSetupData) override
virtual bool EndJob () override
virtual SalGraphicsStartPage (ImplJobSetup *pSetupData, bool bNewJobData) override
virtual void EndPage () override
virtual SalPrinterError GetErrorCode () override
void markInvalid ()
bool isValid () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SalPrinter
 SalPrinter ()
virtual ~SalPrinter ()
virtual bool StartJob (const OUString *pFileName, const OUString &rJobName, const OUString &rAppName, ImplJobSetup *pSetupData, vcl::PrinterController &rController)

Public Attributes

std::unique_ptr< WinSalGraphicsmxGraphics
SalPrinterError mnError
sal_uInt32 mnCopies
bool mbCollate
bool mbAbort
bool mbValid

Protected Member Functions

void DoEndDoc (HDC hDC)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 78 of file win/salprn.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

WinSalPrinter::WinSalPrinter ( )
virtual WinSalPrinter::~WinSalPrinter ( )

Member Function Documentation

void WinSalPrinter::DoEndDoc ( HDC  hDC)
virtual bool WinSalPrinter::EndJob ( )

Implements SalPrinter.

virtual void WinSalPrinter::EndPage ( )

Implements SalPrinter.

virtual SalPrinterError WinSalPrinter::GetErrorCode ( )

Reimplemented from SalPrinter.

bool WinSalPrinter::isValid ( ) const

Definition at line 113 of file win/salprn.h.

References mhDC.

void WinSalPrinter::markInvalid ( )
virtual bool WinSalPrinter::StartJob ( const OUString *  pFileName,
const OUString &  rJobName,
const OUString &  rAppName,
sal_uInt32  nCopies,
bool  bCollate,
bool  bDirect,
ImplJobSetup pSetupData 

Implements SalPrinter.

virtual SalGraphics* WinSalPrinter::StartPage ( ImplJobSetup pSetupData,
bool  bNewJobData 

Implements SalPrinter.

Member Data Documentation

bool WinSalPrinter::mbAbort

Definition at line 88 of file win/salprn.h.

bool WinSalPrinter::mbCollate

Definition at line 87 of file win/salprn.h.

bool WinSalPrinter::mbValid

Definition at line 90 of file win/salprn.h.

HDC WinSalPrinter::mhDC

Definition at line 84 of file win/salprn.h.

Referenced by isValid().

sal_uInt32 WinSalPrinter::mnCopies

Definition at line 86 of file win/salprn.h.

SalPrinterError WinSalPrinter::mnError

Definition at line 85 of file win/salprn.h.

WinSalInfoPrinter* WinSalPrinter::mpInfoPrinter

Definition at line 82 of file win/salprn.h.

WinSalPrinter* WinSalPrinter::mpNextPrinter

Definition at line 83 of file win/salprn.h.

std::unique_ptr<WinSalGraphics> WinSalPrinter::mxGraphics

Definition at line 81 of file win/salprn.h.

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