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SalX11Display Class Referencefinal

#include <saldisp.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SalX11Display (Display *pDisp)
virtual ~SalX11Display () override
virtual void Dispatch (XEvent *pEvent) override
virtual void Yield ()
virtual void TriggerUserEventProcessing () override
bool IsEvent ()
void SetupInput ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SalDisplay
 SalDisplay (Display *pDisp)
virtual ~SalDisplay () override
void Init ()
void PrintInfo () const
void DbgPrintDisplayEvent (const char *pComment, const XEvent *pEvent) const
void Beep () const
void ModifierMapping ()
void SimulateKeyPress (sal_uInt16 nKeyCode)
KeyIndicatorState GetIndicatorState () const
OUString GetKeyNameFromKeySym (KeySym keysym) const
OUString GetKeyName (sal_uInt16 nKeyCode) const
sal_uInt16 GetKeyCode (KeySym keysym, char *pcPrintable) const
KeySym GetKeySym (XKeyEvent *pEvent, char *pPrintable, int *pLen, KeySym *pUnmodifiedKeySym, Status *pStatus, XIC=nullptr) const
Cursor GetPointer (PointerStyle ePointerStyle)
int CaptureMouse (SalFrame *pCapture)
ScreenDatainitScreen (SalX11Screen nXScreen) const
const ScreenDatagetDataForScreen (SalX11Screen nXScreen) const
::Window GetDrawable (SalX11Screen nXScreen) const
DisplayGetDisplay () const
const SalX11ScreenGetDefaultXScreen () const
const SizeGetScreenSize (SalX11Screen nXScreen) const
srv_vendor_t GetServerVendor () const
bool IsDisplay () const
const SalColormapGetColormap (SalX11Screen nXScreen) const
const SalVisualGetVisual (SalX11Screen nXScreen) const
const PairGetResolution () const
Time GetLastUserEventTime () const
Time GetX11ServerTime () const
SalI18N_InputMethodGetInputMethod () const
SalI18N_KeyboardExtensionGetKbdExtension () const
void SetKbdExtension (SalI18N_KeyboardExtension *pKbdExtension)
::vcl_sal::WMAdaptorgetWMAdaptor () const
bool IsXinerama () const
const std::vector< tools::Rectangle > & GetXineramaScreens () const
::Window GetRootWindow (SalX11Screen nXScreen) const
unsigned int GetXScreenCount () const
const SalFrameSetgetFrames () const
std::list< SalObject * > & getSalObjects ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SalGenericDisplay
 SalGenericDisplay ()
virtual ~SalGenericDisplay () override
void registerFrame (SalFrame *pFrame)
virtual void deregisterFrame (SalFrame *pFrame)
void emitDisplayChanged ()
void SendInternalEvent (SalFrame *pFrame, void *pData, SalEvent nEvent=SalEvent::UserEvent)
void CancelInternalEvent (SalFrame *pFrame, void *pData, SalEvent nEvent)
bool DispatchInternalEvent (bool bHandleAllCurrentEvent=false)
bool MouseCaptured (const SalFrame *pFrameData) const
SalFrameGetCaptureFrame () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SalUserEventList
 SalUserEventList ()
virtual ~SalUserEventList () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE
const SalFrameSetgetFrames () const
SalFrameanyFrame () const
void insertFrame (SalFrame *pFrame)
void eraseFrame (SalFrame *pFrame)
bool isFrameAlive (const SalFrame *pFrame) const
void PostEvent (SalFrame *pFrame, void *pData, SalEvent nEvent)
void RemoveEvent (SalFrame *pFrame, void *pData, SalEvent nEvent)
bool HasUserEvents () const
bool DispatchUserEvents (bool bHandleAllCurrentEvents)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SalDisplay
static bool BestVisual (Display *pDisp, int nScreen, XVisualInfo &rVI)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SalDisplay
virtual void Dispatch (XEvent *pEvent)=0
void InitXinerama ()
void InitRandR (::Window aRoot) const
void processRandREvent (XEvent *)
void doDestruct ()
void addXineramaScreenUnique (int i, tools::Long i_nX, tools::Long i_nY, tools::Long i_nWidth, tools::Long i_nHeight)
Time GetEventTimeImpl (bool bAlwaysReget=false) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SalGenericDisplay
virtual void ProcessEvent (SalUserEvent aEvent) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SalUserEventList
virtual void ProcessEvent (SalUserEvent aEvent)=0
virtual void TriggerUserEventProcessing ()=0
virtual void TriggerAllUserEventsProcessed ()
bool HasUserEvents_NoLock () const
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SalDisplay
static void DeInitRandR ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from SalDisplay
SalX11Screen m_nXDefaultScreen
std::vector< ScreenDatam_aScreens
ScreenData m_aInvalidScreenData
Pair aResolution_
sal_uLong nMaxRequestSize_
srv_vendor_t meServerVendor
o3tl::enumarray< PointerStyle, CursoraPointerCache_
bool bNumLockFromXS_
int nNumLockIndex_
KeySym nShiftKeySym_
KeySym nCtrlKeySym_
KeySym nMod1KeySym_
std::unique_ptr< vcl_sal::WMAdaptorm_pWMAdaptor
bool m_bXinerama
std::vector< tools::Rectanglem_aXineramaScreens
std::vector< intm_aXineramaScreenIndexMap
std::list< SalObject * > m_aSalObjects
Time m_nLastUserEventTime
- Protected Attributes inherited from SalGenericDisplay
- Protected Attributes inherited from SalUserEventList
std::mutex m_aUserEventsMutex
std::list< SalUserEventm_aUserEvents
std::list< SalUserEventm_aProcessingUserEvents
bool m_bAllUserEventProcessedSignaled
SalFrameSet m_aFrames
oslThreadIdentifier m_aProcessingThread

Detailed Description

Definition at line 357 of file saldisp.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SalX11Display()

SalX11Display::SalX11Display ( Display pDisp)

◆ ~SalX11Display()

virtual SalX11Display::~SalX11Display ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Dispatch()

virtual void SalX11Display::Dispatch ( XEvent *  pEvent)

Implements SalDisplay.

◆ IsEvent()

bool SalX11Display::IsEvent ( )

◆ SetupInput()

void SalX11Display::SetupInput ( )

◆ TriggerUserEventProcessing()

virtual void SalX11Display::TriggerUserEventProcessing ( )

Implements SalUserEventList.

◆ Yield()

virtual void SalX11Display::Yield ( )

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