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SalBitmap Class Referenceabstract

#include <salbmp.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for SalBitmap:

Public Member Functions

 SalBitmap ()
virtual ~SalBitmap ()
virtual bool Create (const Size &rSize, sal_uInt16 nBitCount, const BitmapPalette &rPal)=0
virtual bool Create (const SalBitmap &rSalBmp)=0
virtual bool Create (const SalBitmap &rSalBmp, SalGraphics *pGraphics)=0
virtual bool Create (const SalBitmap &rSalBmp, sal_uInt16 nNewBitCount)=0
virtual bool Create (const css::uno::Reference< css::rendering::XBitmapCanvas > &rBitmapCanvas, Size &rSize, bool bMask=false)=0
virtual void Destroy ()=0
virtual Size GetSize () const =0
virtual sal_uInt16 GetBitCount () const =0
virtual BitmapBufferAcquireBuffer (BitmapAccessMode nMode)=0
virtual void ReleaseBuffer (BitmapBuffer *pBuffer, BitmapAccessMode nMode)=0
virtual bool GetSystemData (BitmapSystemData &rData)=0
virtual bool ScalingSupported () const =0
virtual bool Scale (const double &rScaleX, const double &rScaleY, BmpScaleFlag nScaleFlag)=0
void DropScaledCache ()
virtual bool Replace (const Color &rSearchColor, const Color &rReplaceColor, sal_uInt8 nTol)=0
virtual bool ConvertToGreyscale ()
virtual bool InterpretAs8Bit ()
virtual bool Erase (const Color &)
void GetChecksum (BitmapChecksum &rChecksum) const
void InvalidateChecksum ()

Protected Types

enum  BitConvert {

Protected Member Functions

virtual void updateChecksum () const

Static Protected Member Functions

static std::unique_ptr< sal_uInt8[] > convertDataBitCount (const sal_uInt8 *src, int width, int height, int bitCount, int bytesPerRow, const BitmapPalette &palette, BitConvert type)

Protected Attributes

BitmapChecksum mnChecksum
bool mbChecksumValid

Detailed Description

Definition at line 43 of file salbmp.hxx.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum SalBitmap::BitConvert

Definition at line 115 of file salbmp.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SalBitmap::SalBitmap ( )

Definition at line 47 of file salbmp.hxx.

SalBitmap::~SalBitmap ( )

Definition at line 148 of file salvtables.cxx.

References DropScaledCache().

Member Function Documentation

virtual BitmapBuffer* SalBitmap::AcquireBuffer ( BitmapAccessMode  nMode)
pure virtual
std::unique_ptr< sal_uInt8[] > SalBitmap::convertDataBitCount ( const sal_uInt8 src,
int  width,
int  height,
int  bitCount,
int  bytesPerRow,
const BitmapPalette palette,
BitConvert  type 
virtual bool SalBitmap::ConvertToGreyscale ( )

Reimplemented in OpenGLSalBitmap, and SkiaSalBitmap.

Definition at line 80 of file salbmp.hxx.

virtual bool SalBitmap::Create ( const Size rSize,
sal_uInt16  nBitCount,
const BitmapPalette rPal 
pure virtual
virtual bool SalBitmap::Create ( const SalBitmap rSalBmp)
pure virtual
virtual bool SalBitmap::Create ( const SalBitmap rSalBmp,
SalGraphics pGraphics 
pure virtual
virtual bool SalBitmap::Create ( const SalBitmap rSalBmp,
sal_uInt16  nNewBitCount 
pure virtual
virtual bool SalBitmap::Create ( const css::uno::Reference< css::rendering::XBitmapCanvas > &  rBitmapCanvas,
Size rSize,
bool  bMask = false 
pure virtual
virtual void SalBitmap::Destroy ( )
pure virtual
void SalBitmap::DropScaledCache ( )

Definition at line 137 of file salvtables.cxx.

References ImplGetSVData().

Referenced by ~SalBitmap().

virtual bool SalBitmap::Erase ( const Color )

Reimplemented in SkiaSalBitmap.

Definition at line 89 of file salbmp.hxx.

virtual sal_uInt16 SalBitmap::GetBitCount ( ) const
pure virtual
void SalBitmap::GetChecksum ( BitmapChecksum rChecksum) const

Definition at line 94 of file salbmp.hxx.

virtual Size SalBitmap::GetSize ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual bool SalBitmap::GetSystemData ( BitmapSystemData rData)
pure virtual
virtual bool SalBitmap::InterpretAs8Bit ( )

Reimplemented in OpenGLSalBitmap, and SkiaSalBitmap.

Definition at line 84 of file salbmp.hxx.

void SalBitmap::InvalidateChecksum ( )

Definition at line 103 of file salbmp.hxx.

virtual void SalBitmap::ReleaseBuffer ( BitmapBuffer pBuffer,
BitmapAccessMode  nMode 
pure virtual
virtual bool SalBitmap::Replace ( const Color rSearchColor,
const Color rReplaceColor,
sal_uInt8  nTol 
pure virtual
virtual bool SalBitmap::Scale ( const double &  rScaleX,
const double &  rScaleY,
BmpScaleFlag  nScaleFlag 
pure virtual
virtual bool SalBitmap::ScalingSupported ( ) const
pure virtual
void SalBitmap::updateChecksum ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

bool SalBitmap::mbChecksumValid

Definition at line 110 of file salbmp.hxx.

Referenced by updateChecksum().

BitmapChecksum SalBitmap::mnChecksum

Definition at line 109 of file salbmp.hxx.

Referenced by updateChecksum().

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