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MetaFloatTransparentAction Class Referencefinal

#include <metaact.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 MetaFloatTransparentAction ()
 MetaFloatTransparentAction (MetaFloatTransparentAction const &)=default
 MetaFloatTransparentAction (MetaFloatTransparentAction &&)=default
MetaFloatTransparentActionoperator= (MetaFloatTransparentAction const &)=delete
MetaFloatTransparentActionoperator= (MetaFloatTransparentAction &&)=delete
virtual void Execute (OutputDevice *pOut) override
virtual rtl::Reference< MetaActionClone () const override
 MetaFloatTransparentAction (const GDIMetaFile &rMtf, const Point &rPos, const Size &rSize, const Gradient &rGradient)
virtual void Move (tools::Long nHorzMove, tools::Long nVertMove) override
virtual void Scale (double fScaleX, double fScaleY) override
const GDIMetaFileGetGDIMetaFile () const
const PointGetPoint () const
const SizeGetSize () const
const GradientGetGradient () const
void SetGDIMetaFile (const GDIMetaFile &rMtf)
void SetPoint (const Point &rPoint)
void SetSize (const Size &rSize)
void SetGradient (const Gradient &rGradient)
bool IsTransparent () const override
 #i10613# Extracted from Printer::GetPreparedMetaFile. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MetaAction
 MetaAction ()
 MetaAction (MetaActionType nType)
 MetaAction (MetaAction const &)
oslInterlockedCount GetRefCount () const
MetaActionType GetType () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from salhelper::SimpleReferenceObject
 SimpleReferenceObject ()
void acquire ()
void release ()

Private Member Functions

virtual ~MetaFloatTransparentAction () override

Private Attributes

GDIMetaFile maMtf
Point maPoint
Size maSize
Gradient maGradient

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from salhelper::SimpleReferenceObject
static voidoperator new (std::size_t nSize)
static voidoperator new (std::size_t nSize, std::nothrow_t const &rNothrow)
static void operator delete (void *pPtr)
static void operator delete (void *pPtr, std::nothrow_t const &rNothrow)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MetaAction
virtual ~MetaAction () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from salhelper::SimpleReferenceObject
virtual ~SimpleReferenceObject () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE
- Protected Attributes inherited from salhelper::SimpleReferenceObject
oslInterlockedCount m_nCount

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1564 of file metaact.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MetaFloatTransparentAction::MetaFloatTransparentAction ( )

Definition at line 1799 of file metaact.cxx.

Referenced by Clone().

MetaFloatTransparentAction::MetaFloatTransparentAction ( MetaFloatTransparentAction const &  )
MetaFloatTransparentAction::MetaFloatTransparentAction ( MetaFloatTransparentAction &&  )
MetaFloatTransparentAction::~MetaFloatTransparentAction ( )

Definition at line 1803 of file metaact.cxx.

MetaFloatTransparentAction::MetaFloatTransparentAction ( const GDIMetaFile rMtf,
const Point rPos,
const Size rSize,
const Gradient rGradient 

Definition at line 1806 of file metaact.cxx.

References maPoint, and maSize.

Member Function Documentation

rtl::Reference< MetaAction > MetaFloatTransparentAction::Clone ( ) const

Reimplemented from MetaAction.

Definition at line 1820 of file metaact.cxx.

References MetaFloatTransparentAction().

void MetaFloatTransparentAction::Execute ( OutputDevice pOut)

Reimplemented from MetaAction.

Definition at line 1815 of file metaact.cxx.

References OutputDevice::DrawTransparent(), maGradient, maMtf, maPoint, and maSize.

const GDIMetaFile& MetaFloatTransparentAction::GetGDIMetaFile ( ) const
const Gradient& MetaFloatTransparentAction::GetGradient ( ) const
const Point& MetaFloatTransparentAction::GetPoint ( ) const
const Size& MetaFloatTransparentAction::GetSize ( ) const
bool MetaFloatTransparentAction::IsTransparent ( ) const

#i10613# Extracted from Printer::GetPreparedMetaFile.

Returns true if given action requires special transparency handling

Reimplemented from MetaAction.

Definition at line 1599 of file metaact.hxx.

void MetaFloatTransparentAction::Move ( tools::Long  nHorzMove,
tools::Long  nVertMove 

Reimplemented from MetaAction.

Definition at line 1825 of file metaact.cxx.

References maPoint.

MetaFloatTransparentAction& MetaFloatTransparentAction::operator= ( MetaFloatTransparentAction const &  )
MetaFloatTransparentAction& MetaFloatTransparentAction::operator= ( MetaFloatTransparentAction &&  )
void MetaFloatTransparentAction::Scale ( double  fScaleX,
double  fScaleY 

Reimplemented from MetaAction.

Definition at line 1830 of file metaact.cxx.

References tools::Rectangle::GetSize(), maPoint, maSize, and tools::Rectangle::TopLeft().

void MetaFloatTransparentAction::SetGDIMetaFile ( const GDIMetaFile rMtf)

Definition at line 1595 of file metaact.hxx.

void MetaFloatTransparentAction::SetGradient ( const Gradient rGradient)

Definition at line 1598 of file metaact.hxx.

void MetaFloatTransparentAction::SetPoint ( const Point rPoint)

Definition at line 1596 of file metaact.hxx.

void MetaFloatTransparentAction::SetSize ( const Size rSize)

Definition at line 1597 of file metaact.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

Gradient MetaFloatTransparentAction::maGradient

Definition at line 1571 of file metaact.hxx.

Referenced by Execute().

GDIMetaFile MetaFloatTransparentAction::maMtf

Definition at line 1568 of file metaact.hxx.

Referenced by Execute().

Point MetaFloatTransparentAction::maPoint

Definition at line 1569 of file metaact.hxx.

Referenced by Execute(), Move(), and Scale().

Size MetaFloatTransparentAction::maSize

Definition at line 1570 of file metaact.hxx.

Referenced by Execute(), and Scale().

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