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JSDialogNotifyIdle Class Referencefinal

#include <jsdialogbuilder.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 JSDialogNotifyIdle (VclPtr< vcl::Window > aNotifierWindow, VclPtr< vcl::Window > aContentWindow, std::string sTypeOfJSON)
void Invoke () override
 Calls the maInvokeHandler with the parameter this. More...
void clearQueue ()
void forceUpdate ()
void sendMessage (jsdialog::MessageType eType, VclPtr< vcl::Window > pWindow, std::unique_ptr< jsdialog::ActionDataMap > pData=nullptr)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Idle
 Idle (const char *pDebugName)
virtual void Start (bool bStartTimer=true) override
 Schedules the task for execution. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Timer
 Timer (const char *pDebugName)
 Timer (const Timer &rTimer)
virtual ~Timer () override
Timeroperator= (const Timer &rTimer)
void Invoke (Timer *arg)
 Calls the maInvokeHandler with the parameter. More...
void SetInvokeHandler (const Link< Timer *, void > &rLink)
void ClearInvokeHandler ()
void SetTimeout (sal_uInt64 nTimeoutMs)
sal_uInt64 GetTimeout () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Task
 Task (const char *pDebugName)
 Task (const Task &rTask)
Taskoperator= (const Task &rTask)
void SetPriority (TaskPriority ePriority)
TaskPriority GetPriority () const
const char * GetDebugName () const
void Stop ()
bool IsActive () const
void SetStatic ()
 This function must be called for static tasks, so the Task destructor ignores the scheduler mutex, as it may not be available anymore. More...
bool IsStatic () const

Private Member Functions

void send (tools::JsonWriter &aJsonWriter)
std::unique_ptr< tools::JsonWritergenerateFullUpdate () const
std::unique_ptr< tools::JsonWritergenerateWidgetUpdate (VclPtr< vcl::Window > pWindow) const
std::unique_ptr< tools::JsonWritergenerateCloseMessage () const
std::unique_ptr< tools::JsonWritergenerateActionMessage (VclPtr< vcl::Window > pWindow, std::unique_ptr< jsdialog::ActionDataMap > pData) const
std::unique_ptr< tools::JsonWritergeneratePopupMessage (VclPtr< vcl::Window > pWindow, OUString sParentId, OUString sCloseId) const
std::unique_ptr< tools::JsonWritergenerateClosePopupMessage (OUString sWindowId) const

Private Attributes

VclPtr< vcl::Windowm_aNotifierWindow
VclPtr< vcl::Windowm_aContentWindow
std::string m_sTypeOfJSON
std::string m_LastNotificationMessage
bool m_bForce
std::deque< JSDialogMessageInfom_aMessageQueue
std::mutex m_aQueueMutex

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Idle
virtual sal_uInt64 UpdateMinPeriod (sal_uInt64 nTimeNow) const override
 How long (in MS) until the Task is ready to be dispatched? More...
 Idle (bool bAuto, const char *pDebugName)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Timer
virtual void SetDeletionFlags () override
 Timer (bool bAuto, const char *pDebugName)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Task
const ImplSchedulerDataGetSchedulerData () const
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Task
static void StartTimer (sal_uInt64 nMS)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 100 of file jsdialogbuilder.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

JSDialogNotifyIdle::JSDialogNotifyIdle ( VclPtr< vcl::Window aNotifierWindow,
VclPtr< vcl::Window aContentWindow,
std::string  sTypeOfJSON 

Member Function Documentation

void JSDialogNotifyIdle::clearQueue ( )
void JSDialogNotifyIdle::forceUpdate ( )
std::unique_ptr<tools::JsonWriter> JSDialogNotifyIdle::generateActionMessage ( VclPtr< vcl::Window pWindow,
std::unique_ptr< jsdialog::ActionDataMap pData 
) const
std::unique_ptr<tools::JsonWriter> JSDialogNotifyIdle::generateCloseMessage ( ) const
std::unique_ptr<tools::JsonWriter> JSDialogNotifyIdle::generateClosePopupMessage ( OUString  sWindowId) const
std::unique_ptr<tools::JsonWriter> JSDialogNotifyIdle::generateFullUpdate ( ) const
std::unique_ptr<tools::JsonWriter> JSDialogNotifyIdle::generatePopupMessage ( VclPtr< vcl::Window pWindow,
OUString  sParentId,
OUString  sCloseId 
) const
std::unique_ptr<tools::JsonWriter> JSDialogNotifyIdle::generateWidgetUpdate ( VclPtr< vcl::Window pWindow) const
void JSDialogNotifyIdle::Invoke ( )

Calls the maInvokeHandler with the parameter this.

Reimplemented from Timer.

void JSDialogNotifyIdle::send ( tools::JsonWriter aJsonWriter)
void JSDialogNotifyIdle::sendMessage ( jsdialog::MessageType  eType,
VclPtr< vcl::Window pWindow,
std::unique_ptr< jsdialog::ActionDataMap pData = nullptr 

Member Data Documentation

VclPtr<vcl::Window> JSDialogNotifyIdle::m_aContentWindow

Definition at line 105 of file jsdialogbuilder.hxx.

std::deque<JSDialogMessageInfo> JSDialogNotifyIdle::m_aMessageQueue

Definition at line 110 of file jsdialogbuilder.hxx.

VclPtr<vcl::Window> JSDialogNotifyIdle::m_aNotifierWindow

Definition at line 103 of file jsdialogbuilder.hxx.

std::mutex JSDialogNotifyIdle::m_aQueueMutex

Definition at line 111 of file jsdialogbuilder.hxx.

bool JSDialogNotifyIdle::m_bForce

Definition at line 108 of file jsdialogbuilder.hxx.

std::string JSDialogNotifyIdle::m_LastNotificationMessage

Definition at line 107 of file jsdialogbuilder.hxx.

std::string JSDialogNotifyIdle::m_sTypeOfJSON

Definition at line 106 of file jsdialogbuilder.hxx.

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