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IcnGridMap_Impl Class Reference

#include <imivctl.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 IcnGridMap_Impl (SvxIconChoiceCtrl_Impl *pView)
 ~IcnGridMap_Impl ()
void Clear ()
GridId GetGrid (const Point &rDocPos)
GridId GetGrid (sal_uInt16 nGridX, sal_uInt16 nGridY)
GridId GetUnoccupiedGrid ()
void OccupyGrids (const SvxIconChoiceCtrlEntry *)
void OccupyGrid (GridId nId)
tools::Rectangle GetGridRect (GridId)
void GetGridCoord (GridId, sal_uInt16 &rGridX, sal_uInt16 &rGridY)
void OutputSizeChanged ()

Static Public Member Functions

static sal_uLong GetGridCount (const Size &rSizePixel, sal_uInt16 nGridWidth, sal_uInt16 nGridHeight)

Private Member Functions

void Expand ()
void Create_Impl ()
void Create ()
void GetMinMapSize (sal_uInt16 &rDX, sal_uInt16 &rDY) const

Private Attributes

tools::Rectangle _aLastOccupiedGrid
std::unique_ptr< bool[]> _pGridMap
sal_uInt16 _nGridCols
sal_uInt16 _nGridRows

Detailed Description

Definition at line 468 of file imivctl.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ IcnGridMap_Impl()

IcnGridMap_Impl::IcnGridMap_Impl ( SvxIconChoiceCtrl_Impl pView)

Definition at line 477 of file imivctl2.cxx.

◆ ~IcnGridMap_Impl()

IcnGridMap_Impl::~IcnGridMap_Impl ( )

Definition at line 482 of file imivctl2.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clear()

void IcnGridMap_Impl::Clear ( )

◆ Create()

void IcnGridMap_Impl::Create ( )

Definition at line 477 of file imivctl.hxx.

References _pGridMap, and Create_Impl().

Referenced by GetGrid(), GetGridCoord(), GetGridRect(), and GetUnoccupiedGrid().

◆ Create_Impl()

void IcnGridMap_Impl::Create_Impl ( )

◆ Expand()

void IcnGridMap_Impl::Expand ( )

◆ GetGrid() [1/2]

GridId IcnGridMap_Impl::GetGrid ( const Point rDocPos)

◆ GetGrid() [2/2]

GridId IcnGridMap_Impl::GetGrid ( sal_uInt16  nGridX,
sal_uInt16  nGridY 

◆ GetGridCoord()

void IcnGridMap_Impl::GetGridCoord ( GridId  nId,
sal_uInt16 &  rGridX,
sal_uInt16 &  rGridY 

Definition at line 699 of file imivctl2.cxx.

References _nGridCols, _nGridRows, _pView, Create(), nId, SvxIconChoiceCtrl_Impl::nWinBits, and WB_ALIGN_TOP.

Referenced by GetGridRect().

◆ GetGridCount()

sal_uLong IcnGridMap_Impl::GetGridCount ( const Size rSizePixel,
sal_uInt16  nGridWidth,
sal_uInt16  nGridHeight 

◆ GetGridRect()

tools::Rectangle IcnGridMap_Impl::GetGridRect ( GridId  nId)

◆ GetMinMapSize()

void IcnGridMap_Impl::GetMinMapSize ( sal_uInt16 &  rDX,
sal_uInt16 &  rDY 
) const

◆ GetUnoccupiedGrid()

GridId IcnGridMap_Impl::GetUnoccupiedGrid ( )

Definition at line 617 of file imivctl2.cxx.

References _nGridCols, _nGridRows, _pGridMap, Create(), DBG_ASSERT, Expand(), and nCount.

◆ OccupyGrid()

void IcnGridMap_Impl::OccupyGrid ( GridId  nId)

Definition at line 492 of file imivctl.hxx.

References _nGridCols, _nGridRows, _pGridMap, DBG_ASSERT, o3tl::make_unsigned(), and nId.

Referenced by OccupyGrids().

◆ OccupyGrids()

void IcnGridMap_Impl::OccupyGrids ( const SvxIconChoiceCtrlEntry pEntry)

◆ OutputSizeChanged()

void IcnGridMap_Impl::OutputSizeChanged ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ _aLastOccupiedGrid

tools::Rectangle IcnGridMap_Impl::_aLastOccupiedGrid

Definition at line 470 of file imivctl.hxx.

Referenced by Clear().

◆ _nGridCols

sal_uInt16 IcnGridMap_Impl::_nGridCols

◆ _nGridRows

sal_uInt16 IcnGridMap_Impl::_nGridRows

◆ _pGridMap

std::unique_ptr<bool[]> IcnGridMap_Impl::_pGridMap

◆ _pView

SvxIconChoiceCtrl_Impl* IcnGridMap_Impl::_pView

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