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AquaSalObject Class Reference

#include <salobj.h>

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Public Member Functions

void setClippedPosSize ()
 AquaSalObject (AquaSalFrame *pFrame, SystemWindowData const *pWinData)
virtual ~AquaSalObject () override
virtual void ResetClipRegion () override
virtual void BeginSetClipRegion (sal_uInt32 nRects) override
virtual void UnionClipRegion (long nX, long nY, long nWidth, long nHeight) override
virtual void EndSetClipRegion () override
virtual void SetPosSize (long nX, long nY, long nWidth, long nHeight) override
virtual void Show (bool bVisible) override
virtual const SystemEnvDataGetSystemData () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SalObject
 SalObject ()
virtual ~SalObject ()
virtual void Enable (bool)
virtual void GrabFocus ()
virtual void Reparent (SalFrame *)
virtual void SetForwardKey (bool)
virtual void SetLeaveEnterBackgrounds (const css::uno::Sequence< css::uno::Any > &, const css::uno::Sequence< css::uno::Any > &)
virtual Size GetOptimalSize () const
void SetCallback (SystemChildWindow *pInst, SALOBJECTPROC pProc)
void CallCallback (SalObjEvent nEvent)
void SetMouseTransparent (bool bMouseTransparent)
bool IsMouseTransparent () const
void EnableEraseBackground (bool bEnable)
bool IsEraseBackgroundEnabled () const

Public Attributes

NSClipView * mpClipView
SystemEnvData maSysData
long mnClipX
long mnClipY
long mnClipWidth
long mnClipHeight
bool mbClip
long mnX
long mnY
long mnWidth
long mnHeight

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file osx/salobj.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AquaSalObject::AquaSalObject ( AquaSalFrame pFrame,
SystemWindowData const *  pWinData 
virtual AquaSalObject::~AquaSalObject ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void AquaSalObject::BeginSetClipRegion ( sal_uInt32  nRects)

Implements SalObject.

virtual void AquaSalObject::EndSetClipRegion ( )

Implements SalObject.

virtual const SystemEnvData* AquaSalObject::GetSystemData ( ) const

Implements SalObject.

virtual void AquaSalObject::ResetClipRegion ( )

Implements SalObject.

void AquaSalObject::setClippedPosSize ( )
virtual void AquaSalObject::SetPosSize ( long  nX,
long  nY,
long  nWidth,
long  nHeight 

Implements SalObject.

virtual void AquaSalObject::Show ( bool  bVisible)

Implements SalObject.

virtual void AquaSalObject::UnionClipRegion ( long  nX,
long  nY,
long  nWidth,
long  nHeight 

Implements SalObject.

Member Data Documentation

SystemEnvData AquaSalObject::maSysData

Definition at line 39 of file osx/salobj.h.

bool AquaSalObject::mbClip

Definition at line 45 of file osx/salobj.h.

long AquaSalObject::mnClipHeight

Definition at line 44 of file osx/salobj.h.

long AquaSalObject::mnClipWidth

Definition at line 43 of file osx/salobj.h.

long AquaSalObject::mnClipX

Definition at line 41 of file osx/salobj.h.

long AquaSalObject::mnClipY

Definition at line 42 of file osx/salobj.h.

long AquaSalObject::mnHeight

Definition at line 50 of file osx/salobj.h.

long AquaSalObject::mnWidth

Definition at line 49 of file osx/salobj.h.

long AquaSalObject::mnX

Definition at line 47 of file osx/salobj.h.

long AquaSalObject::mnY

Definition at line 48 of file osx/salobj.h.

NSClipView* AquaSalObject::mpClipView

Definition at line 38 of file osx/salobj.h.

AquaSalFrame* AquaSalObject::mpFrame

Definition at line 37 of file osx/salobj.h.

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