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fmtcolfunc.hxx File Reference
#include "numrule.hxx"
#include "fmtcol.hxx"
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namespace  TextFormatCollFunc


void TextFormatCollFunc::CheckTextFormatCollForDeletionOfAssignmentToOutlineStyle (SwFormat *pFormat, const SwNumRuleItem *pNewNumRuleItem=nullptr)
 Checks, if assignment of paragraph style to list level of outline style has to be deleted, and deletes the assignment, if needed. More...
SwNumRuleTextFormatCollFunc::GetNumRule (SwTextFormatColl &rTextFormatColl)
 determines the list style, which directly set at the given paragraph style More...
void TextFormatCollFunc::AddToNumRule (SwTextFormatColl &rTextFormatColl)
 adds the given paragraph style at the directly set list style More...
void TextFormatCollFunc::RemoveFromNumRule (SwTextFormatColl &rTextFormatColl)
 removes the given paragraph style from the directly set list style More...