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SwRepaint Member List

This is the complete list of members for SwRepaint, including all inherited members.

AddBottom(const long nAdd)SwRect
AddHeight(const long nAdd)SwRect
AddLeft(const long nAdd)SwRect
AddRight(const long nAdd)SwRect
AddTop(const long nAdd)SwRect
AddWidth(const long nAdd)SwRect
Bottom(const long nBottom)SwRectinline
Bottom() const SwRectinline
Bottom_(const long nBottom)SwRect
Bottom_() const SwRect
BottomLeft() const SwRect
BottomRight() const SwRect
Center() const SwRect
Chg(const Point &rNP, const Size &rNS)SwRectinline
dumpAsXmlAttributes(xmlTextWriterPtr writer) const SwRect
GetBottomDistance(long) const SwRect
GetLeftDistance(long) const SwRect
GetOffset() const SwRepaintinline
GetRightDistance(long) const SwRect
GetRightOfst() const SwRepaintinline
GetTopDistance(long) const SwRect
HasArea() const SwRectinline
Height(long nNew)SwRectinline
Height() const SwRectinline
Height_(const long nNew)SwRect
Height_() const SwRect
Intersection(const SwRect &rRect)SwRect
Intersection_(const SwRect &rRect)SwRect
IsEmpty() const SwRectinline
IsInside(const Point &rPOINT) const SwRect
IsInside(const SwRect &rRect) const SwRect
IsNear(const Point &rPoint, long nTolerance) const SwRect
IsOver(const SwRect &rRect) const SwRect
Left(const long nLeft)SwRectinline
Left() const SwRectinline
Left_(const long nLeft)SwRect
Left_() const SwRect
operator!=(const SwRect &rRect) const SwRectinline
operator+=(const Point &rPt)SwRectinline
operator-=(const Point &rPt)SwRectinline
operator=(const SwRect &rRect)SwRectinline
operator==(const SwRect &rRect) const SwRectinline
OverStepBottom(long) const SwRect
OverStepLeft(long) const SwRect
OverStepRight(long) const SwRect
OverStepTop(long) const SwRect
Pos(const Point &rNew)SwRectinline
Pos(const long nNewX, const long nNewY)SwRectinline
Pos() const SwRectinline
Right(const long nRight)SwRectinline
Right() const SwRectinline
Right_(const long nRight)SwRect
Right_() const SwRect
SetBottomAndHeight(long nBottom, long nNew)SwRect
SetLeftAndWidth(long nLeft, long nNew)SwRect
SetLowerLeftCorner(const Point &rNew)SwRect
SetOffset(const SwTwips nNew)SwRepaintinline
SetPosX(const long nNew)SwRect
SetPosY(const long nNew)SwRect
SetRightAndWidth(long nRight, long nNew)SwRect
SetRightOfst(const SwTwips nNew)SwRepaintinline
SetTopAndHeight(long nTop, long nNew)SwRect
SetUpperLeftCorner(const Point &rNew)SwRect
SetUpperRightCorner(const Point &rNew)SwRect
Size_() const SwRect
SSize(const Size &rNew)SwRectinline
SSize(const long nHeight, const long nWidth)SwRectinline
SSize() const SwRectinline
SubLeft(const long nSub)SwRect
SubTop(const long nSub)SwRect
SVRect() const SwRectinline
SwappedSize() const SwRect
SwRect(const SwRect &rRect)SwRectinline
SwRect(const Point &rLT, const Size &rSize)SwRectinline
SwRect(const Point &rLT, const Point &rRB)SwRectinline
SwRect(long X, long Y, long Width, long Height)SwRectinline
SwRect(const tools::Rectangle &rRect)SwRect
Top(const long nTop)SwRectinline
Top() const SwRectinline
Top_(const long nTop)SwRect
Top_() const SwRect
TopLeft() const SwRect
TopRight() const SwRect
Union(const SwRect &rRect)SwRect
Width(long nNew)SwRectinline
Width() const SwRectinline
Width_(const long nNew)SwRect
Width_() const SwRect