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22#include <svx/svxdllapi.h>
23#include <editeng/brushitem.hxx>
25// Helper function definitions for UNO API fallbacks to replace SvxBrushItem. The
26// idea is to have fallbacks to create a SvxBrushItem if needed for backwards compatibility
27// if needed from the SfxItemSet and vice versa. This is used in cases where e.g. UNO API
28// accesses to slots in the SvxBrushItem are used (see cases in SvxBrushItem::QueryValue
29// and SvxBrushItem::PutValue as MID_BACK_COLOR and similar).
30// To make this work, a cycle of creating a SvxBrushItem from a SfxItemSet, changing a value
31// using PutValue, putting back to the SfxItemSet should create the *same* SvxBrushItem
32// the next time this will be created using getSvxBrushItemFromSourceSet. For more details,
33// see comments at the implementations of that two methods.
35// Set the equivalent in the range [XATTR_FILL_FIRST .. XATTR_FILL_LAST] in the given
36// SfxItemSet to create the same FillStyle as is expressed by the given SvxBrushItem.
37// This method will reset all items in the XATTR_FILL_* range first.
39 const SvxBrushItem& rBrush,
40 SfxItemSet& rToSet);
42// Create a SvxBrushItem as close as possible to the settings in the DrawingLayer
43// items in the range [XATTR_FILL_FIRST .. XATTR_FILL_LAST]. Since this is not 100%
44// representable this may lead to reduced data. With nBackgroundID a Which-ID for the
45// to-be-created SvxBrushItem has to be given (default should be 99 as in RES_BACKGROUND).
46SVXCORE_DLLPUBLIC std::unique_ptr<SvxBrushItem> getSvxBrushItemFromSourceSet(
47 const SfxItemSet& rSourceSet,
48 sal_uInt16 nBackgroundID,
49 bool bSearchInParents = true,
50 bool bXMLImportHack = false);
54/* vim:set shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4 expandtab: */
Definition: svxdllapi.h:35
SVXCORE_DLLPUBLIC std::unique_ptr< SvxBrushItem > getSvxBrushItemFromSourceSet(const SfxItemSet &rSourceSet, sal_uInt16 nBackgroundID, bool bSearchInParents=true, bool bXMLImportHack=false)
SVXCORE_DLLPUBLIC void setSvxBrushItemAsFillAttributesToTargetSet(const SvxBrushItem &rBrush, SfxItemSet &rToSet)