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framebordertype.hxx File Reference
#include <svx/svxdllapi.h>
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namespace  svx


enum class  svx::FrameBorderType {
  svx::NONE ,
  svx::Left ,
  svx::Right ,
  svx::Top ,
  svx::Bottom ,
  svx::Horizontal ,
  svx::Vertical ,
  svx::TLBR ,
 Enumerates all borders a frame selection control can contain. More...


FrameBorderType svx::GetFrameBorderTypeFromIndex (size_t nIndex)
 Returns the frame border type from a 0-based integer index. More...
size_t svx::GetIndexFromFrameBorderType (FrameBorderType eBorder)
 Returns the zero-based index of a valid frame border type. More...


const int svx::FRAMEBORDERTYPE_COUNT = 8
 The number of valid frame border types (excluding FrameBorderType::NONE). More...