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SfxDispatcher_Impl Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

std::vector< std::unique_ptr< SfxRequest > > aReqArr
SfxShellStack_Impl aStack
Idle aIdle { "sfx::SfxDispatcher_Impl aIdle" }
std::deque< SfxToDo_Impl > aToDoStack
tools::SvRef< SfxHintPosterxPoster
bool bFlushing
bool bUpdated
bool bLocked
bool bInvalidateOnUnlock
bool bActive
bool * pInCallAliveFlag
SfxObjectBars_Impl aObjBars [SFX_OBJECTBAR_MAX]
SfxObjectBars_Impl aFixedObjBars [SFX_OBJECTBAR_MAX]
std::vector< sal_uInt32 > aChildWins
bool bNoUI
bool bReadOnly
bool bQuiet
SfxSlotFilterState nFilterEnabling
o3tl::span< sal_uInt16 const > pFilterSIDs
SfxDisableFlags nDisableFlags
bool bFlushed
std::deque< std::deque< SfxToDo_Impl > > aToDoCopyStack

Detailed Description

Definition at line 105 of file dispatch.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ aChildWins

std::vector<sal_uInt32> SfxDispatcher_Impl::aChildWins

Definition at line 128 of file dispatch.cxx.

◆ aFixedObjBars

SfxObjectBars_Impl SfxDispatcher_Impl::aFixedObjBars[SFX_OBJECTBAR_MAX]

Definition at line 127 of file dispatch.cxx.

◆ aIdle

Idle SfxDispatcher_Impl::aIdle { "sfx::SfxDispatcher_Impl aIdle" }

Definition at line 115 of file dispatch.cxx.

◆ aObjBars

SfxObjectBars_Impl SfxDispatcher_Impl::aObjBars[SFX_OBJECTBAR_MAX]

Definition at line 126 of file dispatch.cxx.

◆ aReqArr

std::vector<std::unique_ptr<SfxRequest> > SfxDispatcher_Impl::aReqArr

Definition at line 113 of file dispatch.cxx.

◆ aStack

SfxShellStack_Impl SfxDispatcher_Impl::aStack

Definition at line 114 of file dispatch.cxx.

◆ aToDoCopyStack

std::deque< std::deque<SfxToDo_Impl> > SfxDispatcher_Impl::aToDoCopyStack

Definition at line 139 of file dispatch.cxx.

◆ aToDoStack

std::deque<SfxToDo_Impl> SfxDispatcher_Impl::aToDoStack

Definition at line 116 of file dispatch.cxx.

◆ bActive

bool SfxDispatcher_Impl::bActive

Definition at line 124 of file dispatch.cxx.

◆ bFlushed

bool SfxDispatcher_Impl::bFlushed

Definition at line 138 of file dispatch.cxx.

◆ bFlushing

bool SfxDispatcher_Impl::bFlushing

Definition at line 120 of file dispatch.cxx.

◆ bInvalidateOnUnlock

bool SfxDispatcher_Impl::bInvalidateOnUnlock

Definition at line 123 of file dispatch.cxx.

◆ bLocked

bool SfxDispatcher_Impl::bLocked

Definition at line 122 of file dispatch.cxx.

◆ bNoUI

bool SfxDispatcher_Impl::bNoUI

Definition at line 129 of file dispatch.cxx.

◆ bQuiet

bool SfxDispatcher_Impl::bQuiet

Definition at line 131 of file dispatch.cxx.

◆ bReadOnly

bool SfxDispatcher_Impl::bReadOnly

Definition at line 130 of file dispatch.cxx.

◆ bUpdated

bool SfxDispatcher_Impl::bUpdated

Definition at line 121 of file dispatch.cxx.

◆ nDisableFlags

SfxDisableFlags SfxDispatcher_Impl::nDisableFlags

Definition at line 137 of file dispatch.cxx.

◆ nFilterEnabling

SfxSlotFilterState SfxDispatcher_Impl::nFilterEnabling

Definition at line 133 of file dispatch.cxx.

◆ pFilterSIDs

o3tl::span<sal_uInt16 const> SfxDispatcher_Impl::pFilterSIDs

Definition at line 136 of file dispatch.cxx.

◆ pFrame

SfxViewFrame* SfxDispatcher_Impl::pFrame

Definition at line 117 of file dispatch.cxx.

◆ pInCallAliveFlag

bool* SfxDispatcher_Impl::pInCallAliveFlag

Definition at line 125 of file dispatch.cxx.

◆ xPoster

tools::SvRef<SfxHintPoster> SfxDispatcher_Impl::xPoster

Definition at line 119 of file dispatch.cxx.

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