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SfxLokCallbackInterface Class Referenceabstract

#include <lokcallback.hxx>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~SfxLokCallbackInterface ()
virtual void libreOfficeKitViewCallback (int nType, const rtl::OString &pPayload)=0
virtual void libreOfficeKitViewCallbackWithViewId (int nType, const rtl::OString &pPayload, int nViewId)=0
virtual void libreOfficeKitViewInvalidateTilesCallback (const tools::Rectangle *pRect, int nPart, int nMode)=0
virtual void libreOfficeKitViewUpdatedCallback (int nType)=0
virtual void libreOfficeKitViewUpdatedCallbackPerViewId (int nType, int nViewId, int nSourceViewId)=0
virtual void libreOfficeKitViewAddPendingInvalidateTiles ()=0
virtual void dumpState (rtl::OStringBuffer &rState)=0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file lokcallback.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~SfxLokCallbackInterface()

virtual SfxLokCallbackInterface::~SfxLokCallbackInterface ( )

Definition at line 34 of file lokcallback.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ dumpState()

virtual void SfxLokCallbackInterface::dumpState ( rtl::OStringBuffer &  rState)
pure virtual

◆ libreOfficeKitViewAddPendingInvalidateTiles()

virtual void SfxLokCallbackInterface::libreOfficeKitViewAddPendingInvalidateTiles ( )
pure virtual

◆ libreOfficeKitViewCallback()

virtual void SfxLokCallbackInterface::libreOfficeKitViewCallback ( int  nType,
const rtl::OString &  pPayload 
pure virtual

◆ libreOfficeKitViewCallbackWithViewId()

virtual void SfxLokCallbackInterface::libreOfficeKitViewCallbackWithViewId ( int  nType,
const rtl::OString &  pPayload,
int  nViewId 
pure virtual

◆ libreOfficeKitViewInvalidateTilesCallback()

virtual void SfxLokCallbackInterface::libreOfficeKitViewInvalidateTilesCallback ( const tools::Rectangle pRect,
int  nPart,
int  nMode 
pure virtual

◆ libreOfficeKitViewUpdatedCallback()

virtual void SfxLokCallbackInterface::libreOfficeKitViewUpdatedCallback ( int  nType)
pure virtual

◆ libreOfficeKitViewUpdatedCallbackPerViewId()

virtual void SfxLokCallbackInterface::libreOfficeKitViewUpdatedCallbackPerViewId ( int  nType,
int  nViewId,
int  nSourceViewId 
pure virtual

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