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pdfparse::PDFObject Struct Referencefinal

#include <pdfparse.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 PDFObject (unsigned int nNr, unsigned int nGen)
virtual ~PDFObject () override
virtual bool emit (EmitContext &rWriteContext) const override
virtual PDFEntryclone () const override
void writeStream (EmitContext &rContext, const PDFFile *pPDFFile) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from pdfparse::PDFContainer
 PDFContainer ()
virtual ~PDFContainer () override
bool emitSubElements (EmitContext &rWriteContext) const
void cloneSubElements (std::vector< std::unique_ptr< PDFEntry > > &rNewSubElements) const
PDFObjectfindObject (unsigned int nNumber, unsigned int nGeneration) const
PDFObjectfindObject (PDFObjectRef const *pRef) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from pdfparse::PDFEntry
 PDFEntry ()
virtual ~PDFEntry ()
virtual bool emit (EmitContext &rWriteContext) const =0
virtual PDFEntryclone () const =0

Public Attributes

unsigned int m_nNumber
unsigned int m_nGeneration
- Public Attributes inherited from pdfparse::PDFContainer
sal_Int32 m_nOffset
std::vector< std::unique_ptr< PDFEntry > > m_aSubElements

Private Member Functions

bool getDeflatedStream (std::unique_ptr< char[]> &rpStream, unsigned int *pBytes, const PDFContainer *pObjectContainer, EmitContext &rContext) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from pdfparse::PDFEntry
static EmitImplDatagetEmitData (EmitContext const &rContext)
static void setEmitData (EmitContext &rContext, EmitImplData *pNewEmitData)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 259 of file pdfparse.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PDFObject()

pdfparse::PDFObject::PDFObject ( unsigned int  nNr,
unsigned int  nGen 

Definition at line 266 of file pdfparse.hxx.

Referenced by clone().

◆ ~PDFObject()

PDFObject::~PDFObject ( )

Definition at line 654 of file pdfentries.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ clone()

PDFEntry * PDFObject::clone ( ) const

◆ emit()

bool PDFObject::emit ( EmitContext rWriteContext) const

◆ getDeflatedStream()

bool PDFObject::getDeflatedStream ( std::unique_ptr< char[]> &  rpStream,
unsigned int pBytes,
const PDFContainer pObjectContainer,
EmitContext rContext 
) const

◆ writeStream()

void PDFObject::writeStream ( EmitContext rContext,
const PDFFile pPDFFile 
) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_nGeneration

unsigned int pdfparse::PDFObject::m_nGeneration

◆ m_nNumber

unsigned int pdfparse::PDFObject::m_nNumber

◆ m_pObject

PDFEntry* pdfparse::PDFObject::m_pObject

◆ m_pStream

PDFStream* pdfparse::PDFObject::m_pStream

Definition at line 262 of file pdfparse.hxx.

Referenced by clone(), getDeflatedStream(), and writeStream().

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