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RTConstValueUnion Union Reference

specifies a variable container for field values. More...

#include <types.hxx>

Public Attributes

bool aBool
sal_Int8 aByte
sal_Int16 aShort
sal_uInt16 aUShort
sal_Int32 aLong
sal_uInt32 aULong
sal_Int64 aHyper
sal_uInt64 aUHyper
float aFloat
double aDouble
sal_Unicode const * aString

Detailed Description

specifies a variable container for field values.

Definition at line 215 of file types.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ aBool

bool RTConstValueUnion::aBool

Definition at line 216 of file types.hxx.

◆ aByte

sal_Int8 RTConstValueUnion::aByte

Definition at line 217 of file types.hxx.

◆ aDouble

double RTConstValueUnion::aDouble

Definition at line 225 of file types.hxx.

Referenced by RTConstValue::RTConstValue().

◆ aFloat

float RTConstValueUnion::aFloat

Definition at line 224 of file types.hxx.

◆ aHyper

sal_Int64 RTConstValueUnion::aHyper

Definition at line 222 of file types.hxx.

◆ aLong

sal_Int32 RTConstValueUnion::aLong

Definition at line 220 of file types.hxx.

◆ aShort

sal_Int16 RTConstValueUnion::aShort

Definition at line 218 of file types.hxx.

◆ aString

sal_Unicode const* RTConstValueUnion::aString

Definition at line 226 of file types.hxx.

◆ aUHyper

sal_uInt64 RTConstValueUnion::aUHyper

Definition at line 223 of file types.hxx.

◆ aULong

sal_uInt32 RTConstValueUnion::aULong

Definition at line 221 of file types.hxx.

◆ aUShort

sal_uInt16 RTConstValueUnion::aUShort

Definition at line 219 of file types.hxx.

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