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ORegKey Class Reference

#include <keyimpl.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 ORegKey (OUString keyName, ORegistry *pReg)
 ~ORegKey ()
void acquire ()
sal_uInt32 release ()
RegError releaseKey (RegKeyHandle hKey)
RegError createKey (std::u16string_view keyName, RegKeyHandle *phNewKey)
RegError openKey (std::u16string_view keyName, RegKeyHandle *phOpenKey)
RegError openSubKeys (std::u16string_view keyName, RegKeyHandle **phOpenSubKeys, sal_uInt32 *pnSubKeys)
RegError getKeyNames (std::u16string_view keyName, rtl_uString ***pSubKeyNames, sal_uInt32 *pnSubKeys)
RegError closeKey (RegKeyHandle hKey)
RegError deleteKey (std::u16string_view keyName)
RegError getValueInfo (std::u16string_view valueName, RegValueType *pValueTye, sal_uInt32 *pValueSize) const
RegError setValue (std::u16string_view valueName, RegValueType vType, RegValue value, sal_uInt32 vSize)
RegError setLongListValue (std::u16string_view valueName, sal_Int32 const *pValueList, sal_uInt32 len)
RegError setStringListValue (std::u16string_view valueName, char **pValueList, sal_uInt32 len)
RegError setUnicodeListValue (std::u16string_view valueName, sal_Unicode **pValueList, sal_uInt32 len)
RegError getValue (std::u16string_view valueName, RegValue value) const
RegError getLongListValue (std::u16string_view valueName, sal_Int32 **pValueList, sal_uInt32 *pLen) const
RegError getStringListValue (std::u16string_view valueName, char ***pValueList, sal_uInt32 *pLen) const
RegError getUnicodeListValue (std::u16string_view valueName, sal_Unicode ***pValueList, sal_uInt32 *pLen) const
RegError getResolvedKeyName (std::u16string_view keyName, OUString &resolvedName) const
bool isDeleted () const
void setDeleted (bool bKeyDeleted)
bool isModified () const
void setModified (bool bModified=true)
bool isReadOnly () const
sal_uInt32 countSubKeys ()
ORegistrygetRegistry () const
const store::OStoreFilegetStoreFile () const
store::OStoreDirectory getStoreDir () const
const OUString & getName () const
OUString getFullPath (std::u16string_view path) const

Private Attributes

sal_uInt32 m_refCount
OUString m_name
bool m_bDeleted:1
bool m_bModified:1

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file keyimpl.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ORegKey()

ORegKey::ORegKey ( OUString  keyName,
ORegistry pReg 

Definition at line 38 of file keyimpl.cxx.

References m_name, and m_refCount.

◆ ~ORegKey()

ORegKey::~ORegKey ( )

Definition at line 47 of file keyimpl.cxx.

References m_refCount, and SAL_WARN_IF.

Member Function Documentation

◆ acquire()

void ORegKey::acquire ( )

Definition at line 37 of file keyimpl.hxx.

References m_refCount.

Referenced by ORegistry::acquireKey(), and ORegistry::createKey().

◆ closeKey()

RegError ORegKey::closeKey ( RegKeyHandle  hKey)

◆ countSubKeys()

sal_uInt32 ORegKey::countSubKeys ( )

◆ createKey()

RegError ORegKey::createKey ( std::u16string_view  keyName,
RegKeyHandle phNewKey 

Definition at line 57 of file keyimpl.cxx.

References ORegistry::createKey(), and m_pRegistry.

Referenced by createKey().

◆ deleteKey()

RegError ORegKey::deleteKey ( std::u16string_view  keyName)

Definition at line 184 of file keyimpl.cxx.

References ORegistry::deleteKey(), and m_pRegistry.

Referenced by deleteKey().

◆ getFullPath()

OUString ORegKey::getFullPath ( std::u16string_view  path) const

Definition at line 908 of file keyimpl.cxx.

References m_name.

Referenced by ORegistry::createKey(), ORegistry::deleteKey(), getResolvedKeyName(), and ORegistry::openKey().

◆ getKeyNames()

RegError ORegKey::getKeyNames ( std::u16string_view  keyName,
rtl_uString ***  pSubKeyNames,
sal_uInt32 *  pnSubKeys 

◆ getLongListValue()

RegError ORegKey::getLongListValue ( std::u16string_view  valueName,
sal_Int32 **  pValueList,
sal_uInt32 *  pLen 
) const

◆ getName()

const OUString & ORegKey::getName ( ) const

◆ getRegistry()

ORegistry * ORegKey::getRegistry ( ) const

Definition at line 116 of file keyimpl.hxx.

References m_pRegistry.

Referenced by acquireKey(), dumpRegistry(), reg_dumpRegistry(), and releaseKey().

◆ getResolvedKeyName()

RegError ORegKey::getResolvedKeyName ( std::u16string_view  keyName,
OUString &  resolvedName 
) const

Definition at line 849 of file keyimpl.cxx.

References getFullPath(), INVALID_KEYNAME, and NO_ERROR.

Referenced by getResolvedKeyName().

◆ getStoreDir()

OStoreDirectory ORegKey::getStoreDir ( ) const

◆ getStoreFile()

const store::OStoreFile & ORegKey::getStoreFile ( ) const

◆ getStringListValue()

RegError ORegKey::getStringListValue ( std::u16string_view  valueName,
char ***  pValueList,
sal_uInt32 *  pLen 
) const

◆ getUnicodeListValue()

RegError ORegKey::getUnicodeListValue ( std::u16string_view  valueName,
sal_Unicode ***  pValueList,
sal_uInt32 *  pLen 
) const

◆ getValue()

RegError ORegKey::getValue ( std::u16string_view  valueName,
RegValue  value 
) const

◆ getValueInfo()

RegError ORegKey::getValueInfo ( std::u16string_view  valueName,
RegValueType pValueTye,
sal_uInt32 *  pValueSize 
) const

◆ isDeleted()

bool ORegKey::isDeleted ( ) const

◆ isModified()

bool ORegKey::isModified ( ) const

Definition at line 105 of file keyimpl.hxx.

References m_bModified.

Referenced by ORegistry::closeKey().

◆ isReadOnly()

bool ORegKey::isReadOnly ( ) const

◆ openKey()

RegError ORegKey::openKey ( std::u16string_view  keyName,
RegKeyHandle phOpenKey 

◆ openSubKeys()

RegError ORegKey::openSubKeys ( std::u16string_view  keyName,
RegKeyHandle **  phOpenSubKeys,
sal_uInt32 *  pnSubKeys 

◆ release()

sal_uInt32 ORegKey::release ( )

Definition at line 40 of file keyimpl.hxx.

References m_refCount.

Referenced by ORegistry::releaseKey().

◆ releaseKey()

RegError ORegKey::releaseKey ( RegKeyHandle  hKey)

◆ setDeleted()

void ORegKey::setDeleted ( bool  bKeyDeleted)

Definition at line 102 of file keyimpl.hxx.

References m_bDeleted.

Referenced by ORegistry::createKey(), and ORegistry::eraseKey().

◆ setLongListValue()

RegError ORegKey::setLongListValue ( std::u16string_view  valueName,
sal_Int32 const *  pValueList,
sal_uInt32  len 

◆ setModified()

void ORegKey::setModified ( bool  bModified = true)

◆ setStringListValue()

RegError ORegKey::setStringListValue ( std::u16string_view  valueName,
char **  pValueList,
sal_uInt32  len 

◆ setUnicodeListValue()

RegError ORegKey::setUnicodeListValue ( std::u16string_view  valueName,
sal_Unicode **  pValueList,
sal_uInt32  len 

◆ setValue()

RegError ORegKey::setValue ( std::u16string_view  valueName,
RegValueType  vType,
RegValue  value,
sal_uInt32  vSize 

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_bDeleted

bool ORegKey::m_bDeleted

Definition at line 132 of file keyimpl.hxx.

Referenced by isDeleted(), and setDeleted().

◆ m_bModified

bool ORegKey::m_bModified

Definition at line 133 of file keyimpl.hxx.

Referenced by isModified(), and setModified().

◆ m_name

OUString ORegKey::m_name

◆ m_pRegistry

ORegistry* ORegKey::m_pRegistry

◆ m_refCount

sal_uInt32 ORegKey::m_refCount

Definition at line 130 of file keyimpl.hxx.

Referenced by acquire(), release(), and ~ORegKey().

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