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oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesModel Struct Reference

#include <seriesmodel.hxx>

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Public Types

enum  SourceType {
typedef ModelMap< SourceType, DataSourceModelDataSourceMap
typedef ModelVector< ErrorBarModelErrorBarVector
typedef ModelVector< TrendlineModelTrendlineVector
typedef ModelVector< DataPointModelDataPointVector
typedef ModelRef< ShapeShapeRef
typedef ModelRef< PictureOptionsModelPictureOptionsRef
typedef ModelRef< TextModelTextRef
typedef ModelRef< DataLabelsModelDataLabelsRef

Public Member Functions

 SeriesModel (bool bMSO2007Doc)
 True = smooth series line. More...
 ~SeriesModel ()

Public Attributes

DataSourceMap maSources
ErrorBarVector maErrorBars
 Series source ranges. More...
TrendlineVector maTrendlines
 All error bars of this series. More...
DataPointVector maPoints
 All trendlines of this series. More...
ShapeRef mxShapeProp
 Explicit formatted data points. More...
PictureOptionsRef mxPicOptions
 Series formatting. More...
ShapeRef mxMarkerProp
 Fill bitmap settings. More...
TextRef mxText
 Data point marker formatting. More...
DataLabelsRef mxLabels
 Series title source. More...
std::optional< sal_Int32 > monShape
 Data point label settings for all points. More...
sal_Int32 mnExplosion
 3D bar shape type. More...
sal_Int32 mnIndex
 Pie slice moved from pie center. More...
sal_Int32 mnMarkerSize
 Series index used for automatic formatting. More...
sal_Int32 mnMarkerSymbol
 Size of the series line marker (2...72). More...
sal_Int32 mnOrder
 Series line marker symbol. More...
bool mbBubble3d
 Series order. More...
bool mbInvertNeg
 True = show bubbles with 3D shade. More...
bool mbSmooth
 True = invert negative data points. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 177 of file seriesmodel.hxx.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ DataLabelsRef

Definition at line 194 of file seriesmodel.hxx.

◆ DataPointVector

Definition at line 190 of file seriesmodel.hxx.

◆ DataSourceMap

Definition at line 187 of file seriesmodel.hxx.

◆ ErrorBarVector

Definition at line 188 of file seriesmodel.hxx.

◆ PictureOptionsRef

Definition at line 192 of file seriesmodel.hxx.

◆ ShapeRef

Definition at line 191 of file seriesmodel.hxx.

◆ TextRef

Definition at line 193 of file seriesmodel.hxx.

◆ TrendlineVector

Definition at line 189 of file seriesmodel.hxx.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ SourceType


Data point categories.


Data point values.


Data point size (e.g. bubble size in bubble charts).

Definition at line 179 of file seriesmodel.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SeriesModel()

oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesModel::SeriesModel ( bool  bMSO2007Doc)

True = smooth series line.

Definition at line 109 of file seriesmodel.cxx.

◆ ~SeriesModel()

oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesModel::~SeriesModel ( )

Definition at line 121 of file seriesmodel.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ maErrorBars

ErrorBarVector oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesModel::maErrorBars

◆ maPoints

DataPointVector oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesModel::maPoints

◆ maSources

DataSourceMap oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesModel::maSources

◆ maTrendlines

TrendlineVector oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesModel::maTrendlines

◆ mbBubble3d

bool oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesModel::mbBubble3d

Series order.

Definition at line 211 of file seriesmodel.hxx.

Referenced by oox::drawingml::chart::BubbleSeriesContext::onCreateContext().

◆ mbInvertNeg

bool oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesModel::mbInvertNeg

◆ mbSmooth

bool oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesModel::mbSmooth

◆ mnExplosion

sal_Int32 oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesModel::mnExplosion

◆ mnIndex

sal_Int32 oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesModel::mnIndex

◆ mnMarkerSize

sal_Int32 oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesModel::mnMarkerSize

◆ mnMarkerSymbol

sal_Int32 oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesModel::mnMarkerSymbol

◆ mnOrder

sal_Int32 oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesModel::mnOrder

Series line marker symbol.

Definition at line 210 of file seriesmodel.hxx.

Referenced by oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesContextBase::onCreateContext().

◆ monShape

std::optional< sal_Int32 > oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesModel::monShape

Data point label settings for all points.

Definition at line 205 of file seriesmodel.hxx.

Referenced by oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesConverter::createDataSeries(), and oox::drawingml::chart::BarSeriesContext::onCreateContext().

◆ mxLabels

DataLabelsRef oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesModel::mxLabels

◆ mxMarkerProp

ShapeRef oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesModel::mxMarkerProp

◆ mxPicOptions

PictureOptionsRef oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesModel::mxPicOptions

◆ mxShapeProp

ShapeRef oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesModel::mxShapeProp

◆ mxText

TextRef oox::drawingml::chart::SeriesModel::mxText

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