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oox::drawingml::ArtisticEffectProperties Struct Reference

#include <fillproperties.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

bool isEmpty () const
 The original graphic as embedded object. More...
css::beans::PropertyValue getEffect ()
 Returns the struct as a PropertyValue with Name = msName and Value = maAttribs as a Sequence< PropertyValue >. More...
void assignUsed (const ArtisticEffectProperties &rSourceProps)
 Overwrites all members that are explicitly set in rSourceProps. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static OUString getEffectString (sal_Int32 nToken)
 Translate effect tokens to strings. More...
static sal_Int32 getEffectToken (const OUString &sName)
 Translate effect strings to tokens. More...

Public Attributes

OUString msName
std::map< OUString, css::uno::Any > maAttribs
::oox::ole::OleObjectInfo mrOleObjectInfo

Detailed Description

Definition at line 75 of file fillproperties.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ assignUsed()

void oox::drawingml::ArtisticEffectProperties::assignUsed ( const ArtisticEffectProperties rSourceProps)

Overwrites all members that are explicitly set in rSourceProps.

Definition at line 928 of file fillproperties.cxx.

References isEmpty(), maAttribs, and msName.

Referenced by oox::drawingml::BlipFillProperties::assignUsed().

◆ getEffect()

css::beans::PropertyValue oox::drawingml::ArtisticEffectProperties::getEffect ( )

Returns the struct as a PropertyValue with Name = msName and Value = maAttribs as a Sequence< PropertyValue >.

Definition at line 895 of file fillproperties.cxx.

References aSeq, namespaces::i, maAttribs, oox::ole::OleObjectInfo::maEmbeddedData, comphelper::makePropertyValue(), oox::ole::OleObjectInfo::maProgId, mrOleObjectInfo, and msName.

◆ getEffectString()

OUString oox::drawingml::ArtisticEffectProperties::getEffectString ( sal_Int32  nToken)

Translate effect tokens to strings.

Definition at line 937 of file fillproperties.cxx.

References nToken, and SAL_WARN.

Referenced by oox::drawingml::ArtisticEffectContext::onCreateContext().

◆ getEffectToken()

sal_Int32 oox::drawingml::ArtisticEffectProperties::getEffectToken ( const OUString &  sName)

Translate effect strings to tokens.

Definition at line 994 of file fillproperties.cxx.

References SAL_WARN, sName, and XML_none.

Referenced by oox::drawingml::DrawingML::WriteArtisticEffect().

◆ isEmpty()

bool oox::drawingml::ArtisticEffectProperties::isEmpty ( ) const

The original graphic as embedded object.

Definition at line 890 of file fillproperties.cxx.

References msName.

Referenced by assignUsed(), and oox::drawingml::ArtisticEffectContext::onCreateContext().

Member Data Documentation

◆ maAttribs

std::map< OUString, css::uno::Any > oox::drawingml::ArtisticEffectProperties::maAttribs

◆ mrOleObjectInfo

::oox::ole::OleObjectInfo oox::drawingml::ArtisticEffectProperties::mrOleObjectInfo

◆ msName

OUString oox::drawingml::ArtisticEffectProperties::msName

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