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oox::core::FilterBaseImpl Struct Reference
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Public Types

typedef std::shared_ptr< GraphicHelperGraphicHelperRef
typedef std::shared_ptr< ModelObjectHelperModelObjHelperRef
typedef std::shared_ptr< OleObjectHelper > OleObjHelperRef
typedef std::shared_ptr< VbaProject > VbaProjectRef

Public Member Functions

 FilterBaseImpl (const Reference< XComponentContext > &rxContext)
void setDocumentModel (const Reference< XComponent > &rxComponent)

Public Attributes

FilterDirection meDirection
SequenceAsHashMap maArguments
SequenceAsHashMap maFilterData
MediaDescriptor maMediaDesc
OUString maFileUrl
StorageRef mxStorage
OoxmlVersion meVersion
GraphicHelperRef mxGraphicHelper
ModelObjHelperRef mxModelObjHelper
 Graphic and graphic object handling. More...
std::map< css::uno::Reference< css::lang::XMultiServiceFactory >, ModelObjHelperRefmxModelObjHelpers
 Tables to create new named drawing objects. More...
OleObjHelperRef mxOleObjHelper
VbaProjectRef mxVbaProject
 OLE object handling. More...
Reference< XComponentContext > mxComponentContext
 VBA project manager. More...
Reference< XModel > mxModel
Reference< XMultiServiceFactory > mxModelFactory
Reference< XFrame > mxTargetFrame
Reference< XInputStream > mxInStream
Reference< XStream > mxOutStream
Reference< XStatusIndicator > mxStatusIndicator
Reference< XInteractionHandlermxInteractionHandler
Reference< XShape > mxParentShape
bool mbExportVBA
bool mbExportTemplate

Detailed Description

Definition at line 126 of file filterbase.cxx.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ GraphicHelperRef

Definition at line 128 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ ModelObjHelperRef

Definition at line 129 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ OleObjHelperRef

typedef std::shared_ptr< OleObjectHelper > oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::OleObjHelperRef

Definition at line 130 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ VbaProjectRef

typedef std::shared_ptr< VbaProject > oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::VbaProjectRef

Definition at line 131 of file filterbase.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FilterBaseImpl()

oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::FilterBaseImpl ( const Reference< XComponentContext > &  rxContext)

Definition at line 169 of file filterbase.cxx.

References mxComponentContext.

Member Function Documentation

◆ setDocumentModel()

void oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::setDocumentModel ( const Reference< XComponent > &  rxComponent)

Definition at line 178 of file filterbase.cxx.

References Exception, mxModel, and mxModelFactory.

Member Data Documentation

◆ maArguments

SequenceAsHashMap oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::maArguments

Definition at line 134 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ maFileUrl

OUString oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::maFileUrl

Definition at line 137 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ maFilterData

SequenceAsHashMap oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::maFilterData

Definition at line 135 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ maMediaDesc

MediaDescriptor oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::maMediaDesc

Definition at line 136 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ mbExportTemplate

bool oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mbExportTemplate

Definition at line 160 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ mbExportVBA

bool oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mbExportVBA

Definition at line 158 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ meDirection

FilterDirection oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::meDirection

Definition at line 133 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ meVersion

OoxmlVersion oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::meVersion

Definition at line 139 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ mxComponentContext

Reference< XComponentContext > oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxComponentContext

VBA project manager.

Definition at line 148 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ mxGraphicHelper

GraphicHelperRef oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxGraphicHelper

Definition at line 141 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ mxInStream

Reference< XInputStream > oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxInStream

Definition at line 152 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ mxInteractionHandler

Reference< XInteractionHandler > oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxInteractionHandler

Definition at line 155 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ mxModel

Reference< XModel > oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxModel

Definition at line 149 of file filterbase.cxx.

Referenced by setDocumentModel().

◆ mxModelFactory

Reference< XMultiServiceFactory > oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxModelFactory

Definition at line 150 of file filterbase.cxx.

Referenced by setDocumentModel().

◆ mxModelObjHelper

ModelObjHelperRef oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxModelObjHelper

Graphic and graphic object handling.

Definition at line 142 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ mxModelObjHelpers

std::map<css::uno::Reference<css::lang::XMultiServiceFactory>, ModelObjHelperRef> oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxModelObjHelpers

Tables to create new named drawing objects.

Definition at line 144 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ mxOleObjHelper

OleObjHelperRef oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxOleObjHelper

Definition at line 145 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ mxOutStream

Reference< XStream > oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxOutStream

Definition at line 153 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ mxParentShape

Reference< XShape > oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxParentShape

Definition at line 156 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ mxStatusIndicator

Reference< XStatusIndicator > oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxStatusIndicator

Definition at line 154 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ mxStorage

StorageRef oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxStorage

Definition at line 138 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ mxTargetFrame

Reference< XFrame > oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxTargetFrame

Definition at line 151 of file filterbase.cxx.

◆ mxVbaProject

VbaProjectRef oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxVbaProject

OLE object handling.

Definition at line 146 of file filterbase.cxx.

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