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oox::core::FilterBaseImpl Struct Reference
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Public Types

typedef std::shared_ptr< GraphicHelperGraphicHelperRef
typedef std::shared_ptr< ModelObjectHelperModelObjHelperRef
typedef std::shared_ptr< OleObjectHelper > OleObjHelperRef
typedef std::shared_ptr< VbaProject > VbaProjectRef

Public Member Functions

 FilterBaseImpl (const Reference< XComponentContext > &rxContext)
void setDocumentModel (const Reference< XComponent > &rxComponent)

Public Attributes

FilterDirection meDirection
SequenceAsHashMap maArguments
SequenceAsHashMap maFilterData
MediaDescriptor maMediaDesc
OUString maFileUrl
StorageRef mxStorage
OoxmlVersion meVersion
GraphicHelperRef mxGraphicHelper
ModelObjHelperRef mxModelObjHelper
 Graphic and graphic object handling. More...
std::map< css::uno::Reference< css::lang::XMultiServiceFactory >, ModelObjHelperRefmxModelObjHelpers
 Tables to create new named drawing objects. More...
OleObjHelperRef mxOleObjHelper
VbaProjectRef mxVbaProject
 OLE object handling. More...
Reference< XComponentContext > mxComponentContext
 VBA project manager. More...
Reference< XModel > mxModel
Reference< XMultiServiceFactory > mxModelFactory
Reference< XFrame > mxTargetFrame
Reference< XInputStream > mxInStream
Reference< XStream > mxOutStream
Reference< XStatusIndicator > mxStatusIndicator
Reference< XInteractionHandlermxInteractionHandler
Reference< XShape > mxParentShape
bool mbExportVBA
bool mbExportTemplate

Detailed Description

Definition at line 126 of file filterbase.cxx.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 128 of file filterbase.cxx.

Definition at line 129 of file filterbase.cxx.

typedef std::shared_ptr< OleObjectHelper > oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::OleObjHelperRef

Definition at line 130 of file filterbase.cxx.

typedef std::shared_ptr< VbaProject > oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::VbaProjectRef

Definition at line 131 of file filterbase.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::FilterBaseImpl ( const Reference< XComponentContext > &  rxContext)

Definition at line 169 of file filterbase.cxx.

References false, and mxComponentContext.

Member Function Documentation

void oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::setDocumentModel ( const Reference< XComponent > &  rxComponent)

Definition at line 178 of file filterbase.cxx.

References Exception, mxModel, and mxModelFactory.

Member Data Documentation

SequenceAsHashMap oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::maArguments

Definition at line 134 of file filterbase.cxx.

OUString oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::maFileUrl

Definition at line 137 of file filterbase.cxx.

SequenceAsHashMap oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::maFilterData

Definition at line 135 of file filterbase.cxx.

MediaDescriptor oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::maMediaDesc

Definition at line 136 of file filterbase.cxx.

bool oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mbExportTemplate

Definition at line 160 of file filterbase.cxx.

bool oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mbExportVBA

Definition at line 158 of file filterbase.cxx.

FilterDirection oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::meDirection

Definition at line 133 of file filterbase.cxx.

OoxmlVersion oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::meVersion

Definition at line 139 of file filterbase.cxx.

Reference< XComponentContext > oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxComponentContext

VBA project manager.

Definition at line 148 of file filterbase.cxx.

GraphicHelperRef oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxGraphicHelper

Definition at line 141 of file filterbase.cxx.

Reference< XInputStream > oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxInStream

Definition at line 152 of file filterbase.cxx.

Reference< XInteractionHandler > oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxInteractionHandler

Definition at line 155 of file filterbase.cxx.

Reference< XModel > oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxModel

Definition at line 149 of file filterbase.cxx.

Referenced by setDocumentModel().

Reference< XMultiServiceFactory > oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxModelFactory

Definition at line 150 of file filterbase.cxx.

Referenced by setDocumentModel().

ModelObjHelperRef oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxModelObjHelper

Graphic and graphic object handling.

Definition at line 142 of file filterbase.cxx.

std::map<css::uno::Reference<css::lang::XMultiServiceFactory>, ModelObjHelperRef> oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxModelObjHelpers

Tables to create new named drawing objects.

Definition at line 144 of file filterbase.cxx.

OleObjHelperRef oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxOleObjHelper

Definition at line 145 of file filterbase.cxx.

Reference< XStream > oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxOutStream

Definition at line 153 of file filterbase.cxx.

Reference< XShape > oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxParentShape

Definition at line 156 of file filterbase.cxx.

Reference< XStatusIndicator > oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxStatusIndicator

Definition at line 154 of file filterbase.cxx.

StorageRef oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxStorage

Definition at line 138 of file filterbase.cxx.

Reference< XFrame > oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxTargetFrame

Definition at line 151 of file filterbase.cxx.

VbaProjectRef oox::core::FilterBaseImpl::mxVbaProject

OLE object handling.

Definition at line 146 of file filterbase.cxx.

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