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predefined-table-styles.cxx File Reference
#include <oox/token/tokens.hxx>
#include <drawingml/table/tablestyle.hxx>
#include <frozen/bits/defines.h>
#include <frozen/bits/elsa_std.h>
#include <frozen/unordered_map.h>
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static void createStyleIdMap ()
sal_Int32 resolveToken (OUString const &rString)
void setBorderLineType (const oox::drawingml::LinePropertiesPtr &pLineProp, sal_Int32 nToken)
void insertBorderLine (TableStylePart &aTableStylePart, sal_Int32 nToken, oox::drawingml::LinePropertiesPtr pLineProp)
std::unique_ptr< TableStyleCreateTableStyle (const OUString &styleId)


std::map< OUString, std::pair< OUString, OUString > > mStyleIdMap
constexpr frozen::unordered_map< std::u16string_view, sal_Int32, 6 > tokens

Function Documentation

◆ createStyleIdMap()

static void createStyleIdMap ( )

Definition at line 38 of file predefined-table-styles.cxx.

References mStyleIdMap.

Referenced by CreateTableStyle().

◆ CreateTableStyle()

std::unique_ptr< TableStyle > CreateTableStyle ( const OUString &  styleId)

◆ insertBorderLine()

void insertBorderLine ( TableStylePart aTableStylePart,
sal_Int32  nToken,
oox::drawingml::LinePropertiesPtr  pLineProp 

◆ resolveToken()

sal_Int32 resolveToken ( OUString const &  rString)

Definition at line 205 of file predefined-table-styles.cxx.

References tokens.

Referenced by CreateTableStyle().

◆ setBorderLineType()

void setBorderLineType ( const oox::drawingml::LinePropertiesPtr pLineProp,
sal_Int32  nToken 

Definition at line 213 of file predefined-table-styles.cxx.

References nToken.

Referenced by CreateTableStyle().

Variable Documentation

◆ mStyleIdMap

std::map<OUString, std::pair<OUString, OUString> > mStyleIdMap

Definition at line 32 of file predefined-table-styles.cxx.

Referenced by createStyleIdMap(), and CreateTableStyle().

◆ tokens

constexpr frozen::unordered_map<std::u16string_view, sal_Int32, 6> tokens
Initial value:
{ u"Accent1", XML_accent1 }, { u"Accent2", XML_accent2 }, { u"Accent3", XML_accent3 },
{ u"Accent4", XML_accent4 }, { u"Accent5", XML_accent5 }, { u"Accent6", XML_accent6 }
float u

Definition at line 200 of file predefined-table-styles.cxx.

Referenced by resolveToken().