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oox::dump::Output Class Reference

#include <dumperbase.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 Output (const css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XComponentContext > &rxContext, const OUString &rFileName)
void newLine ()
void emptyLine (size_t nCount=1)
void incIndent ()
void decIndent ()
void startTable (sal_Int32 nW1)
void startTable (sal_Int32 nW1, sal_Int32 nW2)
void startTable (sal_Int32 nW1, sal_Int32 nW2, sal_Int32 nW3, sal_Int32 nW4)
void startTable (size_t nColCount, const sal_Int32 *pnColWidths)
void tab ()
void tab (size_t nCol)
void endTable ()
void resetItemIndex (sal_Int64 nIdx=0)
void startItem (const String &rItemName)
void contItem ()
void endItem ()
void startMultiItems ()
void endMultiItems ()
void writeChar (sal_Unicode cChar, sal_Int32 nCount=1)
void writeAscii (const char *pcStr)
void writeString (const OUString &rStr)
void writeArray (const sal_uInt8 *pnData, std::size_t nSize, sal_Unicode cSep=OOX_DUMP_LISTSEP)
void writeBool (bool bData)
void writeDateTime (const css::util::DateTime &rDateTime)
template<typename Type >
void writeDec (Type nData, sal_Int32 nWidth=0, sal_Unicode cFill= ' ')
template<typename Type >
void writeHex (Type nData, bool bPrefix=true)
template<typename Type >
void writeShortHex (Type nData, bool bPrefix=true)
template<typename Type >
void writeBin (Type nData, bool bDots=true)
template<typename Type >
void writeFix (Type nData, sal_Int32 nWidth)
template<typename Type >
void writeValue (Type nData, FormatType eFmtType)
template<typename Type >
void writeName (const Config &rCfg, Type nData, const NameListWrapper &rListWrp)
- Public Member Functions inherited from oox::dump::Base
virtual ~Base ()
 Base (Base const &)=default
 Base (Base &&)=default
Baseoperator= (Base const &)=default
Baseoperator= (Base &&)=default
bool isValid () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool implIsValid () const override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from oox::dump::Base
 Base ()

Private Member Functions

void writeItemName (const String &rItemName)

Private Attributes

css::uno::Reference< css::io::XTextOutputStream2 > mxStrm
OUString maIndent
OUStringBuffer maLine
OUString maLastItem
::std::vector< sal_Int32 > maColPos
size_t mnCol
size_t mnItemLevel
size_t mnMultiLevel
sal_Int64 mnItemIdx
sal_Int32 mnLastItem

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from oox::dump::Base
static bool isValid (const std::shared_ptr< Base > &rxBase)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 926 of file dumperbase.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

oox::dump::Output::Output ( const css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XComponentContext > &  rxContext,
const OUString &  rFileName 

Definition at line 1466 of file dumperbase.cxx.

References mnCol, and mxStrm.

Member Function Documentation

void oox::dump::Output::contItem ( )

Definition at line 1591 of file dumperbase.cxx.

References maLine, mnItemLevel, mnLastItem, and writeChar().

Referenced by oox::dump::ItemGuard::cont(), and endItem().

void oox::dump::Output::decIndent ( )

Definition at line 1503 of file dumperbase.cxx.

References maIndent.

Referenced by oox::dump::IndentGuard::~IndentGuard().

void oox::dump::Output::emptyLine ( size_t  nCount = 1)

Definition at line 1490 of file dumperbase.cxx.

References mxStrm, and nCount.

void oox::dump::Output::endItem ( )
void oox::dump::Output::endMultiItems ( )

Definition at line 1624 of file dumperbase.cxx.

References mnMultiLevel, and newLine().

Referenced by oox::dump::MultiItemsGuard::~MultiItemsGuard().

void oox::dump::Output::endTable ( )

Definition at line 1565 of file dumperbase.cxx.

References maColPos.

Referenced by oox::dump::TableGuard::~TableGuard().

bool oox::dump::Output::implIsValid ( ) const

Implements oox::dump::Base.

Definition at line 1679 of file dumperbase.cxx.

References mxStrm.

void oox::dump::Output::incIndent ( )
void oox::dump::Output::newLine ( )

Definition at line 1478 of file dumperbase.cxx.

References maIndent, maLine, mnCol, mnLastItem, and mxStrm.

Referenced by endItem(), and endMultiItems().

void oox::dump::Output::resetItemIndex ( sal_Int64  nIdx = 0)

Definition at line 1570 of file dumperbase.cxx.

References mnItemIdx.

void oox::dump::Output::startItem ( const String rItemName)
void oox::dump::Output::startMultiItems ( )

Definition at line 1619 of file dumperbase.cxx.

References mnMultiLevel.

Referenced by oox::dump::MultiItemsGuard::MultiItemsGuard().

void oox::dump::Output::startTable ( sal_Int32  nW1)

Definition at line 1509 of file dumperbase.cxx.

Referenced by startTable(), and oox::dump::TableGuard::TableGuard().

void oox::dump::Output::startTable ( sal_Int32  nW1,
sal_Int32  nW2 

Definition at line 1514 of file dumperbase.cxx.

References startTable().

void oox::dump::Output::startTable ( sal_Int32  nW1,
sal_Int32  nW2,
sal_Int32  nW3,
sal_Int32  nW4 

Definition at line 1522 of file dumperbase.cxx.

References startTable().

void oox::dump::Output::startTable ( size_t  nColCount,
const sal_Int32 *  pnColWidths 

Definition at line 1532 of file dumperbase.cxx.

References maColPos.

void oox::dump::Output::tab ( )

Definition at line 1544 of file dumperbase.cxx.

References mnCol.

Referenced by startItem(), and oox::dump::TableGuard::tab().

void oox::dump::Output::tab ( size_t  nCol)

Definition at line 1549 of file dumperbase.cxx.

References oox::dump::StringHelper::appendChar(), maColPos, maLine, and mnCol.

void oox::dump::Output::writeArray ( const sal_uInt8 pnData,
std::size_t  nSize,
sal_Unicode  cSep = OOX_DUMP_LISTSEP 

Definition at line 1648 of file dumperbase.cxx.

References writeChar(), and writeHex().

void oox::dump::Output::writeAscii ( const char *  pcStr)

Definition at line 1637 of file dumperbase.cxx.

References maLine.

template<typename Type >
void oox::dump::Output::writeBin ( Type  nData,
bool  bDots = true 

Definition at line 973 of file dumperbase.hxx.

References oox::dump::StringHelper::appendBin(), and maLine.

void oox::dump::Output::writeBool ( bool  bData)

Definition at line 1659 of file dumperbase.cxx.

References oox::dump::StringHelper::appendBool(), and maLine.

void oox::dump::Output::writeChar ( sal_Unicode  cChar,
sal_Int32  nCount = 1 

Definition at line 1632 of file dumperbase.cxx.

References oox::dump::StringHelper::appendEncChar(), and maLine.

Referenced by contItem(), startItem(), writeArray(), and writeDateTime().

void oox::dump::Output::writeDateTime ( const css::util::DateTime &  rDateTime)

Definition at line 1664 of file dumperbase.cxx.

References writeChar(), and writeDec().

template<typename Type >
void oox::dump::Output::writeDec ( Type  nData,
sal_Int32  nWidth = 0,
sal_Unicode  cFill = ' ' 

Definition at line 964 of file dumperbase.hxx.

References oox::dump::StringHelper::appendDec(), and maLine.

Referenced by writeDateTime().

template<typename Type >
void oox::dump::Output::writeFix ( Type  nData,
sal_Int32  nWidth 

Definition at line 976 of file dumperbase.hxx.

References oox::dump::StringHelper::appendFix(), and maLine.

template<typename Type >
void oox::dump::Output::writeHex ( Type  nData,
bool  bPrefix = true 

Definition at line 967 of file dumperbase.hxx.

References oox::dump::StringHelper::appendHex(), and maLine.

Referenced by writeArray().

void oox::dump::Output::writeItemName ( const String rItemName)
template<typename Type >
void oox::dump::Output::writeName ( const Config rCfg,
Type  nData,
const NameListWrapper rListWrp 

Definition at line 982 of file dumperbase.hxx.

References oox::dump::Config::getName(), and writeString().

template<typename Type >
void oox::dump::Output::writeShortHex ( Type  nData,
bool  bPrefix = true 

Definition at line 970 of file dumperbase.hxx.

References oox::dump::StringHelper::appendShortHex(), and maLine.

void oox::dump::Output::writeString ( const OUString &  rStr)

Definition at line 1643 of file dumperbase.cxx.

References oox::dump::StringHelper::appendEncString(), and maLine.

Referenced by writeItemName(), and writeName().

template<typename Type >
void oox::dump::Output::writeValue ( Type  nData,
FormatType  eFmtType 

Definition at line 979 of file dumperbase.hxx.

References oox::dump::StringHelper::appendValue(), and maLine.

Member Data Documentation

::std::vector< sal_Int32 > oox::dump::Output::maColPos

Definition at line 998 of file dumperbase.hxx.

Referenced by endTable(), startTable(), and tab().

OUString oox::dump::Output::maIndent

Definition at line 994 of file dumperbase.hxx.

Referenced by decIndent(), incIndent(), and newLine().

OUString oox::dump::Output::maLastItem

Definition at line 996 of file dumperbase.hxx.

Referenced by endItem().

OUStringBuffer oox::dump::Output::maLine
size_t oox::dump::Output::mnCol

Definition at line 999 of file dumperbase.hxx.

Referenced by newLine(), and tab().

sal_Int64 oox::dump::Output::mnItemIdx

Definition at line 1002 of file dumperbase.hxx.

Referenced by resetItemIndex(), and writeItemName().

size_t oox::dump::Output::mnItemLevel

Definition at line 1000 of file dumperbase.hxx.

Referenced by contItem(), endItem(), and startItem().

sal_Int32 oox::dump::Output::mnLastItem

Definition at line 1003 of file dumperbase.hxx.

Referenced by contItem(), endItem(), newLine(), and startItem().

size_t oox::dump::Output::mnMultiLevel

Definition at line 1001 of file dumperbase.hxx.

Referenced by endItem(), endMultiItems(), startItem(), and startMultiItems().

css::uno::Reference< css::io::XTextOutputStream2 > oox::dump::Output::mxStrm

Definition at line 993 of file dumperbase.hxx.

Referenced by emptyLine(), implIsValid(), newLine(), and Output().

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