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oox::drawingml::chart::ChartConverter Class Reference

#include <chartconverter.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 ChartConverter ()
virtual ~ChartConverter ()
void convertFromModel (::oox::core::XmlFilterBase &rFilter, ChartSpaceModel &rChartModel, const css::uno::Reference< css::chart2::XChartDocument > &rxChartDoc, const css::uno::Reference< css::drawing::XShapes > &rxExternalPage, const css::awt::Point &rChartPos, const css::awt::Size &rChartSize)
 Converts the passed OOXML chart model to the passed chart2 document. More...
virtual void createDataProvider (const css::uno::Reference< css::chart2::XChartDocument > &rxChartDoc)
 Creates an internal data provider. More...
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::chart2::data::XDataSequence > createDataSequence (const css::uno::Reference< css::chart2::data::XDataProvider > &rxDataProvider, const DataSequenceModel &rDataSeq, const OUString &rRole, const OUString &aRoleQualifier)
 Creates a data sequence from a formula. More...

Private Member Functions

 ChartConverter (const ChartConverter &)=delete
ChartConverteroperator= (const ChartConverter &)=delete

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file chartconverter.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ChartConverter() [1/2]

oox::drawingml::chart::ChartConverter::ChartConverter ( )

Definition at line 71 of file chartconverter.cxx.

◆ ~ChartConverter()

oox::drawingml::chart::ChartConverter::~ChartConverter ( )

Definition at line 75 of file chartconverter.cxx.

◆ ChartConverter() [2/2]

oox::drawingml::chart::ChartConverter::ChartConverter ( const ChartConverter )

Member Function Documentation

◆ convertFromModel()

void oox::drawingml::chart::ChartConverter::convertFromModel ( ::oox::core::XmlFilterBase rFilter,
ChartSpaceModel rChartModel,
const css::uno::Reference< css::chart2::XChartDocument > &  rxChartDoc,
const css::uno::Reference< css::drawing::XShapes > &  rxExternalPage,
const css::awt::Point &  rChartPos,
const css::awt::Size &  rChartSize 

Converts the passed OOXML chart model to the passed chart2 document.

rChartModelThe filled MSOOXML chart model structure.
rxChartDocThe UNO chart document model to be initialized.
rxExternalPageIf null, all embedded shapes will be inserted into the internal drawing page of the chart document. If not null, all embedded shapes will be inserted into this shapes collection.
rChartPosThe position of the chart shape in its drawing page, in 1/100 mm. Will be used only, if parameter rxExternalPage is not null, for correct positioning of the embedded shapes in the external drawing page.
rChartSizeThe size of the chart shape in 1/100 mm. Needed for calculation of position and size of the chart elements (diagram, titles, legend, etc.) and embedded shapes.

Definition at line 79 of file chartconverter.cxx.

References oox::drawingml::chart::ChartSpaceConverter::convertFromModel(), and oox::core::FilterBase::getModel().

◆ createDataProvider()

void oox::drawingml::chart::ChartConverter::createDataProvider ( const css::uno::Reference< css::chart2::XChartDocument > &  rxChartDoc)

Creates an internal data provider.

Derived classes may override this function to create an external data provider.

Definition at line 97 of file chartconverter.cxx.

References Exception.

Referenced by oox::drawingml::chart::ChartSpaceConverter::convertFromModel().

◆ createDataSequence()

Reference< XDataSequence > oox::drawingml::chart::ChartConverter::createDataSequence ( const css::uno::Reference< css::chart2::data::XDataProvider > &  rxDataProvider,
const DataSequenceModel rDataSeq,
const OUString &  rRole,
const OUString &  aRoleQualifier 

Creates a data sequence from a formula.

Dummy implementation. Derived classes have to override this function to actually parse the formula.

Definition at line 109 of file chartconverter.cxx.

References Exception, namespaces::i, oox::drawingml::chart::lclGenerateApiArray(), oox::drawingml::chart::DataSequenceModel::maData, oox::drawingml::chart::DataSequenceModel::mnLevelCount, and oox::drawingml::chart::DataSequenceModel::mnPointCount.

Referenced by oox::drawingml::chart::DataSequenceConverter::createDataSequence().

◆ operator=()

ChartConverter & oox::drawingml::chart::ChartConverter::operator= ( const ChartConverter )

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