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oox::drawingml::CompositeAlg Class Reference

Specifies the size and position for all child layout nodes. More...

#include <diagramlayoutatoms.hxx>

Static Public Member Functions

static void layoutShapeChildren (AlgAtom &rAlg, const ShapePtr &rShape, const std::vector< Constraint > &rConstraints)

Static Private Member Functions

static void applyConstraintToLayout (const Constraint &rConstraint, LayoutPropertyMap &rProperties)
 Apply rConstraint to the rProperties shared layout state. More...
static bool inferFromLayoutProperty (const LayoutProperty &rMap, sal_Int32 nRefType, sal_Int32 &rValue)
 Decides if a certain reference type (e.g. More...

Detailed Description

Specifies the size and position for all child layout nodes.

Definition at line 227 of file diagramlayoutatoms.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ applyConstraintToLayout()

void oox::drawingml::CompositeAlg::applyConstraintToLayout ( const Constraint rConstraint,
LayoutPropertyMap rProperties 

Apply rConstraint to the rProperties shared layout state.

Note that the order in which constraints are applied matters, given that constraints can refer to each other, and in case A depends on B and A is applied before B, the effect of A won't be updated when B is applied.

Definition at line 510 of file diagramlayoutatoms.cxx.

References o3tl::convert(), o3tl::emu, inferFromLayoutProperty(), oox::drawingml::Constraint::mfFactor, oox::drawingml::Constraint::mfValue, o3tl::mm, oox::drawingml::Constraint::mnRefType, oox::drawingml::Constraint::mnType, oox::drawingml::Constraint::msForName, oox::drawingml::Constraint::msRefForName, and o3tl::pt.

Referenced by layoutShapeChildren().

◆ inferFromLayoutProperty()

bool oox::drawingml::CompositeAlg::inferFromLayoutProperty ( const LayoutProperty rMap,
sal_Int32  nRefType,
sal_Int32 &  rValue 

Decides if a certain reference type (e.g.

"right") can be inferred from the available properties in rMap (e.g. left and width). Returns true if rValue is written to.

Definition at line 482 of file diagramlayoutatoms.cxx.

Referenced by applyConstraintToLayout().

◆ layoutShapeChildren()

void oox::drawingml::CompositeAlg::layoutShapeChildren ( AlgAtom rAlg,
const ShapePtr rShape,
const std::vector< Constraint > &  rConstraints 

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