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axcontrol.hxx File Reference
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include <com/sun/star/uno/Reference.hxx>
#include <com/sun/star/uno/Sequence.hxx>
#include <oox/dllapi.h>
#include <oox/helper/binarystreambase.hxx>
#include <oox/helper/propertyset.hxx>
#include <oox/ole/axbinaryreader.hxx>
#include <oox/ole/axfontdata.hxx>
#include <oox/ole/olehelper.hxx>
#include <rtl/ustring.hxx>
#include <sal/types.h>
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class  oox::ole::ControlConverter
 A base class with useful helper functions for something that is able to convert ActiveX and ComCtl form controls. More...
class  oox::ole::ControlModelBase
 Base class for all models of form controls. More...
class  oox::ole::ComCtlModelBase
 Base class for all models of ComCtl form controls. More...
class  oox::ole::ComCtlScrollBarModel
 Model for a ComCtl scroll bar. More...
class  oox::ole::ComCtlProgressBarModel
 Model for a ComCtl progress bar. More...
class  oox::ole::AxControlModelBase
 Base class for all models of Form 2.0 form controls. More...
class  oox::ole::AxFontDataModel
 Base class for Forms 2.0 controls supporting text formatting. More...
class  oox::ole::AxCommandButtonModel
 Model for a Forms 2.0 command button. More...
class  oox::ole::AxLabelModel
 Model for a Forms 2.0 label. More...
class  oox::ole::AxImageModel
 Model for a Forms 2.0 image. More...
class  oox::ole::AxTabStripModel
class  oox::ole::AxMorphDataModelBase
 Base class for a Forms 2.0 morph data control. More...
class  oox::ole::AxToggleButtonModel
 Model for a Forms 2.0 toggle button. More...
class  oox::ole::AxCheckBoxModel
 Model for a Forms 2.0 check box. More...
class  oox::ole::AxOptionButtonModel
 Model for a Forms 2.0 option button. More...
class  oox::ole::AxTextBoxModel
 Model for a Forms 2.0 text box. More...
class  oox::ole::AxNumericFieldModel
 Model for a numeric field (legacy drawing controls only). More...
class  oox::ole::AxListBoxModel
 Model for a Forms 2.0 list box. More...
class  oox::ole::AxComboBoxModel
 Model for a Forms 2.0 combo box. More...
class  oox::ole::AxSpinButtonModel
 Model for a Forms 2.0 spin button. More...
class  oox::ole::AxScrollBarModel
 Model for a Forms 2.0 scroll bar. More...
class  oox::ole::AxContainerModelBase
 Base class for ActiveX container controls. More...
class  oox::ole::AxFrameModel
 Model for a Forms 2.0 frame control. More...
class  oox::ole::AxPageModel
class  oox::ole::AxMultiPageModel
class  oox::ole::AxUserFormModel
 Model for a Forms 2.0 user form. More...
class  oox::ole::HtmlSelectModel
class  oox::ole::HtmlTextBoxModel
class  oox::ole::EmbeddedControl
 A form control embedded in a document draw page. More...
class  oox::ole::EmbeddedForm
 A wrapper for a control form embedded directly in a draw page. More...


namespace  com
namespace  com::sun
namespace  com::sun::star
namespace  com::sun::star::awt
namespace  com::sun::star::container
namespace  com::sun::star::drawing
namespace  com::sun::star::frame
namespace  com::sun::star::form
namespace  com::sun::star::lang
namespace  oox
namespace  oox::ole


#define COMCTL_GUID_SCROLLBAR_60   "{FE38753A-44A3-11D1-B5B7-0000C09000C4}"
#define COMCTL_GUID_PROGRESSBAR_50   "{0713E8D2-850A-101B-AFC0-4210102A8DA7}"
#define COMCTL_GUID_PROGRESSBAR_60   "{35053A22-8589-11D1-B16A-00C0F0283628}"
#define AX_GUID_COMMANDBUTTON   "{D7053240-CE69-11CD-a777-00dd01143c57}"
#define AX_GUID_LABEL   "{978C9E23-D4B0-11CE-bf2d-00aa003f40d0}"
#define AX_GUID_IMAGE   "{4C599241-6926-101B-9992-00000b65c6f9}"
#define AX_GUID_TOGGLEBUTTON   "{8BD21D60-EC42-11CE-9e0d-00aa006002f3}"
#define AX_GUID_CHECKBOX   "{8BD21D40-EC42-11CE-9e0d-00aa006002f3}"
#define AX_GUID_OPTIONBUTTON   "{8BD21D50-EC42-11CE-9e0d-00aa006002f3}"
#define AX_GUID_TEXTBOX   "{8BD21D10-EC42-11CE-9e0d-00aa006002f3}"
#define AX_GUID_LISTBOX   "{8BD21D20-EC42-11CE-9e0d-00aa006002f3}"
#define AX_GUID_COMBOBOX   "{8BD21D30-EC42-11CE-9e0d-00aa006002f3}"
#define AX_GUID_SPINBUTTON   "{79176FB0-B7F2-11CE-97ef-00aa006d2776}"
#define AX_GUID_SCROLLBAR   "{DFD181E0-5E2F-11CE-a449-00aa004a803d}"
#define AX_GUID_FRAME   "{6E182020-F460-11CE-9bcd-00aa00608e01}"
#define HTML_GUID_SELECT   "{5512D122-5CC6-11CF-8d67-00aa00bdce1d}"
#define HTML_GUID_TEXTBOX   "{5512D124-5CC6-11CF-8d67-00aa00bdce1d}"


typedef std::shared_ptr< ControlModelBase > oox::ole::ControlModelRef
typedef ::std::vector< OUString > oox::ole::AxClassTable


enum  oox::ole::ApiControlType {
  oox::ole::API_CONTROL_BUTTON ,
  oox::ole::API_CONTROL_IMAGE ,
  oox::ole::API_CONTROL_EDIT ,
  oox::ole::API_CONTROL_FRAME ,
  oox::ole::API_CONTROL_PAGE ,
 Enumerates all UNO API control types supported by these filters. More...
enum class  oox::ole::ApiTransparencyMode {
  oox::ole::NotSupported ,
 Specifies how a form control supports transparent background. More...
enum  oox::ole::ApiDefaultStateMode {
 Specifies how a form control supports the DefaultState property. More...


const sal_uInt16 oox::ole::COMCTL_VERSION_50 = 5
const sal_uInt16 oox::ole::COMCTL_VERSION_60 = 6
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_SYSCOLOR_WINDOWBACK = 0x80000005
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_SYSCOLOR_WINDOWFRAME = 0x80000006
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_SYSCOLOR_WINDOWTEXT = 0x80000008
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_SYSCOLOR_BUTTONFACE = 0x8000000F
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_SYSCOLOR_BUTTONTEXT = 0x80000012
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_FLAGS_ENABLED = 0x00000002
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_FLAGS_LOCKED = 0x00000004
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_FLAGS_OPAQUE = 0x00000008
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_FLAGS_COLUMNHEADS = 0x00000400
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_FLAGS_ENTIREROWS = 0x00000800
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_FLAGS_EXISTINGENTRIES = 0x00001000
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_FLAGS_CAPTIONLEFT = 0x00002000
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_FLAGS_EDITABLE = 0x00004000
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_FLAGS_IMEMODE_MASK = 0x00078000
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_FLAGS_DRAGENABLED = 0x00080000
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_FLAGS_ENTERASNEWLINE = 0x00100000
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_FLAGS_KEEPSELECTION = 0x00200000
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_FLAGS_TABASCHARACTER = 0x00400000
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_FLAGS_WORDWRAP = 0x00800000
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_FLAGS_BORDERSSUPPRESSED = 0x02000000
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_FLAGS_SELECTLINE = 0x04000000
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_FLAGS_SINGLECHARSELECT = 0x08000000
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_FLAGS_AUTOSIZE = 0x10000000
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_FLAGS_HIDESELECTION = 0x20000000
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_FLAGS_MAXLENAUTOTAB = 0x40000000
const sal_uInt32 oox::ole::AX_FLAGS_MULTILINE = 0x80000000
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_BORDERSTYLE_NONE = 0
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_BORDERSTYLE_SINGLE = 1
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_SPECIALEFFECT_FLAT = 0
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_SPECIALEFFECT_RAISED = 1
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_SPECIALEFFECT_SUNKEN = 2
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_SPECIALEFFECT_ETCHED = 3
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_SPECIALEFFECT_BUMPED = 6
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_PICSIZE_CLIP = 0
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_PICSIZE_STRETCH = 1
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_PICSIZE_ZOOM = 3
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_PICALIGN_TOPLEFT = 0
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_PICALIGN_TOPRIGHT = 1
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_PICALIGN_CENTER = 2
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_PICALIGN_BOTTOMLEFT = 3
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_PICALIGN_BOTTOMRIGHT = 4
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_DISPLAYSTYLE_TEXT = 1
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_DISPLAYSTYLE_LISTBOX = 2
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_DISPLAYSTYLE_COMBOBOX = 3
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_DISPLAYSTYLE_CHECKBOX = 4
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_DISPLAYSTYLE_OPTBUTTON = 5
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_DISPLAYSTYLE_TOGGLE = 6
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_DISPLAYSTYLE_DROPDOWN = 7
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_SELECTION_SINGLE = 0
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_SELECTION_MULTI = 1
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_SELECTION_EXTENDED = 2
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_SHOWDROPBUTTON_NEVER = 0
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_SHOWDROPBUTTON_FOCUS = 1
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_SHOWDROPBUTTON_ALWAYS = 2
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_SCROLLBAR_NONE = 0x00
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_SCROLLBAR_HORIZONTAL = 0x01
const sal_Int32 oox::ole::AX_SCROLLBAR_VERTICAL = 0x02

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#define AX_GUID_CHECKBOX   "{8BD21D40-EC42-11CE-9e0d-00aa006002f3}"

Definition at line 68 of file axcontrol.hxx.


#define AX_GUID_COMBOBOX   "{8BD21D30-EC42-11CE-9e0d-00aa006002f3}"

Definition at line 72 of file axcontrol.hxx.


#define AX_GUID_COMMANDBUTTON   "{D7053240-CE69-11CD-a777-00dd01143c57}"

Definition at line 64 of file axcontrol.hxx.


#define AX_GUID_FRAME   "{6E182020-F460-11CE-9bcd-00aa00608e01}"

Definition at line 75 of file axcontrol.hxx.


#define AX_GUID_IMAGE   "{4C599241-6926-101B-9992-00000b65c6f9}"

Definition at line 66 of file axcontrol.hxx.


#define AX_GUID_LABEL   "{978C9E23-D4B0-11CE-bf2d-00aa003f40d0}"

Definition at line 65 of file axcontrol.hxx.


#define AX_GUID_LISTBOX   "{8BD21D20-EC42-11CE-9e0d-00aa006002f3}"

Definition at line 71 of file axcontrol.hxx.


#define AX_GUID_OPTIONBUTTON   "{8BD21D50-EC42-11CE-9e0d-00aa006002f3}"

Definition at line 69 of file axcontrol.hxx.


#define AX_GUID_SCROLLBAR   "{DFD181E0-5E2F-11CE-a449-00aa004a803d}"

Definition at line 74 of file axcontrol.hxx.


#define AX_GUID_SPINBUTTON   "{79176FB0-B7F2-11CE-97ef-00aa006d2776}"

Definition at line 73 of file axcontrol.hxx.


#define AX_GUID_TEXTBOX   "{8BD21D10-EC42-11CE-9e0d-00aa006002f3}"

Definition at line 70 of file axcontrol.hxx.


#define AX_GUID_TOGGLEBUTTON   "{8BD21D60-EC42-11CE-9e0d-00aa006002f3}"

Definition at line 67 of file axcontrol.hxx.


#define COMCTL_GUID_PROGRESSBAR_50   "{0713E8D2-850A-101B-AFC0-4210102A8DA7}"

Definition at line 57 of file axcontrol.hxx.


#define COMCTL_GUID_PROGRESSBAR_60   "{35053A22-8589-11D1-B16A-00C0F0283628}"

Definition at line 58 of file axcontrol.hxx.


#define COMCTL_GUID_SCROLLBAR_60   "{FE38753A-44A3-11D1-B5B7-0000C09000C4}"

Definition at line 56 of file axcontrol.hxx.


#define HTML_GUID_SELECT   "{5512D122-5CC6-11CF-8d67-00aa00bdce1d}"

Definition at line 79 of file axcontrol.hxx.


#define HTML_GUID_TEXTBOX   "{5512D124-5CC6-11CF-8d67-00aa00bdce1d}"

Definition at line 80 of file axcontrol.hxx.