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fpicker::win32::vista::Request Class Reference

#include <asyncrequests.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 Request ()
virtual ~Request ()
void setRequest (::sal_Int32 nRequest)
::sal_Int32 getRequest ()
void clearArguments ()
template<class TArgumentType >
void setArgument (const OUString &sName, const TArgumentType &aValue)
template<class TArgumentType >
TArgumentType getArgumentOrDefault (const OUString &sName, const TArgumentType &aDefault)
css::uno::Any getValue (OUString const &key) const
void wait (::sal_Int32 nMilliSeconds=WAIT_INFINITE)
void waitProcessMessages ()
void notify ()

Static Public Attributes

static const ::sal_Int32 WAIT_INFINITE = 0

Private Attributes

::osl::Condition m_aJoiner
::sal_Int32 m_nRequest
::comphelper::SequenceAsHashMap m_lArguments

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file asyncrequests.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

fpicker::win32::vista::Request::Request ( )

Definition at line 52 of file asyncrequests.hxx.

References m_aJoiner.

virtual fpicker::win32::vista::Request::~Request ( )

Definition at line 61 of file asyncrequests.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

void fpicker::win32::vista::Request::clearArguments ( )

Definition at line 76 of file asyncrequests.hxx.

References comphelper::SequenceAsHashMap::clear(), and m_lArguments.

template<class TArgumentType >
TArgumentType fpicker::win32::vista::Request::getArgumentOrDefault ( const OUString &  sName,
const TArgumentType &  aDefault 
::sal_Int32 fpicker::win32::vista::Request::getRequest ( )

Definition at line 70 of file asyncrequests.hxx.

References m_nRequest.

css::uno::Any fpicker::win32::vista::Request::getValue ( OUString const &  key) const

Definition at line 97 of file asyncrequests.hxx.

References comphelper::SequenceAsHashMap::getValue(), and m_lArguments.

void fpicker::win32::vista::Request::notify ( )

Definition at line 57 of file asyncrequests.cxx.

References m_aJoiner.

template<class TArgumentType >
void fpicker::win32::vista::Request::setArgument ( const OUString &  sName,
const TArgumentType &  aValue 

Definition at line 83 of file asyncrequests.hxx.

References m_lArguments.

void fpicker::win32::vista::Request::setRequest ( ::sal_Int32  nRequest)

Definition at line 64 of file asyncrequests.hxx.

References m_nRequest.

void fpicker::win32::vista::Request::wait ( ::sal_Int32  nMilliSeconds = WAIT_INFINITE)

Definition at line 43 of file asyncrequests.cxx.

References fpicker::win32::vista::lcl_sleep(), and m_aJoiner.

void fpicker::win32::vista::Request::waitProcessMessages ( )

Definition at line 50 of file asyncrequests.cxx.

References m_aJoiner, and Application::Yield().

Member Data Documentation

::osl::Condition fpicker::win32::vista::Request::m_aJoiner

Definition at line 115 of file asyncrequests.hxx.

Referenced by notify(), Request(), wait(), and waitProcessMessages().

::comphelper::SequenceAsHashMap fpicker::win32::vista::Request::m_lArguments

Definition at line 117 of file asyncrequests.hxx.

Referenced by clearArguments(), getArgumentOrDefault(), getValue(), and setArgument().

::sal_Int32 fpicker::win32::vista::Request::m_nRequest

Definition at line 116 of file asyncrequests.hxx.

Referenced by getRequest(), and setRequest().

const ::sal_Int32 fpicker::win32::vista::Request::WAIT_INFINITE = 0

Definition at line 43 of file asyncrequests.hxx.

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