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SvxHyperlinkMailTp Class Reference

#include <hlmailtp.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SvxHyperlinkMailTp (weld::Container *pParent, SvxHpLinkDlg *pDlg, const SfxItemSet *pItemSet)
virtual ~SvxHyperlinkMailTp () override
virtual void SetInitFocus () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SvxHyperlinkTabPageBase
 SvxHyperlinkTabPageBase (weld::Container *pParent, SvxHpLinkDlg *pDlg, const OUString &rUIXMLDescription, const OString &rID, const SfxItemSet *pItemSet)
virtual ~SvxHyperlinkTabPageBase () override
void SetDocumentFrame (const css::uno::Reference< css::frame::XFrame > &rxDocumentFrame)
virtual bool AskApply ()
virtual void DoApply ()
virtual void SetMarkStr (const OUString &aStrMark)
virtual void Reset (const SfxItemSet &) override
virtual bool FillItemSet (SfxItemSet *) override
virtual void ActivatePage (const SfxItemSet &rItemSet) override
virtual DeactivateRC DeactivatePage (SfxItemSet *pSet) override
bool IsMarkWndVisible () const
void MoveToExtraWnd (Point aNewPos)
virtual bool QueryClose () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from IconChoicePage
virtual ~IconChoicePage ()
OString GetHelpId () const
const SfxItemSetGetItemSet () const
bool HasExchangeSupport () const
void SetExchangeSupport ()

Static Public Member Functions

static std::unique_ptr< IconChoicePageCreate (weld::Container *pWindow, SvxHpLinkDlg *pDlg, const SfxItemSet *pItemSet)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void FillDlgFields (const OUString &rStrURL) override
virtual void GetCurentItemData (OUString &rStrURL, OUString &aStrName, OUString &aStrIntName, OUString &aStrFrame, SvxLinkInsertMode &eMode) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SvxHyperlinkTabPageBase
void InitStdControls ()
void FillStandardDlgFields (const SvxHyperlinkItem *pHyperlinkItem)
void GetDataFromCommonFields (OUString &aStrName, OUString &aStrIntName, OUString &aStrFrame, SvxLinkInsertMode &eMode)
 DECL_LINK (ClickScriptHdl_Impl, weld::Button &, void)
 Button : Script. More...
void DisableClose (bool _bDisable)
virtual bool ShouldOpenMarkWnd ()
virtual void SetMarkWndShouldOpen (bool bOpen)
void ShowMarkWnd ()
void HideMarkWnd ()
SfxDispatcherGetDispatcher () const
HyperDialogEvent GetMacroEvents () const
SvxMacroTableDtorGetMacroTable ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IconChoicePage
 IconChoicePage (weld::Container *pParent, const OUString &rUIXMLDescription, const OString &rID, const SfxItemSet *pItemSet)

Private Member Functions

 DECL_STATIC_LINK (SvxHyperlinkMailTp, ClickAdrBookHdl_Impl, weld::Button &, void)
 Button : Address book. More...
 DECL_LINK (ModifiedReceiverHdl_Impl, weld::ComboBox &, void)
 Combobox "receiver" modified. More...
void SetScheme (std::u16string_view rScheme)
void RemoveImproperProtocol (std::u16string_view aProperScheme)
OUString CreateAbsoluteURL () const

Private Attributes

std::unique_ptr< SvxHyperURLBoxm_xCbbReceiver
std::unique_ptr< weld::Buttonm_xBtAdrBook
std::unique_ptr< weld::Labelm_xFtSubject
std::unique_ptr< weld::Entrym_xEdSubject

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SvxHyperlinkTabPageBase
static OUString GetSchemeFromURL (const OUString &rStrURL)
- Protected Attributes inherited from SvxHyperlinkTabPageBase
bool mbStdControlsInit
OUString maStrInitURL
Timer maTimer
TopLevelWindowLocker maBusy
std::shared_ptr< SvxHlinkDlgMarkWndmxMarkWnd
- Protected Attributes inherited from IconChoicePage
std::unique_ptr< weld::BuilderxBuilder
std::unique_ptr< weld::ContainerxContainer

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file hlmailtp.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SvxHyperlinkMailTp::SvxHyperlinkMailTp ( weld::Container pParent,
SvxHpLinkDlg pDlg,
const SfxItemSet pItemSet 
SvxHyperlinkMailTp::~SvxHyperlinkMailTp ( )

Definition at line 60 of file hlmailtp.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

std::unique_ptr< IconChoicePage > SvxHyperlinkMailTp::Create ( weld::Container pWindow,
SvxHpLinkDlg pDlg,
const SfxItemSet pItemSet 

Definition at line 153 of file hlmailtp.cxx.

Referenced by SvxHpLinkDlg::SvxHpLinkDlg().

OUString SvxHyperlinkMailTp::CreateAbsoluteURL ( ) const
SvxHyperlinkMailTp::DECL_LINK ( ModifiedReceiverHdl_Impl  ,
weld::ComboBox ,

Combobox "receiver" modified.

SvxHyperlinkMailTp::DECL_STATIC_LINK ( SvxHyperlinkMailTp  ,
ClickAdrBookHdl_Impl  ,
weld::Button ,

Button : Address book.

void SvxHyperlinkMailTp::FillDlgFields ( const OUString &  rStrURL)
void SvxHyperlinkMailTp::GetCurentItemData ( OUString &  rStrURL,
OUString &  aStrName,
OUString &  aStrIntName,
OUString &  aStrFrame,
SvxLinkInsertMode eMode 
void SvxHyperlinkMailTp::RemoveImproperProtocol ( std::u16string_view  aProperScheme)

Definition at line 186 of file hlmailtp.cxx.

References SvxHyperlinkTabPageBase::GetSchemeFromURL(), and m_xCbbReceiver.

Referenced by SetScheme().

void SvxHyperlinkMailTp::SetInitFocus ( )

Reimplemented from SvxHyperlinkTabPageBase.

Definition at line 163 of file hlmailtp.cxx.

References m_xCbbReceiver.

void SvxHyperlinkMailTp::SetScheme ( std::u16string_view  rScheme)

Definition at line 170 of file hlmailtp.cxx.

References m_xBtAdrBook, m_xCbbReceiver, m_xEdSubject, and RemoveImproperProtocol().

Referenced by FillDlgFields().

Member Data Documentation

std::unique_ptr<weld::Button> SvxHyperlinkMailTp::m_xBtAdrBook

Definition at line 33 of file hlmailtp.hxx.

Referenced by SetScheme(), and SvxHyperlinkMailTp().

std::unique_ptr<SvxHyperURLBox> SvxHyperlinkMailTp::m_xCbbReceiver
std::unique_ptr<weld::Entry> SvxHyperlinkMailTp::m_xEdSubject

Definition at line 35 of file hlmailtp.hxx.

Referenced by CreateAbsoluteURL(), FillDlgFields(), and SetScheme().

std::unique_ptr<weld::Label> SvxHyperlinkMailTp::m_xFtSubject

Definition at line 34 of file hlmailtp.hxx.

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