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SaveInData Class Referenceabstract

#include <cfg.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SaveInData (const css::uno::Reference< css::ui::XUIConfigurationManager > &xCfgMgr, const css::uno::Reference< css::ui::XUIConfigurationManager > &xParentCfgMgr, const OUString &aModuleId, bool docConfig)
virtual ~SaveInData ()
bool PersistChanges (const css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > &xManager)
void SetModified (bool bValue=true)
bool IsModified () const
bool IsReadOnly () const
bool IsDocConfig () const
const css::uno::Reference< css::ui::XUIConfigurationManager > & GetConfigManager () const
const css::uno::Reference< css::ui::XUIConfigurationManager > & GetParentConfigManager () const
const css::uno::Reference< css::ui::XImageManager > & GetImageManager () const
const css::uno::Reference< css::ui::XImageManager > & GetParentImageManager () const
css::uno::Reference< css::graphic::XGraphic > GetImage (const OUString &rCommandURL)
virtual bool HasURL (const OUString &aURL)=0
virtual bool HasSettings ()=0
virtual SvxEntriesGetEntries ()=0
virtual void SetEntries (std::unique_ptr< SvxEntries >)=0
virtual void Reset ()=0
virtual bool Apply ()=0

Public Attributes

css::uno::Reference< css::container::XNameAccess > m_xCommandToLabelMap
css::uno::Sequence< css::beans::PropertyValue > m_aSeparatorSeq

Protected Member Functions

void ApplyMenu (css::uno::Reference< css::container::XIndexContainer > const &rMenuBar, css::uno::Reference< css::lang::XSingleComponentFactory > &rFactory, SvxConfigEntry *pMenuData)
void LoadSubMenus (const css::uno::Reference< css::container::XIndexAccess > &xMenuSettings, const OUString &rBaseTitle, SvxConfigEntry const *pParentData, bool bContextMenu)

Private Attributes

bool bModified
bool bDocConfig
bool bReadOnly
css::uno::Reference< css::ui::XUIConfigurationManager > m_xCfgMgr
css::uno::Reference< css::ui::XUIConfigurationManager > m_xParentCfgMgr
css::uno::Reference< css::ui::XImageManager > m_xImgMgr
css::uno::Reference< css::ui::XImageManager > m_xParentImgMgr

Static Private Attributes

static css::uno::Reference< css::ui::XImageManager > * xDefaultImgMgr = nullptr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 78 of file cfg.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SaveInData::SaveInData ( const css::uno::Reference< css::ui::XUIConfigurationManager > &  xCfgMgr,
const css::uno::Reference< css::ui::XUIConfigurationManager > &  xParentCfgMgr,
const OUString &  aModuleId,
bool  docConfig 

Definition at line 274 of file cfg.cxx.

References bReadOnly, false, ITEM_DESCRIPTOR_TYPE, and comphelper::makePropertyValue().

virtual SaveInData::~SaveInData ( )

Definition at line 121 of file cfg.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool SaveInData::Apply ( )
pure virtual
void SaveInData::ApplyMenu ( css::uno::Reference< css::container::XIndexContainer > const &  rMenuBar,
css::uno::Reference< css::lang::XSingleComponentFactory > &  rFactory,
SvxConfigEntry pMenuData 
const css::uno::Reference< css::ui::XUIConfigurationManager >& SaveInData::GetConfigManager ( ) const
virtual SvxEntries* SaveInData::GetEntries ( )
pure virtual
uno::Reference< graphic::XGraphic > SaveInData::GetImage ( const OUString &  rCommandURL)
const css::uno::Reference< css::ui::XImageManager >& SaveInData::GetImageManager ( ) const

Definition at line 142 of file cfg.hxx.

References m_xImgMgr.

Referenced by ToolbarSaveInData::Reset(), and ToolbarSaveInData::RestoreToolbar().

const css::uno::Reference< css::ui::XUIConfigurationManager >& SaveInData::GetParentConfigManager ( ) const
const css::uno::Reference< css::ui::XImageManager >& SaveInData::GetParentImageManager ( ) const

Definition at line 146 of file cfg.hxx.

virtual bool SaveInData::HasSettings ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool SaveInData::HasURL ( const OUString &  aURL)
pure virtual
bool SaveInData::IsDocConfig ( ) const

Definition at line 130 of file cfg.hxx.

References bDocConfig.

Referenced by MenuSaveInData::MenuSaveInData(), and ToolbarSaveInData::RestoreToolbar().

bool SaveInData::IsModified ( ) const

Definition at line 127 of file cfg.hxx.

References bModified.

Referenced by MenuSaveInData::Apply(), and ContextMenuSaveInData::Apply().

bool SaveInData::IsReadOnly ( ) const

Definition at line 129 of file cfg.hxx.

References bReadOnly.

Referenced by PersistChanges(), and SvxConfigPage::Reset().

void SaveInData::LoadSubMenus ( const css::uno::Reference< css::container::XIndexAccess > &  xMenuSettings,
const OUString &  rBaseTitle,
SvxConfigEntry const *  pParentData,
bool  bContextMenu 
bool SaveInData::PersistChanges ( const css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > &  xManager)
virtual void SaveInData::Reset ( )
pure virtual
virtual void SaveInData::SetEntries ( std::unique_ptr< SvxEntries )
pure virtual
void SaveInData::SetModified ( bool  bValue = true)

Member Data Documentation

bool SaveInData::bDocConfig

Definition at line 84 of file cfg.hxx.

Referenced by IsDocConfig().

bool SaveInData::bModified

Definition at line 82 of file cfg.hxx.

Referenced by IsModified().

bool SaveInData::bReadOnly

Definition at line 85 of file cfg.hxx.

Referenced by IsReadOnly().

css::uno::Sequence< css::beans::PropertyValue > SaveInData::m_aSeparatorSeq

Definition at line 152 of file cfg.hxx.

Referenced by ApplyMenu().

css::uno::Reference< css::ui::XUIConfigurationManager > SaveInData::m_xCfgMgr

Definition at line 88 of file cfg.hxx.

Referenced by GetConfigManager().

css::uno::Reference< css::container::XNameAccess > SaveInData::m_xCommandToLabelMap
css::uno::Reference< css::ui::XImageManager > SaveInData::m_xImgMgr

Definition at line 94 of file cfg.hxx.

Referenced by GetImage(), and GetImageManager().

css::uno::Reference< css::ui::XUIConfigurationManager > SaveInData::m_xParentCfgMgr

Definition at line 91 of file cfg.hxx.

Referenced by GetParentConfigManager().

css::uno::Reference< css::ui::XImageManager > SaveInData::m_xParentImgMgr

Definition at line 97 of file cfg.hxx.

uno::Reference< css::ui::XImageManager > * SaveInData::xDefaultImgMgr = nullptr

Definition at line 100 of file cfg.hxx.

Referenced by GetImage().

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