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EmbossControl Class Reference

#include <cuigrfflt.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 EmbossControl ()
void SetModifyHdl (const Link< LinkParamNone *, void > &rHdl)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SvxRectCtl
 SvxRectCtl (SvxTabPage *pPage)
void SetControlSettings (RectPoint eRpt, sal_uInt16 nBorder)
virtual ~SvxRectCtl () override
virtual void Paint (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, const tools::Rectangle &) override
virtual void Resize () override
virtual bool KeyInput (const KeyEvent &) override
virtual void GetFocus () override
virtual void LoseFocus () override
virtual tools::Rectangle GetFocusRect () override
virtual void StyleUpdated () override
void Reset ()
RectPoint GetActualRP () const
void SetActualRP (RectPoint eNewRP)
void SetState (CTL_STATE nState)
tools::Rectangle CalculateFocusRectangle () const
tools::Rectangle CalculateFocusRectangle (RectPoint eRectPoint) const
css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > getAccessibleParent () const
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > CreateAccessible () override
a11yrelationset get_accessible_relation_set () const
RectPoint GetApproxRPFromPixPt (const css::awt::Point &rPixelPoint) const
bool IsCompletelyDisabled () const
void DoCompletelyDisable (bool bNew)

Private Member Functions

virtual bool MouseButtonDown (const MouseEvent &rEvt) override
virtual void SetDrawingArea (weld::DrawingArea *pDrawingArea) override

Private Attributes

Link< LinkParamNone *, voidmaModifyHdl

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from SvxRectCtl
static const sal_uInt8 NO_CHILDREN
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SvxRectCtl
RectPoint GetRPFromPoint (Point, bool bRTL=false) const
const PointGetPointFromRP (RectPoint) const
Point SetActualRPWithoutInvalidate (RectPoint eNewRP)
Point GetApproxLogPtFromPixPt (const Point &rRoughPixelPoint) const
- Protected Attributes inherited from SvxRectCtl
rtl::Reference< SvxRectCtlAccessibleContextpAccContext
sal_uInt16 nBorderWidth
Point aPtLT
Point aPtMT
Point aPtRT
Point aPtLM
Point aPtMM
Point aPtRM
Point aPtLB
Point aPtMB
Point aPtRB
Point aPtNew
RectPoint eRP
RectPoint eDefRP
std::unique_ptr< BitmapExpBitmap
CTL_STATE m_nState
bool mbCompleteDisable

Detailed Description

Definition at line 152 of file cuigrfflt.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EmbossControl::EmbossControl ( )

Definition at line 159 of file cuigrfflt.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

bool EmbossControl::MouseButtonDown ( const MouseEvent rEvt)

Reimplemented from SvxRectCtl.

Definition at line 398 of file cuigrfflt.cxx.

References SvxRectCtl::GetActualRP(), maModifyHdl, and SvxRectCtl::MouseButtonDown().

void EmbossControl::SetDrawingArea ( weld::DrawingArea pDrawingArea)
void EmbossControl::SetModifyHdl ( const Link< LinkParamNone *, void > &  rHdl)

Definition at line 164 of file cuigrfflt.hxx.

Referenced by GraphicFilterEmboss::GraphicFilterEmboss().

Member Data Documentation

Link<LinkParamNone*, void> EmbossControl::maModifyHdl

Definition at line 155 of file cuigrfflt.hxx.

Referenced by MouseButtonDown().

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