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configmgr::Data Struct Reference

#include <data.hxx>

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struct  ExtensionXcu

Public Types

enum  { NO_LAYER = INT_MAX }

Public Member Functions

 Data ()
rtl::Reference< NoderesolvePathRepresentation (OUString const &pathRepresentation, OUString *canonicRepresentation, std::vector< OUString > *path, int *finalizedLayer) const
rtl::Reference< NodegetTemplate (int layer, OUString const &fullName) const
NodeMapgetComponents () const
AdditionsaddExtensionXcuAdditions (OUString const &url, int layer)
rtl::Reference< ExtensionXcuremoveExtensionXcuAdditions (OUString const &url)

Static Public Member Functions

static OUString createSegment (std::u16string_view templateName, OUString const &name)
static sal_Int32 parseSegment (OUString const &path, sal_Int32 index, OUString *name, bool *setElement, OUString *templateName)
static OUString fullTemplateName (std::u16string_view component, std::u16string_view name)
static bool equalTemplateNames (OUString const &shortName, OUString const &longName)

Public Attributes

NodeMap templates
Modifications modifications

Private Types

typedef config_map< rtl::Reference< ExtensionXcu > > ExtensionXcuAdditions

Private Member Functions

 Data (const Data &)=delete
Dataoperator= (const Data &)=delete

Private Attributes

rtl::Reference< Noderoot_
ExtensionXcuAdditions extensionXcuAdditions_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file data.hxx.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 90 of file data.hxx.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Definition at line 42 of file data.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

configmgr::Data::Data ( )

Definition at line 179 of file data.cxx.

configmgr::Data::Data ( const Data )

Member Function Documentation

Additions * configmgr::Data::addExtensionXcuAdditions ( OUString const &  url,
int  layer 
OUString configmgr::Data::createSegment ( std::u16string_view  templateName,
OUString const &  name 
bool configmgr::Data::equalTemplateNames ( OUString const &  shortName,
OUString const &  longName 
OUString configmgr::Data::fullTemplateName ( std::u16string_view  component,
std::u16string_view  name 
NodeMap & configmgr::Data::getComponents ( ) const
rtl::Reference< Node > configmgr::Data::getTemplate ( int  layer,
OUString const &  fullName 
) const
Data& configmgr::Data::operator= ( const Data )
sal_Int32 configmgr::Data::parseSegment ( OUString const &  path,
sal_Int32  index,
OUString *  name,
bool *  setElement,
OUString *  templateName 

Definition at line 112 of file data.cxx.

References i.

Referenced by configmgr::Access::getSubChild(), and resolvePathRepresentation().

rtl::Reference< Data::ExtensionXcu > configmgr::Data::removeExtensionXcuAdditions ( OUString const &  url)
rtl::Reference< Node > configmgr::Data::resolvePathRepresentation ( OUString const &  pathRepresentation,
OUString *  canonicRepresentation,
std::vector< OUString > *  path,
int finalizedLayer 
) const

Member Data Documentation

ExtensionXcuAdditions configmgr::Data::extensionXcuAdditions_

Definition at line 94 of file data.hxx.

Referenced by addExtensionXcuAdditions(), and removeExtensionXcuAdditions().

Modifications configmgr::Data::modifications
rtl::Reference< Node > configmgr::Data::root_

Definition at line 92 of file data.hxx.

Referenced by getComponents(), and resolvePathRepresentation().

NodeMap configmgr::Data::templates

Definition at line 49 of file data.hxx.

Referenced by configmgr::XcsParser::endElement(), and getTemplate().

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