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comphelper::DirectoryHelper Class Reference

#include <DirectoryHelper.hxx>

Static Public Member Functions

static std::u16string_view splitAtLastToken (std::u16string_view rSrc, sal_Unicode aToken, OUString &rRight)
static bool fileExists (const OUString &rBaseURL)
static bool dirExists (const OUString &rDirURL)
static void scanDirsAndFiles (const OUString &rDirURL, std::set< OUString > &rDirs, std::set< std::pair< OUString, OUString > > &rFiles)
static bool deleteDirRecursively (const OUString &rDirURL)
static bool moveDirContent (const OUString &rSourceDirURL, std::u16string_view rTargetDirURL, const std::set< OUString > &rExcludeList)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 21 of file DirectoryHelper.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ deleteDirRecursively()

bool comphelper::DirectoryHelper::deleteDirRecursively ( const OUString &  rDirURL)

◆ dirExists()

bool comphelper::DirectoryHelper::dirExists ( const OUString &  rDirURL)

◆ fileExists()

bool comphelper::DirectoryHelper::fileExists ( const OUString &  rBaseURL)

◆ moveDirContent()

bool comphelper::DirectoryHelper::moveDirContent ( const OUString &  rSourceDirURL,
std::u16string_view  rTargetDirURL,
const std::set< OUString > &  rExcludeList 

◆ scanDirsAndFiles()

void comphelper::DirectoryHelper::scanDirsAndFiles ( const OUString &  rDirURL,
std::set< OUString > &  rDirs,
std::set< std::pair< OUString, OUString > > &  rFiles 

◆ splitAtLastToken()

std::u16string_view comphelper::DirectoryHelper::splitAtLastToken ( std::u16string_view  rSrc,
sal_Unicode  aToken,
OUString &  rRight 

Definition at line 22 of file DirectoryHelper.cxx.

References nIndex.

Referenced by comphelper::BackupFileHelper::getInitialBaseURL(), and scanDirsAndFiles().

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