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SyntaxHighlighter::Tokenizer Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Tokenizer (HighlighterLanguage aLang)
void getHighlightPortions (const OUString &rLine, std::vector< HighlightPortion > &portions) const
void setKeyWords (const char **ppKeyWords, sal_uInt16 nCount)

Public Attributes

HighlighterLanguage const aLanguage

Private Member Functions

bool testCharFlags (sal_Unicode c, CharFlags nTestFlags) const
bool getNextToken (const sal_Unicode *&pos, TokenType &reType, const sal_Unicode *&rpStartPos, const sal_Unicode *&rpEndPos) const

Private Attributes

CharFlags aCharTypeTab [256] = {}
const char ** ppListKeyWords
sal_uInt16 nKeyWordCount

Detailed Description

Definition at line 273 of file syntaxhighlight.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SyntaxHighlighter::Tokenizer::Tokenizer ( HighlighterLanguage  aLang)

Definition at line 600 of file syntaxhighlight.cxx.

References aCharTypeTab, i, nKeyWordCount, and ppListKeyWords.

Member Function Documentation

void SyntaxHighlighter::Tokenizer::getHighlightPortions ( const OUString &  rLine,
std::vector< HighlightPortion > &  portions 
) const

Definition at line 679 of file syntaxhighlight.cxx.

References eType, and pos.

bool SyntaxHighlighter::Tokenizer::getNextToken ( const sal_Unicode *&  pos,
TokenType reType,
const sal_Unicode *&  rpStartPos,
const sal_Unicode *&  rpEndPos 
) const
void SyntaxHighlighter::Tokenizer::setKeyWords ( const char **  ppKeyWords,
sal_uInt16  nCount 

Definition at line 314 of file syntaxhighlight.cxx.

bool SyntaxHighlighter::Tokenizer::testCharFlags ( sal_Unicode  c,
CharFlags  nTestFlags 
) const

Definition at line 299 of file syntaxhighlight.cxx.

References aCharTypeTab, and isAlpha().

Member Data Documentation

CharFlags SyntaxHighlighter::Tokenizer::aCharTypeTab[256] = {}

Definition at line 276 of file syntaxhighlight.cxx.

Referenced by testCharFlags(), and Tokenizer().

HighlighterLanguage const SyntaxHighlighter::Tokenizer::aLanguage

Definition at line 289 of file syntaxhighlight.cxx.

sal_uInt16 SyntaxHighlighter::Tokenizer::nKeyWordCount

Definition at line 286 of file syntaxhighlight.cxx.

Referenced by Tokenizer().

const char** SyntaxHighlighter::Tokenizer::ppListKeyWords

Definition at line 285 of file syntaxhighlight.cxx.

Referenced by Tokenizer().

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