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HIDRemoteControlDevice(PrivateMethods) Category Reference

Instance Methods

(NSDictionary *) - cookieToButtonMapping
(IOHIDQueueInterface **) - queue
(IOHIDDeviceInterface **) - hidDeviceInterface
(void- handleEventWithCookieString:sumOfValues:
(void- removeNotificationObserver
(void- remoteControlAvailable:

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file HIDRemoteControlDevice.m.

Method Documentation

- (NSDictionary *) cookieToButtonMapping

Definition at line 263 of file HIDRemoteControlDevice.m.

Referenced by handleEventWithCookieString:sumOfValues:.

- (void) handleEventWithCookieString: (NSString*)  cookieString
sumOfValues: (SInt32)  sumOfValues 
- (IOHIDDeviceInterface **) hidDeviceInterface
- (IOHIDQueueInterface **) queue
- (void) remoteControlAvailable: (NSNotification *)  notification

Definition at line 327 of file HIDRemoteControlDevice.m.

References removeNotificationObserver, and void().

- (void) removeNotificationObserver

Definition at line 323 of file HIDRemoteControlDevice.m.

References void().

Referenced by remoteControlAvailable:.

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