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The writerfilter module contains import filters for Writer, using its UNO API.

Import filter for docx and rtf.

Module contents

* documentation: RNG schema for the OOXML tokenizer, etc. * inc: module-global headers (can be included by any files under source) * qa: cppunit tests * source: the filters themselves * util: UNO passive registration config

Source contents

* dmapper: the domain mapper, hiding UNO from the tokenizers, used by DOCX and RTF import * The incoming traffic of dmapper can be dumped into an XML file in /tmp in dbgutil builds, start soffice with the `SW_DEBUG_WRITERFILTER=1` environment variable if you want that. * filter: the UNO filter service implementations, invoked by UNO and calling the dmapper + one of the tokenizers * ooxml: the docx tokenizer * rtftok: the rtf tokenizer