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ttcr.hxx File Reference

TrueType font creator. More...

#include <sft.hxx>
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struct  vcl::longHorMetrics
struct  vcl::TrueTypeTable




enum  vcl::TTCRErrCodes {
 Error codes for most functions. More...


void vcl::TrueTypeCreatorNewEmpty (sal_uInt32 tag, TrueTypeCreator **_this)
 TrueTypeCreator constructor. More...
void vcl::AddTable (TrueTypeCreator *_this, TrueTypeTable *table)
 Adds a TrueType table to the TrueType creator. More...
void vcl::RemoveTable (TrueTypeCreator *_this, sal_uInt32 tag)
 Removes a TrueType table from the TrueType creator if it is stored there. More...
SFErrCodes vcl::StreamToMemory (TrueTypeCreator *_this, sal_uInt8 **ptr, sal_uInt32 *length)
 Writes a TrueType font generated by the TrueTypeCreator to a segment of memory that this method allocates. More...
SFErrCodes vcl::StreamToFile (TrueTypeCreator *_this, const char *fname)
 Writes a TrueType font generated by the TrueTypeCreator to a file. More...
int vcl::GetRawData (TrueTypeTable *, sal_uInt8 **ptr, sal_uInt32 *len, sal_uInt32 *tag)
 This function converts the data of a TrueType table to a raw array of bytes. More...
TrueTypeTable * vcl::TrueTypeTableNew (sal_uInt32 tag, sal_uInt32 nbytes, const sal_uInt8 *ptr)
 Creates a new raw TrueType table. More...
TrueTypeTable * vcl::TrueTypeTableNew_head (sal_uInt32 fontRevision, sal_uInt16 flags, sal_uInt16 unitsPerEm, const sal_uInt8 *created, sal_uInt16 macStyle, sal_uInt16 lowestRecPPEM, sal_Int16 fontDirectionHint)
 Creates a new 'head' table for a TrueType font. More...
TrueTypeTable * vcl::TrueTypeTableNew_hhea (sal_Int16 ascender, sal_Int16 descender, sal_Int16 linegap, sal_Int16 caretSlopeRise, sal_Int16 caretSlopeRun)
 Creates a new 'hhea' table for a TrueType font. More...
TrueTypeTable * vcl::TrueTypeTableNew_loca ()
 Creates a new empty 'loca' table for a TrueType font. More...
TrueTypeTable * vcl::TrueTypeTableNew_maxp (const sal_uInt8 *maxp, int size)
 Creates a new 'maxp' table based on an existing maxp table. More...
TrueTypeTable * vcl::TrueTypeTableNew_glyf ()
 Creates a new empty 'glyf' table. More...
TrueTypeTable * vcl::TrueTypeTableNew_cmap ()
 Creates a new empty 'cmap' table. More...
TrueTypeTable * vcl::TrueTypeTableNew_name (int n, NameRecord const *nr)
 Creates a new 'name' table. More...
TrueTypeTable * vcl::TrueTypeTableNew_post (sal_Int32 format, sal_Int32 italicAngle, sal_Int16 underlinePosition, sal_Int16 underlineThickness, sal_uInt32 isFixedPitch)
 Creates a new 'post' table of one of the supported formats. More...
void vcl::cmapAdd (TrueTypeTable *, sal_uInt32 id, sal_uInt32 c, sal_uInt32 g)
 Add a character/glyph pair to a cmap table. More...
sal_uInt32 vcl::glyfAdd (TrueTypeTable *, GlyphData *glyphdata, AbstractTrueTypeFont *fnt)
 Add a glyph to a glyf table. More...
sal_uInt32 vcl::glyfCount (const TrueTypeTable *)
 Query the number of glyphs currently stored in the 'glyf' table. More...
void TrueTypeTableDispose (void *)
 Destructor for the TrueTypeTable object. More...
void TrueTypeCreatorDispose (vcl::TrueTypeCreator *_this)
 TrueTypeCreator destructor. More...

Detailed Description

TrueType font creator.

Definition in file ttcr.hxx.

Function Documentation

void TrueTypeCreatorDispose ( vcl::TrueTypeCreator _this)

TrueTypeCreator destructor.

It calls destructors for all TrueTypeTables added to it.

Definition at line 1459 of file ttcr.cxx.

References listDispose(), and vcl::TrueTypeCreator::tables.

Referenced by vcl::CreateT42FromTTGlyphs(), and vcl::CreateTTFromTTGlyphs().

void TrueTypeTableDispose ( void )

Destructor for the TrueTypeTable object.

Definition at line 1468 of file ttcr.cxx.

References i, vcl::TrueTypeTable::rawdata, SAL_N_ELEMENTS, vcl::TrueTypeTable::tag, and vcl::vtable1.

Referenced by vcl::TrueTypeCreatorNewEmpty().