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pdfread.hxx File Reference
#include <vector>
#include <tools/gen.hxx>
#include <tools/stream.hxx>
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class  com::sun::star::uno::Sequence< class >




size_t vcl::RenderPDFBitmaps (const void *pBuffer, int nSize, std::vector< Bitmap > &rBitmaps, size_t nFirstPage=0, int nPages=1, double fResolutionDPI=96.)
 Fills the rBitmaps vector with rendered pages. More...
bool vcl::ImportPDF (SvStream &rStream, Bitmap &rBitmap, size_t nPageIndex, std::vector< sal_Int8 > &rPdfData, sal_uInt64 nPos=STREAM_SEEK_TO_BEGIN, sal_uInt64 nSize=STREAM_SEEK_TO_END, double fResolutionDPI=96.)
 Imports a PDF stream into rGraphic as a GDIMetaFile. More...
bool vcl::ImportPDF (SvStream &rStream, Graphic &rGraphic, const double fResolutionDPI)
size_t vcl::ImportPDF (const OUString &rURL, std::vector< Bitmap > &rBitmaps, std::vector< sal_Int8 > &rPdfData, const double fResolutionDPI)
size_t vcl::ImportPDFUnloaded (const OUString &rURL, std::vector< std::pair< Graphic, Size >> &rGraphics, double fResolutionDPI=96.)
 Import PDF as Graphic images (1 per page), all unloaded. More...