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list.h File Reference
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typedef struct list_list
typedef void(* list_destructor) (void *)


list listNewEmpty (void)
void listDispose (list)
void listSetElementDtor (list, list_destructor)
voidlistCurrent (list)
int listCount (list)
int listIsEmpty (list)
int listNext (list)
int listSkipForward (list, int n)
int listToFirst (list)
int listToLast (list)
list listAppend (list, void *)
list listRemove (list)
list listClear (list)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct list_* list

Definition at line 40 of file list.h.

typedef void(* list_destructor) (void *)

Definition at line 41 of file list.h.

Function Documentation

list listAppend ( list  ,

Definition at line 173 of file list.cxx.

References appendPrim().

Referenced by vcl::AddTable(), vcl::glyfAdd(), and vcl::TrueTypeTableNew_name().

list listClear ( list  )

Definition at line 208 of file list.cxx.

References list_::aCount, list_::cptr, list_::eDtor, list_::head, lnode::next, list_::tail, and lnode::value.

Referenced by listDispose().

int listCount ( list  )
void* listCurrent ( list  )
void listDispose ( list  )
int listIsEmpty ( list  )

Definition at line 124 of file list.cxx.

References list_::aCount.

Referenced by vcl::FindTable(), and vcl::StreamToMemory().

list listNewEmpty ( void  )
int listNext ( list  )
list listRemove ( list  )
void listSetElementDtor ( list  ,
int listSkipForward ( list  ,
int  n 

Definition at line 135 of file list.cxx.

References list_::cptr, and lnode::next.

Referenced by listNext().

int listToFirst ( list  )
int listToLast ( list  )

Definition at line 162 of file list.cxx.

References list_::cptr, and list_::tail.

Referenced by vcl::glyfAdd().